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Poem of the Day – The Man in the Mirror


Written By Galo Ramirez Facebook

Some days I sit and think
How did I get here?
I’m so far down a road
I don’t recall I steered

There’s no going back
It’s been so many years
There’s been too many smiles
To drown in all those tears

Regardless of all the danger
I grew strong from fear
I thought I was a man
A man without ears

I didnt want to listen
My pride was in fifth gear
Now I sit here
And God is to my rear

Without God I was blind
With God I see clear
The devil is no lie
The truth, he’s out here

I break free from his chains
Dear Lord watch over me
Watch over my family
My enemies and peers

There is no coincidence
Why God bled tears
Its never too late to repent
God is forever here

Forget what happened yesterday
Your wounds will all heal
Just look at the mirror
And reflect who steered who here



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