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The Walking Dead: Us Review- I’m Ready to see Glenn Die Now



First off, how the hell can you follow an episode like The Grove where Carol had to make philosophical and ethical decisions, where she had to see kids killings kids and then killing a kid herself? The answer is you fucking can’t. In this episode of the The Walking Dead, entitled Us, it was all about one part of the prison group finally finding one another and we see Glenn reuniting with Maggie. Personally, I thought that part of the episode was pretty boring and pointless when they found each other because it’s like great I found you but guess what we are still in Hell. I’ll get back to that and give you the reasons why I’m ready to see Glenn become zombie food.


In the episode we saw the rest of the prison survivors, Rick, Carl and Michonne on the train tracks, trying to have a good time with another, heading to Terminus. While Daryl is still with the group marauders, learning that they have their own rules in the post-apocalyptic times. In a different universe I feel like these marauders could have been have friends with Daryl because it seems like they shared the same mind frame of the world and universe. They could have been in a band together called Daryl’s Marauders. In the post-apocalyptic world there are no more rules, but without rules it would be every man for himself and that doesn’t really workout if you are in a group trying to survive. So, it’s going to be interesting how far Daryl is going with this group, but I would love to see a punk band called Daryl’s Marauders.

Carol and Tyreese kill Lizzie The Walking Dead

As above mentioned, you really couldn’t follow a great episode with Carol and Tyreese dealing with the Children of the Corn. We didn’t see them in this episode but I would just imagine them walking with Rick’s baby with that awkward silence trying to make small talk. Like,

“It sure is a nice day, today.”

It sure is. Want to play a game.


Truth or Dare?

Um, Dare.

I dare you to look at the flowers.

Ah, no! You’re not getting me on that one Carol!”

Getting back to the episode we see one part of the group finding each other and of course Glenn and Maggie finally reunite. Once, I saw Glenn embracing Maggie, I just thought this is it for this dude. This is all he wants, which is not a bad thing to be with the ones you love but throughout the season the sergeant dude that looks like Guile from Street Fighter has been telling that they could save the world. The reason why Glenn is my favorite character is two-fold: one he is Asian which looks like he is the last Asian in the whole entire world or the casting in TWD are just racists and the other reason is that Glenn was ballsy! He would be the first guy to do something dangerous for the greater good of the group. Looking at his character now, he’ll only do something dangerous for Maggie.  What is the point of living if you’re just going to come back dead?  Glenn and the rest of the survivors have a chance to change all this but all they want is another Prison/ Woodbury, which might be Terminus, if you are a big fan you know what I’m talking about?


But I’m ready to see my Asian brother, Glenn die now. He might not die in next episode but I’ll be alright with it because this is not the Glenn that I rooted for to survive and live. The Glenn I know lived for the moment, this new Glenn is just trying to survive. One more episode left of The Walking Dead this season in which they just found Terminus and we will see if it will be the end of the line for the survivors.



  1. I was thinking maybe it is Glenn’s time. After everything he did to find Maggie maybe his time could be up.

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