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True Detective (Episode 6) Haunted Houses- Philosophy & Ethics


True Detective

Episode 6

Haunted Houses

(Philosophy & Ethics)

Written by: Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

The episode opens up with Marty with the two boys who had sex with Marty’s underage daughter. A few episodes back Cohle was talking about how people should be afraid of the cops because they can do harm without any impunity. I am always wear about law enforcements as well because they have the right to do anything they want to do with you and they are protected by the law.



Episode 5 The Secret Fate of All Life


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Marty tells the boys right before he beats the shit out of them,

“A man’s game, chargers a man’s price.

One scene at the present time, we see the detectives trying to gain some information about Rust with Marty’s wife, Maggie. She tells the detectives that Rust is a good man. As she tells the detectives,


“Rust knew exactly who he was and there was no talking him out of it.  That was Marty’s single problem, he didn’t know himself and he never knew what he wanted.”

This is going back to the philosophy from Socrates. He wanted us to keep asking questions about ourselves in order to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we want out of life.

Maggie is totally right about Marty’s flaw as a husband and as a person. We see that Marty stops being sober and stops being a good husband as life repeats it’s self over and over again.

“Life is a flat circle.”

Marty runs into a girl he helped out during the Ledoux case a couple of years ago and now she is a beautiful woman. Marty can’t help himself or his nature and starts to drinking again and begins to have another affair with his wife.

As Rust is doing his own investigation with the old case, he meets Reverend Theriot, played by a great actor, Shea Whigham.


Marty wants to know why the Theriot quit the church and Theriot tells him he found disturbing pictures of dead kids but when he tried to inform the higher up, he was just pushed aside.

So, Theriot made a decision to quit and start drinking heavily. As Theriot tells him the reason why he quit being a reverend, in a beautiful line about religion,

“All my life I wanted to be closer to God. Bu the only nearest is Silence.”


Rust is my favorite character on the show because he has so many layers to himself. He can be your best friend one minute, and then in a second become the guy who fucked your wife. For example, in a scene where Rust is interrogating a woman who is accused to killing her kids, Rust shows so much sympathy for the women. Telling her,

“A children are wonderful. People mistake children as a way to change their own story.”

As soon as Rust gets her confession he turns from a compassionate person into a cold-blooded dude. Rust showing no expression on his face begins to slowly to get up from the woman telling her,

“When you get the opportunity you should kill yourself.”


There has always been tension between Rust and Marty. Rust believes he does all the work and Marty just receives the credit. Rust also believes that without him Marty would be nowhere as he tells Marty,

“You, these people, this place. You guys just eat your young. Just as along as you got something to salute at.”

Marty is frustrated with Rust because he wants to know why he is investigating old cases as Marty shouts to Rust,

“I’m the only one who ever took up for you. Ever!”

Rust calmly shuts down Marty and ends the conversation with his comeback,

“You know buddy, without me you’re nobody.”


There was a funny scene where Marty is investigating the old case and he finds the girl who he saved from the Ledoux complex. Marty tries to get more information from the girl but she is to traumatize to speak and begins to shout and get crazy. What I thought was funny; the girl looked like Lorde the New Zealand singer.


I’ve said it before and you’ll probably hear it a couple more times from me or someone else. Karma is a bitch. I realize in my own life that I have to worry about what I put out in the universe because if will always return in a positive or negative way. As Marty is finding out again in his life that Karma is real.

Maggie finds out that Marty has been cheating on him again by finding his cellphone with his mistresses beautiful ass.


First off, if you are going to cheat why the hell to you leave evidence around like your phone for your wife/girlfriend to find. It’s like Marty wanted his wife to find out he was being an asshole again.

But Marty sees the error in his ways and tries to tell his mistresses that he can’t see her again. But his mistresses tell Marty something that all single or married men can’t resist. I believe this is the best line of the episode, as Marty’s mistress tells him,

“I think I want you to fuck in the Ass. I want you to feel bad about yourself.


If you heard that line, you would stop whatever you were doing that moment and rush to get over there ASAP. Men aren’t disgusting beings, it’s in their nature to want and possess things. Sometimes that gets us into trouble but we can’t fight whom we really are because in the end we have to live with ourselves. What goes around, comes around. Fucking Karma again.


We start to see Maggie hanging around bars trying to get back at Marty for his lying and cheating ways. So, she finally figures a way that would make Marty leave her and her family alone again but it will also make Marty feel disgusted by her.  She heads over to Rust’s apartment after he was wrongly suspended from his job of which ironically he was doing his job. She was sex with Rust because she felt it was the only way to get back at Marty. Rust screams to Maggie to get out of his apartment but Maggie is trying to explain why she did it as she tells Rust,

“I’m sorry. This is the only way. 17 years is a very long time. He will have to go now. He won’t live with it.”

In the following scene we see Maggie confronting Marty’s lying and cheating ways. Maggie also tells Marty that he slept with Rust to get back at him. Marty goes ape shit and grabs Maggie by the throat and is about to strike her, when Maggie tells Marty,

“Do it! So, I have something to explain to our daughters. Coward!”

I thought that was a good fight but the fight between Marty and Rust was an epic one. We could all see this was about due with these two with their heads and egos always butting against one another. In the scene, only the two men knew why they were fighting about, as we can clearly see that Rust felt responsible and let Marty hit him a couple times, then Rust had enough of this shit and threw Marty at the back of his pickup truck breaking his tail light.


Back in the office the chief wants to know what’s doing on between them, but the two detectives don’t want to explain and they both do not want to press any chargers on one another. The chief tells Rust that Marty was his only friend. Finally, Rust had enough with the bullshit and decides to quit.

“Fuck this world. Nice hook Marty.”

A great episode about friendship and relationships, as people get older they find it harder and harder to maintain the same relationship that had in the beginning. Just like everything in life, sometimes relationships have to end. You have done to many awful things or you know too much information about the person to ever fix the situation, so you just move on. I personally believe people should know about themselves before diving into a relationship because they know better what they want out of the relationship. There are only two episodes left of True Detective and I can’t wait to find out who is the Yellow King.

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