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Started from the Bottom…

Hello World Wide Web!!!

My name is Ryan Fu, I am just one part of a brand new production company called Be Like Water. Like everyone else who worked in the Music and Film industry, I found myself in a rut. Always doing the same thing, surrounded by uncreative, negative and boring people. I was a Free Slave. Being killed by the word POTENTIAL. I hit rock BOTTOM. So, what else do you do when you start liking Tyler Perry movies. You either fall in line or stand out in the crowd…

Inspired by the late great Bruce Lee, in which he was an artist who always pushed his limitations physically, creatively and mentally. He thought outside of the box because he didn’t want to be a typecasted as your typical Asian character. He knew his limitations because of his heritage, but he still didn’t care. He had a vision, in which he saw people watching his films because they were great regardless if the stars were white, black, mexican or asian. Bruce Lee was a fighter and he fought for every inch of his success.

My Friends and I are tired of watching and listening to the same ol’ shit. We’re angry and we here…


“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put  Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee


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