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Tre’s Kitchen- Post Mother’s Day Meal (Crawfish & Crab)


Written by Tre Saunders (Uncle Dudes) Facebook

Well you want to start with:

 4 quarts of water 2tbs of salt,

 2 lemons cut into quarters,

 1 package of crawfish boil seasoning.

 Bring that to a rapid boil.

 One lb of crawfish, 1\2 lb of crab legs (snow or king)

3 lbs of new potato cut in half, corn on the cob cut in half or 1/3.

And spicy Andouille Sausage.

Boil the potatoes first once the potatoes are fork tender take them out of the water and server them.

Then put the rest of ingredients into the pot and return to a rapid boil for 10mins.

After remove the ingredients from the water pill and enjoy.



  1. Hey, I love this meal! We do this on camping trips to feed a big crowd in a short period of time and it’s so unusual for campers to eat gormet food like this its always a huge hit.

  2. Reblogged this on One Small Change at a Time and commented:
    Here is a perfectly good no sugar, all natural meal you can serve a crowd and everyone gets what they want. You don’t have to eat the potatoes, and they don’t know just how healthy they are eating. Feeds about eight people if you add more shrimp.

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