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The Walking Dead- Episode “A” – Don’t Fuck with Rick Plus Candid Pictures of Andrew Lincoln & Lauren Cohan



The episode opens with a flashback at the prison with Hershel still with his head on his body. Hershel tries to transition Rick from a protector and killer to a farmer and creator in order to become a better role model for his son.

hershel the walking dead

I know why fans of TWD and Breaking Bad made the comparison with Walter White and Rick Grimes. Both have families they have to protect and they have to do horrible things to do so. Both Rick and WW are leaders with great minds and ideas. Both had similar character arcs where they had to change drastically in order to survive. So, the real question is who would be better in the Apocalypse. If you saw the episode tonight you made your decision with two words, Throat Rip.


The indie rock band, Daryl’s Marauders finally found Rick and Michonne. The Marauders want to take their revenge because Rick killed the bass player of their band. Then all of the sudden Daryl shows up and offers his life for Rick but that’s breaking their code. So, the marauders beat up on Daryl and another tries to rape Carl. That’s when I looked into Rick’s eyes and was like,

“It’s about to be fucking ON!”


Rick loses his shit. He went Road House on the leader singer then goes Hannibal Lecter on a fatty. This is not farmer Rick not anymore; this is the old school, Sheriff of Pain and suffering. Rick is fucking back. The warrior and leader is back, our Alpha male. Carl is taking a back by this scene with his father and gets consoled by Michonne, which she tells Carl that you should never give up because you will get lost like she did when she killed her friends in the past.


In the beginning, we see Rick trying to show Michonne and Carl how to hunt animals by setting a trap through paths, which I find ironic because they finally find Terminus. The group finds the place but they are skeptical about the place, so they case the joint and the people. They meet the people of Terminus and it seems “Too Good to be True” which it is as Rick finds Hershel’s time watch. The group his trapped and lead to a train car with the letter “A”, which I think has different meaning sorta like the A-Team where they have a plan to escape. As the group gets into the train car they finally get reunited with the rest of the group. All of them are relieved they are back together but part of the group are feeling down and depressed because they are trapped. But not Rick as he says to bring confidence back to this family,

“They are screwing with the wrong people.”


Rick is back. Everyone watch out for you throats dead or alive!!!

Check out these great shots of Andrew Lincoln & Lauren Cohan meeting fans and signing autographs in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Zodiac/ Splashnews

Andrew Lincoln at LAX Andrew Lincoln at LAX Andrew Lincoln at LAX Lauren Cohan arrives at LAX Lauren Cohan arrives at LAX Lauren Cohan arrives at LAX Lauren Cohan arrives at LAX Lauren Cohan arrives at LAX Andrew Lincoln takes photos and signs autographs for fans at LAX Andrew Lincoln takes photos and signs autographs for fans at LAX Andrew Lincoln takes photos and signs autographs for fans at LAX



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