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The Bad Guy is Still the Baddest!!! Marshall Mathers LP 2 Review

Written By: Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

It took me whole week to listen to Eminem’s new album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, but it was worth it, listening to one of best rappers in my generation. It’s been over a decade since the Marshall Mathers LP came out in 2000 but you couldn’t tell the difference with the new album because the passion and talent is still there. A lot people in the music industry thought Em would lose his touch after a long layoff, but like a good bottle of wine (I don’t drink wine) you can’t rush perfection. As history shows us, Eminem likes to prove his critics wrong. Marshall Mathers LP 2, screams out, “I’m back, and I still don’t give a *uck!” (rhymes with cock)

I want to point out that I love the new album from Em, but (and this is a big butt) Marshall Mathers LP was “a punch in the dick.” It was a hip hop classic, a jump starter in a time when the industry was fading, and it is one of the most influential albums ever. After the success Em’s album, The Slim Shady, people in the industry thought Eminem was just a “Vanilla Ice type” and “a one and done type.” He was all HYPE. But the critics were wrong again. His album shows what happens to a man after he gains critical acclaim and worldwide fame. You get a lot people pulling you in different directions, telling you, “you’re the shit” but they also want money in return. You can hear and feel the pressure from the world on Em on the first Marshall Mathers. He did what all animals do when you trap them in a corner.   Shit.


He shitted on his doubters, shitted on his critics, shitted on his horrible wife, shitted on his horrible mother, shitted on his fans, shitted on anyone who thought they’re were in the same universe as Marshall Mathers. The man decided to take on the world a la Tupac, “Me & Against the World.”

Jesus, he had a song detailing how he would commit homicide on his wife and it was like a “love song.” Em’s willingness to open up about his heartbreaks makes him one of the most loved and dangerous rappers in the game.

With that being said, it’s hard to follow up a classic, but Marshall Mathers LP 2 comes close. Em returns to the throne with other competitors trying to wear the crown. Right way he drops Thor’s hammer on all MCs saying, “you thought you were safe but you ain’t. You all want be the King but you suckas are all Queens.” Em shows why he is one of the best lyricists in the game for the last decade and beyond. He’s like Gandalf, the way he moves, puts, and constrains words together in rhyme, it’s like “magic.” There are many great songs on the album like Rap God, Rhyme or Reason, Bad Guy, Brainless, Asshole, etc. I thought the best part of the new album was how he passed the torch to another great lyricists in the game, Kendrick Lamar. People who are great can see greatest in other people. I believe this is what Em sees in Kendrick. On the single, “Love Game” Kendrick kills on the track but Em makes sure he’s still King of the Jungle. It’s great to see Kendrick getting “the node” from Em, telling him you’re next in line to the throne.

Kendrick Lamar might be the future of hip hop but right now Eminem is ruling with an “Iron Fist.” But here’s a question what’s happens to a battle rapper when he wins all the battles? Sun Tzu, a war philosopher, believes even without a battle, we are in constant war with ourselves. If this is true, then we might see Marshall Mathers again and have the king stay on the throne for a little longer. Long live…



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