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Gesaffelstein and EDM are here for the LONG HAUL

Written by Ryan Fu

Electronic Dance Music has long been written off in the music industry, wondering when this “fad” will die out. But don’t tell EDM giants like Deadmau5, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, etc. These kats are filling up and selling out stadiums. You can hear their songs from commercials, movies, and now UFC events. They’re the most watched on Youtube and Soundcloud. People go in the thousands to go to EDM festivals. EDM is now starting to influence other musical genres like Hip Hop, Rock and Alternative music.  So, when will this “fad” die out? Probably never.

This is what Gesaffelstein is betting on. Gesaffelstein, a French techno artist and DJ, has worked with many artists like Lana Del Rey and Kayne West. He just recently released his debut album Aleph this past October. It is a solid debut album with tracks like Pursuit, Hate or Glory and Trans. He shows why many artists are lining up to work with him because of his mixture of electronic, hip hop and alternative beats. The album screams to be heard just like EDM, it has blasting beats, catchy hooks and ghostly melodies. When Yeezy wants to work with you, you know you’re a talented artists. Shouldn’t this be this the common dominator in the music industry? To have talent.

I don’t really understand people, who just see dance music as a “fad” just meant to be pushed aside like it’s the step brother of the music industry. Musicians are really successful at this genre, making a living out of it and they’re really fucking talented. More importantly, people love fucking, love EDM!!!

This music is the voice of our generation. Parents don’t understand it and they shouldn’t. This is ours. You can’t take it away from us. It’s loud and crazy. We love it. And it’s here to STAY.


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