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Man Crush Monday #MCM- Steven Yeun(Glenn)- The Walking Dead

Man Crush Monday #MCM

Steven Yeun (Glenn) from

The Walking Dead

Written by: Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

If you are wondering, you can have a crush on someone and not have any sexual feelings for the person. It is possible to love a person or character and not want to fuck them, unless your’re Kate Upton, then it’s impossible to keep my Egg Roll in my pants. (Sorry for that imagery)


This past weekend was a great episode of TWD, entitled Still, which was the perfect title for the episode because everything involved with the episode was about not moving or being still. Sometimes you can see great acting by watching actors or actresses without them talking or doing any kind of action but just being in the moment and being still, makes the scene more powerful.


This happened to Rick played by Andrew Lincoln, as he was trapped under a bed by a band of marauders, who broke into the house they were temporary living in. Andrew’s performance was so powerful because Andrew didn’t move a muscle and did all his acting with his facial expressions. But Rick knew he couldn’t stay there forever and managed to get out of the house and warn the others to leave the house.



The opposite of being Still in the episode was when Glenn woke up from his nap in Captain America’s truck aka Sgt. Abraham Ford played Michael Cudlitz. When Glenn was informed by that Lesbian Hottie, Tara, (You know she’s hot) that he passed out and we had to hitch-hike with Guile from Street Fighter. Glenn also finds out that they passed the bus that the survivors left on from the prison like 3 hours ago. Glenn demands Abraham to stop the truck. So, Glenn jumps out the truck and Sgt. Ginger tries to stop because he needs his help. He tells Glenn that we are on a bigger mission then your wife, we are trying to save the world. Without any hestiation Glenn turns around and proceeds to walk the road to find his wife. Glenn does not care about the world because in his mind the world is his wife. Glenn can’t be Still, he needs to move and find his wife. Handlebar is not having any of it then Glenn starts a fight with the Sgt. In the middle of fight we see the Children of Corn walkers, walking up on them. So, our supposed savior from the apocalypse, the guy with the mullet tries to save the day and pulls semi-automatic. But Kenny Powers has no fighting experience at all, shooting everywhere including their truck. They kill all the walkers but they also kill their trunk and now they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. I’m not sure if I trust these new characters because lets face it the last scientist was a suicidal maniac and tried to kill everyone in the cast.


I loved the episode and I love the part when Glenn was given a choice between saving the world or his wife? He did not hesitate picking his wife and even starting a fight with Sgt. Ginger. This is why he’s my Man Crush Monday (Non-Sexual) 

Check out these pictures with Steven Yeun with a non-walker in Los Angeles. Credit: Zodiac/ Splashnews

EXCLUSIVE: The Walking Dead star, Steven Yeun with a friend grabs coffee in Los Angeles EXCLUSIVE: The Walking Dead star, Steven Yeun with a friend grabs coffee in Los Angeles EXCLUSIVE: The Walking Dead star, Steven Yeun with a friend grabs coffee in Los Angeles EXCLUSIVE: The Walking Dead star, Steven Yeun with a friend grabs coffee in Los Angeles EXCLUSIVE: The Walking Dead star, Steven Yeun with a friend grabs coffee in Los Angeles

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  1. Love him ! Cool post… I love that Kenny Powers has taken on a guest role in The Walking Dead, oh wait nevermind it’s just Eugene, the uber-nerd. Seriously can you imagine Kenny Powers on TWD?!

  2. Hello and nice to meet you. Love the Walking dead. This guy is cool but wonder how he got well and not became the Undead. Thanks for following my post.

  3. Hello Belikewaterproduction,

    You are now a ‘bff’ (boyfriend factory friend)!

    I’m so happy that you stopped by my blog so that I could discover yours.

    Thanks for following my blog and I hope that you will tell all of your friends and followers about the factory so that we can open the doors for as many people as possible


  4. Hi there!
    I fucking love your blog! Thanks for the follow. Spirituality, with humor, and cussing. Gotta love it! My girl crush is JLo. I know!!! But her skin looks like melted caramel.

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