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Who is Phoebe Price? Model, Actress, Celebrity, Daughter

Written by Phoebe Price

I was born in Jasper, Alabama right outside of Birmingham. Growing up I always knew God had a bigger plan for me.  I first started out as an athlete being the Alabama state diving and swimming champion. When I got burned out, my mom and dad would let me quit but I always had to do something different. So, I started playing tennis. I went from not making the team to the next year being number one and two, ranking in the state of Alabama. I was the first girl in high school to get a tennis scholarship.


But in high school my dad was diagnosed with leukemia and in October my freshman year my dad died.


It was one of the hardest periods of my life. I was a daddy’s girl and he meant the world to me. Later that year, I was walking in the mall when I got stopped by a modeling agent.  I never thought I could be a model, but I knew I loved fashion. I started out with John Casablanca Modeling and Career Center in Birmingham.  At the time, I had blonde hair and a bad perm. So they suggested we go back to a natural color which was red and went with straight hair.  I started working right away and eventually got picked up by one of the top agents in the world, Elite Modeling Agency. I was the top booked model in Alabama and at the age of twenty, decided instead of paying all my commissions out, I decided to buy the modeling center of John Casablanca and the talent agency élan.

I was the youngest franchise owner ever.

Two months later I signed with Elite Modeling Agency. Growing up I always went by Denise Price and Elite wanted to change my name. They would ask my full name which was Phoebe Denise Price, so at that time they changed my name to Phoebe Price and couple days later, Elite sent me out of the country to build my book.  I was so excited to move away and I was also moving away from a bad relationship.

I was in a very abusive relationship having broken feet, broken wrist and stitches in my head. I had the chance to move far away which  some people are not that lucky. Sometimes verbal abuse can be just as painful. I always made excuses because I didn’t want anyone to say anything. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. You have to want to change the situation and not be afraid to make that step because at the end of the day you are worth it.

I took that giant step twenty five hours in the air and  first stop was in Cape Town South Africa. I lived and worked in Cape Town for 6 months doing beauty ads, commercial and editorials. South Africa was one of the most beautiful places on earth but the violence was out of control. There were four bombings while I was there and my agency was ready for me to move on.  Next stop was Athens, Greece. Working non stop in Greece, I experienced my first earthquake. I stayed and worked in Greece for two months then the next stop was Milano. In Milan, I fell in love with Italy, fashion and a famous actor/rapper.  I got to experience Italy traveling with him all over Italy, trying the foods from all over spending summers in Sardinia, shooting ad campaigns, coin department store to Loreal and Henna ads  in castles. I had plan to live in Italy for the rest of my life until  9/11.    Like many others, my life changed that day.

My mom was on a cruise and my family was still in America. My mom had wanted me to come home for a while. My mom was getting older. My mom had me in her 40s and her tubes where tied but I popped out.

I always say I was sent from God but sometimes she doesn’t see it that way  🙂

So, I got one of the first flight back into the country, told all my friends and boyfriend I would be back soon but never returned.  I got really sick when I returned to America and became so sick,  I almost died. It took a while but I recovered and came out to Los Angeles for a few weeks and fell in love with L.A.  I had been here many of times but this time was different.

I was walking in Beverly Hills and I had people approaching me about acting. Whatever I do,  I give my best and before I started dabbling in movies, I trained for four years with private lessons with 8 of the top coaches in the world.  Everyone would ask, what I was doing but while I was studying, I developed perfumes, clothes and perfecting my craft.

There are a lot of beautiful people in this town but many can carry on a conversation and act.

When I came to Los Angeles, I knew no one, so I got a publicist. She started get me in red carpet events and right away I started ending up in magazines worldwide.  I always loved fashion, so I incorporated it into my red carpet looks. I ended up in Fashion Police a lot but I loved what I was wearing.

My fashion is ALL ME.


A lot of people pay for stylist but I wanted everything I did to be a reflection of me.  I did come out a year earlier to get Screen Actors Guild and worked on three tv shows in 3 days and one was X-Files. For years,  the only credit people would post was this. I never thought it was right because I had done a lot more work but everyone would go back to this one.  A lot of people don’t understand why I get worldwide exposure and honestly I don’t either but I want to thank everyone that has supported me because without you, I wouldn’t be around this long because my 15mins is still going.

I have been blessed to do movies, commercials, and tv.  A couple of years ago, I was at the Cannes Film Festival and I saw a amazing hat which I bought because I never saw anything like it before. So, I had a idea about headbands  and hats so I went to the shops. I would ask shop owners to look at my line Phoebe Price Design headwear and my first top boutique bought all I had made up. The next day I get a call Lupe Fiasco had bought one and wore it to the MTV awards and performed with it across his shirt. From there Miley Cyrus performed and wore my hat at Teen Choice Awards .  To Rihanna, Kardashians, Paris, Selina Gomez, Angelina and more. My line has been on tv shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Storage Wars, etc.

I was a girl from a small town and I’ve been able to live out my dream. It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve had a lot of criticism. There has also been a lot of sacrifice from me and especially my mom. But I am so lucky to have a wonderful mom that believes in me. No matter where your from or what you do don’t let anyone take away your DREAM.  With hard work and believing in yourself, no matter what you do your dreams can come true.


Check out to see what hat  your favorite celebrity is wearing.


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