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Tijuana adventures are going to kill me, Star Wars & Harrison Ford by Matthew Suarez


I had an unproductive week, yet it was awesome. I managed to get one story published about Dia de Reyes after getting two rejections in a row. The stories that got rejected took me way longer to work on, the one that got published was an anecdote of how Mexican I am. I got paid way less than what I had planned, but somehow I manage to survive (late for rent again).

On Thursday I saw Star Wars with my roommate, his girlfriend, the Brownie Girl and my neighbor. We went to the VIP theater (tickets only $8). Those theaters are fucking awesome. You get a whole reclining couch, a table and a waiter. I bought a beer, a coke (for Brownie Girl) and large popcorn, it was only $9.

The movie was also way better than expected. I am not a huge Star Wars fan. The original trilogy I saw when I was way young and I didn’t care much about them. I know more about Star Wars through videogames and the Family Guy/Robot Chicken parodies (and Spaceballs). The other three I saw on the theaters and thought bleh of them.

On Friday the Mexican soccer league short tournament started. My team, Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, lost 1-3 and they started winning. This coupled with the news that nothing is going to happen with the girl I like threw me in a drunken manic depression. At least I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in Tijuana, Voodoo Stu’s. His fried chicken is the best chicken I ever had. I had two plates. And yes, people say I am gaining weight….

I had an impromptu Tijuana Adventure on Saturday when a friend told me he broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to go wild. We had one beer at Nelson’s Bar at 3 pm and then we headed down to Zona Norte debauchery. After eating tacos, I took a gamble and said fuck it, let’s try this shit strip club for cheap beers before the real action. The place was horrible as a fat stripper danced to a slow song, the waiter gave us 6 Tecates for $10. We drank the beers faster than frat boys when showing off.

Harrison Ford

I didn’t read any Star Wars spoilers, not even the cast. When Harrison Ford came on screen I was like, fuck yeah!!!! This is awesome. Chewie is also great. My roommate always says I look like a shaved wookie…

I saw other Star Wars people, but I don’t remember much except for Ford. I already posted about Natalie Portman and I am not going to waste my time with Hayden Christensen (I saw him a bunch because of Rachel Bilson).

Ford I saw once and I remember being nervous. The guy I worked with told me he could be weird though a total legend. He was actually very chill, but my frames were kinda shitty as I tried to keep my distance. 


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