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The Truth Hurts – It’s all Inside of Us




  1. Change as a noun undefined. Change to what for what to what end? I fear masses of people enamoured by a bright shiney concept that is so vague that individuals project their own ill defined desires there and are led to a place of change that has been clearly defined by others. Moving from slavery to freedom is a change but so is moving from independence to dependence. The Blue vs Red political dialectic, I think, is similar to arguing whether one perfers Pepsi or Coke. Its all cola and not very good for you. Governments tend to promote group think and attempt to herd each group into stalls they call averages. But we don’t exist in the theoretical world of averages and bell curves unless we are asleep. We are individual Souls. I say let us define our own change outside the seductive incantations spoken over us unceasinly. You and I are not a group. I think I remember hearing that ill defined cells are weak and diseased and threaten the life of the body. They can easily be taken over and become cancerous. Let us look to our own unique souls for change. We all long for it but I think the definition is not to be found outside ourself in the exteral. I think it has already been written on our hearts. Be Groovy.

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