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Zumba OMG by Zuma Blog (BLW Contributor)

Honestly, we are thankful for all our current readers from everywhere  😉

Most grateful, we are for our new friends from the US,  the UK, South Africa, France, Canada,  & Germany  😉

Hey my dear Zumba friend, how are you? Did you miss me? Were you waiting for me to talk to you? I know, why didn’t you call me or shoot me an email then? Everything is turning so fast, yet so slow at the same time. Hard to understand, right?

Yes, you like it?? Yes, we always inspire you, coz we take you to new horizons. Trust me, it could be one word all what you need. You may need only not more than one word to be inspired for a new idea that would be with you for the rest of your life. Keep digging like us, it can come from anywhere, it’s just out there waiting for you. is designed specifically for this reason, where people can easily get new insights. As you know, Zin instructors, when people come to your class, they seek not only physical fitness, but also, and most importantly entertainment and socialization.

Our site provides you with topics you can talk about to your students, attendants, co-workers, or anybody else. Life is about being able to communicate with people, and talk to them about light matters from real life. You are welcome to borrow our stories, our words, our jokes, and see the nice impact you would leave on your acquaintance. Try it! It’s precious n FREE!

I was thinking of having my own dictionary, which is new being completely a breakthrough, but I found out that probably what people now need more than ever is the digital language. Truthfully, now not only English is needed, but both English and the digital acronymic slang.
Now, myself, after reading hundreds of books, and writing few of them, I feel the need for learning on a daily basis, what new acronyms are to be added to my sources. I reached up to 455,000 in my account, which is considerably reasonable. You can’t imagine, how fast it is evolving though.

Too much abbreviations and acronyms make us dummies, what do you think, my Zumba friends?! We no longer sure about the meaning of the companies we deal with, the places we visit, or the news we get from NCB, or FOX, NCIS…
It’s a real dilemma. What’s all this? It’s just a Zumba  OMG

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  1. I LOVE Zumba! I have been doing it for a year at Curves, and it has really helped me tone and lose weight. The fact that it’s fun, is just a plus. How many people can say they look forward to exercise?

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