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Sean Penn the Crime Fighter – What are your thoughts of his interview with El Chapo?



  1. I love Jeff Spicoli πŸ™‚ !!! Sean Penn not so much 😦 …but he was good in mystic river.. There are only 2 ways for america to win the “war on drugs”…legalize drugs and make everyone who wants to buy drugs go thru their local cable company customer service department .. problem solved πŸ˜‰

  2. If he is so dedicated to having dialogue with thugs, terrorists and dictators why doesn’t he join the government as an ambassador instead of being an accomplice to the causes of enemies to humanity?

  3. Sad, so sad -that we twist and pull things apart in order to preserve the indecent, the immoral. What is the answer? What is the cure? How much damage do we do -one human against another -when we take a work of importance and create it into a work of twisted nonsense? This is our news! My gut is ripped and laid bare by our carelessness. Money and Power are the fuel for all -and humanity, takes the bite.

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