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(Pic of the Day) Gina Carano- Do you think she could take Ronda Rousey?


Pic of the Day

Gina Carano

Do you think she could take Ronda Rousey?

Written by: Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Just doing my thing and driving around L.A., when I spotted a cute brunette that happened to be a former mixed martial artists. It was Gina Carano having a business meeting with a friend in Los Angeles, CA. She was looking good and seemed to be still in good shape.


Gina started her career as a mixed martial artists, performing at Strikeforce, an upstart that tried to compete with the UFC. She was going well and got her shot at the Women’s Championship title. Unfortunately, she lost to Cris Cyborg, but soon after the fight we learned that Cyborg was using illegal performance enhancing substances. Gina felt disappointed in her performance and didn’t know what to do after that, whether to come back to MMA.


Fortunately, famous film director, Steven Soderbergh, saw the same magic we all saw in Gina Carano. Soderbergh gave her a shot in his movie Haywire, which I think she held her own against other well-respected actors.


Of course, her martial arts skills in the movie was on point and she shined on the screen. With her success in the movie she got another role in Fast & Furious 6, in which she did a terrific job.


I super glad for Gina’s success but the MMA fan in me always wanted to see Carano back in MMA. Gina in the women’s division in the UFC would be exciting for me and for everyone else. I dream matchup against Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey?


I would love see that fight! Who do you think would win that fight?

Check out these photos of Gina Carano Credit: Zodiac/ Splashnews

spl700022_002.thw EXCLUSIVE: Gina Carano with a friend has lunch at Urth Caffe in Hollywood EXCLUSIVE: Gina Carano is spotted exiting Urth Cafe EXCLUSIVE: Gina Carano is spotted exiting Urth Cafe EXCLUSIVE: Gina Carano is spotted exiting Urth Cafe

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