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It takes a Second to be Kind – Man gives homeless stranger on New York subway the shirt off his back

According to TomoNews US in NEW YORK — We often say something along the lines of: “So-and-so is such a kind person, he’d give you the shirt off his back.” But it’s not often that we see someone actually go so far as to act out that idiom. But a good Samaritan riding New York City’s Brooklyn-bound A train did just that last Friday night as the temperature plummeted to around a chilly 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Lazaro Nolasco captured a heartwarming exchange between two men after getting on the train in Washington Heights. He posted the video to Facebook and it has since racked up more than eight million views. 

In the video Nolasco captured, a man is seen walking over to a shirtless passenger, offers his white T-shirt to the half-naked stranger, and even helps him put it on. The homeless man, who was sitting alone, was shivering and “looked sickly,” Nolasco told New York Daily News. The man then walks back to his seat and grabs his black beanie, which he then also puts onto the stranger. 

New York City gets a bad rep for being a city with not exactly the nicest people, but stories like these show good Samaritans definitely do dwell there.



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