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Artsy Fartsy – How long does love last? by Wu Mingzhong


“How Long Does Love Last?” (2010) is a visually stunning and unabashedly passionate figurative color silk screen-print by famed Chinese Contemporary artist Wu Mingzhong that belongs to his larger body of paintings and prints that all feature figures reinterpreted as hollow glass vessels. This work measures 30.31 x 46.46 inches (77 x 118 cm) is an edition 32 of 60, is unframed in excellent condition. In “How Long Does Love Last” a hollow glass couple is depicted in the midst of a passionate kiss, the figures share the red wine they are both filled with. The transparent and breakable nature of Wu’s glass figures balances the emotional intensity of the moment, the liquid they contain symbolizes the ‘bottomless” human desire for love, passion and desire. 

Wu Mingzhong (China, b.1963) and graduated with a BFA from Hebei Normal University, Hebei in 1988, and an MFA from Capital Normal University, Beijing in 1997. He has exhibited internationally in top galleries and museums throughout the US., Europe, and Asia, including Today Art Museum, Beijing, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea. Currently, the artist is an Associate Professor and Director of Oil Painting Research Office at Capital Normal University, living and working in Beijing.

Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You



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