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The Walking Dead: Pushing Envelopes or Crossing Lines?


I love being surrounded by great writers with their amazing writing and personal insights. I have been a huge TWD fan from day one, which I ususally write a post about each TWD episode but last week’s episode, The Grove, honestly caught me off guard. The episode before this, Alone, I felt was kinda boring and I felt like the show was losing it’s touch, wondering why I was still watching the show. Then, the magic came back again with the thought provoking episode about “doing the Greater Good”. I won’t mention any spoilers because I want you to read this great artile from Turning Pages about the episode and figure out what would you’ve done, if you were in that situation?

Turning Pages

Don’t Look Back.

***Spoiler Alert:  This post is going to talk about the Walking Dead episode from Sunday March 16th.  If you haven’t seen it yet, STOP READING!***

Bluntly, the Walking Dead is a show about the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA).  What was once, a few years ago, the realm of Comic-Con nerds and Sci-Fi freaks has become firmly and decidedly mainstream.  Before the TV show there were hit movies like 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead, but nothing catapulted the un-dead into the limelight quite like the AMC hit television show.

To re-cap: as the series opens, we meet small-town police officer Rick Grimes.  He pulls his cruiser off the road near a gas station with a large lot full of cars.  Rick needs gas, but for some reason he goes wandering through the seemingly empty lot.  Up and down the rows, until we see two…

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