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Bill Clinton & George W. Bush with the Dallas Cowboys at the NCAA Championship Game (Pictures)


I was happily watching the 2014 NCAA Championship game against Kentucky versus UConn, watching young men giving their all to be the last men standing in the tournament, trying to win that conveted NCAA Championship Trophy. When they decided to show famous people in the crowd and showed former Presidents, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, hanging out and sitting together. The two men looked like they were having fun and enjoying the game, in which they were also sitting next to the Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo, Jerry Jones, Jason Witten, and Jason Garrett.  Don’t get me wrong I love Bill Clinton, he’s my dude but the other one, not so much.  I am totally happy that UConn won the game but this is another reason why the Dallas Cowboys won’t win the Vince Lombardi Trophy anytime soon.  It’s called Karma!  Once again CONGRATS!!!  to the men of UConn and to the freshmen players of Kentucky, there is always next year and stay in school. God knows there are plenty of average players in the NBA

Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Laura Bush 03 Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Tony Romo 05206a554dcd11b90d500f6a706700075darticle-2599398-1CEB990A00000578-302_634x439


Photo Credit: AP Press


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