Lauryn Hill’s new single Consumerism

Written By: Ryan Fu

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”

                The quote above is from the great author Maya Angelou who like Lauryn Hill is a poet. Both women talk about the dangers in navigating thru this world filled life’s highs and lows, hazards and pitfalls. One of those hazards is not paying your taxes in which Ms. Hill served for 3 months and just got released from jail Friday morning. The night before Mrs. Hill just released her new single, Consumerism from upcoming album Letters from Exile. If you think life is tough here on Earth, then “Life in space is impossible.” This is the opening credits to the movie Gravity, which carries weight with Ms. Hill.

“Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide. Gonna find you and take it slowly. Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide. Gonna find you and make you want me.”

                Back in the late 90′s, the former Fugees singer, Lauryn Hill was the next big thing. Winning five Grammys and Album of the Year for her classic, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.’ But like in space she disappeared into the stars. She never followed up after that great album and left scene because she wanted more substance then what the music industry was giving her and spend more time with her family. She was on top of her game and her star was on the rise. But what comes up, must come down. Gravity.

“There is nothing to carry sound. No air pressure. No Oxygen. Life in space is impossible.”

               These are the opening lines to the beautiful, emotional and haunting movie Gravity. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. It is true, it’s a movie about the dangers about outer space but it is also a movie about letting go and enjoying life. Without any spoilers, our characters are thrusted into an unbelievable situation and have to suffer thru complication after complication. After dealing with numerous adversities, our characters have to make a choice to let go and figure out if they’re life is worth fighting for just like Ms. Hill. This movie is about what is important to you whether it be family or money!

“it’s funny how money change a situation. Miscommunication leads to complication.”

              Mrs. Hill was freed early Friday morning from a Federal Correctional Insititution, having been locked up for three months for failing to pay taxes from 2005 to 2007. Lauryn was suppose to serve a three year sentence but the court viewed Ms. Hill’s circumstances and because she took responsibilities for her mistakes they reduced her sentence.  She is not totally a free person yet, having to be under parole supervision for a year and to be on house arrest for 3 months. Before she was released from jail, she dropped her new single Consumerism on Soundcloud, which it has over 50,000 plays already.

“Consumerism’s running through them like a tumor in them. Separatism, skepticism, desperation, nepotism, Capitalism running through the Montezuma in em”

            This single comes out throwing blows and shots like an animal who’s been caged up for 3 months. Granted it’s not the Lauryn Hill from ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,’ because I feel that Ms. Hill graduated from Hip Hop Academy and now teaching all of us about good music. The song just like Ms. Hill, which is true Hip Hop and different from all the over R&B singles out there currently. She puts it down immediately on the song, letting people know she is still one of the best MCs out there and in my opinion the only female MCs out there saying anything. Instead of rapping about money, bitches, Prada bags, or Bentleys. She talks about the dangers about any system that wants total control of you, whether it be the music industry,  the government, religion or Wyclef. I think this song masterfully talks about not letting your success get to your head and how to not let people, who only care about your success instead of your well being change you, a la Miley Cyrus. Miley thinks she’s too cool for school but I think she needs to be re-educated from Ms. Hill on how to act like a lady, instead of a being thing.

“He is, he is

Set to, set to,
Self- destruct, self-destruct.
He is, he is,

Too cool, too cool,

To be true.”

                  This hook from Consumerism, probably best describes George Clooney in Gravity because even in space he looks cool, calm and collected. The acting from Clooney and Bullock were superb and I highly recommend the movie. Just like Gravity, the new single from Lauryn Hill, caught me off guard. I expected to be something typical but what I found was a reason to root and support Ms. Hill once again.The parallels between the characters of Bullock and Hill is uncanny, both are masters of their craft and both have to endure what life throws at them to succeed and thrive.  Life in space is impossible.  True.  A life without music from Lauryn Hill is unimaginable.


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