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Bookworms unite! by Primrose Path (BLW Contributor) – Give us your book recommendations?

If you’re a book lover, you know there’s nothing like reading. Reading pulls you from reality and sends your mind on ultimate adventures. It can put your mind at ease, get you riled up, help you through difficult times, create invisible mentors, cut you to your soul, build you up… But regardless of the story, it will always fill you with the unmistakeable joy that is reading. 

I’m currently reading Wilbur Smith’s Egypt series. My boyfriend bought me the first book last year, and as I looked at it I thought ‘hmm, I don’t know if I’ll be into this”. It wasn’t something I would’ve ever picked up for myself. Now 3 books in, I am so glad he picked it up for me. A lot dislike his writing, but I’m finding that I love these novels. 

What are you currently reading? What’s your favorite genre? Can anyone recommend a great title to me?

– A 

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  1. Hey Hey! We both wrote about books today, lol 🙂
    There are a lot of books that I have for sale in my Amazon store ( ).

    Two that I personally find particularly interesting are “YELL-Oh Girls! Emerging Voices Explore Culture, Identity, and Growing Up Asian American” ( ) and “Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life” ( )

  2. Oh I have been going through a re read the classics. Reccomend George Orwells ‘1984’ , last night I finished Harper Lee’s ‘to kill a mockingbird’ – always a fine read. Next book -one I have have not read is F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘the beautiful and the the damned

  3. I’m reading Sabriel by Garth Nix and The Martian right now..
    My favourite genre is dystopia and you really ought to read either The Handmaid’s Tale or Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood or The Road by Cormac McCarthy

  4. I tend to read so many genres, but I think that at the moment my favorite is Women’s fiction. Ask me the same question next year quartet, and the answer will probably be different.
    At the moment I am reading The Iron Warrior by Julie Kagawa, which is ya fantasy and that is an example when I say that I like to jump trough genres.
    I can recommend The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald.It’s coming out January 19th and it is a book written for book lovers. I have already read it and liked it very much.

  5. I’m reading Girl On the train at the moment, same author as gone girl, seriously amazing! Any of the lee child books are amazing, (or jack reacher) and a book I also found phenomenal was Lost Girls, really good xxx

  6. Hey, I just published a collection of my favorite I Will Call It blogs called The Short Side of Time. From marriage equality to sports to country music and beyond, it’s a good read. Please check it out!

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