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C.R.E.A.M. – Don’t Let Money Make You

Great Article about the idea of C.R.E.A.M is owning and ruling our lives. I’m so glad that I read and promoted this article because it made me think why am I actually hustling so hard. Is it just for material items or is it something positive and worthwhile like my family. Cash Rules Everything Around Me but it doesn’t own me.

On the with Ms.E Scene


This is just my opinion, but it’s like every young adult that is 30 and under has the new philosophy in life about grinding, hustling or getting money without enjoying life. And people who do take time out to enjoy life are settling with no ambitious.

Now I know money makes the world go round, though it should never be the only thing that a person is after. People post pictures on instagram holding up their stacks of money and with a status on twitter or Facebook sayings, “No time to sleep, out getting this money.”

In my head I always have a sarcastic comeback like “If you don’t sleep how are you going to rest, so you can “grind” the next day?”

I choose to make money, but I refuse to let money make me.

Priorities I see many of my friends, some family members, and acquaintances have set…

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