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Museums are keeping a ton of the world’s most famous art locked away in storage by Wind Light (BLW Contributor)

Most of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work is in storage. Nearly half of Pablo Picasso’s oil paintings are put away. Not a single Egon Schiele drawing is on display. Since the advent of public galleries in the 17th century, museums have amassed huge collections of art for society’s benefit. But just a tiny fraction of that art is actually open for people to view and enjoy—including, it turns out, many works that are considered masterpieces. The dynamic raises questions about who actually benefits when museums collect so much of the world’s best art…..

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  1. Also… When you go to these Art Galleries and Museums, Are you looking at the REAL painting or just a reasonable facsimile? For the cost of admission and the amount of money they rake in every year….. You’re looking at a fake, money well spent huh?

      1. Here in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum they actually show you in the dinosaur exhibit how much of it is real and how much is fake. A lot of the busts from “ancient” Greece and Persia you can touch so that leads you to believe that those are not authentic either. They are pin point recreations of the originals in the art galleries as a theft deterrent. Keeps the cost of security down and damage control to originals. I’m certain it’s the same elsewhere

      2. I mean, if I was able to touch something, I don’t doubt it would not be authentic. But to think, this fear, that the Max Beckmann Blindman’s Bluff at the MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts) may not even be real… is horrifying to me. But I just saw them do a restoration? Tricky.

  2. I worked in one of those museums and it’s ridiculous. I knew a very few collectors who preferred that art be on the open market rather than in the hands of museums. Also, museums sell the donated pieces whenever it suits them (i.e. Curator wants to acquire something else that suits his or her taste) to raise money.

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