Vertigo by My Poetic Heart (BLW Contributor)


I keep waiting,

A sign, a lightning strike,

Something to fire the passion

And move the heart to sing.

I want to keep falling into you,

Getting lost in the dizziness,

Of your gaze and arms.

Can we let go together?

Stop clinging to the edges

Of all the things that keep us bound.

Dropping until we are just

Specks of dust

Lost in the endless movement of time.

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7 comments on “Vertigo by My Poetic Heart (BLW Contributor)

  1. […] Source: Vertigo by My Poetic Heart (BLW Contributor) […]

  2. progbeawr831 says:

    Sublime and surreal. It speaks of so many things depending on your mood and how you read it. The M.C. Escher picture adds that little extra to it that makes it brilliant.

  3. An amazing piece, and I have to agree with progbeawr831. This can definitely be inferred in different ways depending on your perspective, but that to me is the sign of amazing writing.

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