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Sad Man by If I Had A Thought This Would Be It (BLW Contributor)

I look into the mirror each morning
but all I see is a sad man staring back at me
he looks tired and he’s yawning
maybe he works himself too hard
or maybe he lies awake at night
trying to remember the man he used be
trying to find the future that he used to see
he looks like he’s still coping
but the glimmer in his eye looks dimmer by the day
he tells me not to worry and he says he’ll be ok
but he said that yesterday

when I see him in the afternoon
he looks a little better but he’s still singing the same tune
there is a shade of sadness
it lingers overhead even when he’s happiest
he tells me that he loves everyone
there is no single person that he detests
but he says lately his life has been a test
he offers me a piece of advice
say sometimes life will hit hard
but when it does just stand up tall and hold your ground
don’t hide because you don’t succeed
don’t run away because you’re problems don’t leave
so stand up and be a man

I saw him in the evening
In reflection on the ceiling
and he was looking kinda down
so I asked him why the frown
he told me he was sick of being a clown
but no one seems to listen when the laughter stops
don’t get me wrong I love making people smile
but lately I’m not doing well and I’m tired of denial
haven’t much luck of which to speak
and my body’s getting weak
but still I’ll carry on because one day my sadness will be gone
and there are many people that I’d rather help
because compared my problems they are none

I see his silhouette in the corner late at night
he’s stood adjacent to the light
and his presence gives me quite a fright
he tells me sorry I didn’t mean to startle you
I just can’t seem to get to sleep
I’m feeling kinda lonely
but it’s hard to find someone when you’re stuck all alone
and worrying if my house will still be my home
because my job is costing me money
ain’t that kinda sad but ain’t it funny
but don’t worry I’m always optimistic
about what tomorrow will bring
and I’m not giving up

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  1. Very good spirit. We all had gone/ are going/ will go thru testing hard kick ass time. We have a crisis of one or many desires at every phase of life. When there is job, there is no love, rather cheated. When children gives pleasure, no jobs. This unquenched thirst acts as accelerator. Need a change ?? Press the clutch & change gear to keep life moving. No brakes honey. XOXOXO

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