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Be Like Water Production is a group of talented and creative people who want to produce wonderful new ideas. That being said, it is also a place where you can talk or show what you are really passionate about or just how you’re feeling. It is a place where you an express yourself and gain knowledge about you and others.   “Know Thyself.”   Socrates believe that you need to consistently ask yourself who you are, to better yourself. This is a place of knowledge and positivity. This is a place where you can GROW. This is your place, your home.

Here is a list of wonderful people who make ideas flow like water at BLW.


Doc G  (Writer/ Pro Weird/ Ninja) @rorymcqueen33


Born in Brooklyn then 18 years passed with not much excitement, went to NYU, not much excitement there either. Spent the next 15 years drifting and searching for answers, til one day I had what addicts call a moment of clarity. Life sucks for the most part, but every so often you are granted a moment where things are easy, things are simple. Enjoy that moment, it’s what everyone in this world is chasing. I also used to hunt human beings for a living. Ask me anything, except math and science questions. And as HST said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Phoebe Price  (Writer/ Model/ Actress/ Artists) @Phoebedenise @phoebetime

60th Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Phoebe was born in Alabama and as a young child had a passion for modeling and acting. At the age of 19 she bought her first corporations which were in fashion and entertainment. She later became an international actress and model in Capetown, S.A Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy. After leaving Milan she came to Los Angeles and has studied acting with the top coaches to perfect her skills. She loves working with charities and is the spokeswoman for Battered Women. She is also a designer of Hats and Headbands found in leading boutiques in Beverly Hills and California.

Check out Phoebepricedesigns.com to see what hat  your favorite celebrity is wearing. Also, Check out Phoebe’s Instagram !!!

John D. Aguon (Pseudo-Writer/ Pro Weird/ Artists/ Ninja@lttlgnt


Filmmaker.  Pseudo-writer .

MMA enthusiast. Coffee Addict.

Hates Mayo.    Loves Tobasco.

Born in Guam.

Raised in Hawaii.                                         Abused in L.A.

Check out John’s work @ Vimeo & Youtube

Jasmine Rausch Jasmine’s Instagram (Writer/ Teacher/ Lover)


I am a LA native who grew up in a spiritual home. I have been an athlete my whole life and was introduced to a yoga and breath meditation practice in 2005 by my cousin who is a believer and  practitioner of alchemy. Through his guidance, I started working with energy. In 2008, I graduated college with a B.A. in Communication Studies. I went on to practice yoga and breath with various teachers throughout Los Angeles attempting to stay grounded as I prepared my law school applications! Realizing in 2010 that practicing law was not in my heart, I rooted myself deeper into my yoga practice as I soul searched for my true passion. People always say that what you end up doing was always staring you in the face. That couldn’t have been more right! I completed my yoga teacher training in 2013 and quickly after began to learn how to work with the breath to heal the body from the inside out. I strongly believe that yoga and breath act as vessels to unite people and communities through self betterment and self love. The physical and mental healing that the practice of yoga has given me is a gift that I am excited to share. I am currently focusing on furthering my education in Yoga Therapy. I love connecting through my teaching and writing. So, thank you for reading and for the continued support!

I teach @ Natural Pilates  classes Monday and Wednesday at 7am and sun at 8. Private yoga sessions available.Email me for rates!

Matthew Suarez, a.k.a. Matingas –    @Matingas     (Writer, Musician, Photographer and Lover)



Matthew Suarez, a.k.a. Matingas, is a writer, musician and photographer who worked in Los Angeles as paparazzo for Bauer-Griffin and National Photo Group (2007-2011). His celebrity pictures printed in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

As a writer, Matthew contributes to the San Diego Reader with stories about Tijuana, the border, Baja and music reviews. He is in charge of two blogs: My Life and the Adventure Blog in TJ. He has also written for different sources and now contributes writing in Spanish to b1mas4.com.

As a musician, he holds a BA degree in classical guitar under the tutelage of O. Nicholas Ratts from Saint John’s University. He has performed in weddings, upscale dining restaurants and more. He’s available for hiring. He is also part of several music projects, including his own band Donkey Chow and a sub guitarist/bassist for San Diego’s oldest big band, RockinJazzBigBand.

Matingas is the creator of Tijuana Adventure, nighttime tours of TJ.

He also gives private guitar lessons and gives photojournalism courses, re-telling his experiences in Los Angeles.


K.K.Martin  @theKatrinaM  (Blogger, Drinker, Fullbodied, and filled with Desire)


This one time at cheer camp, I fell down a rabbit hole and it was filled with vodka. Ever since then I was unable to trust a bitch who didn’t drink.

Why yes I am a adult woman who suffers from Peter Pan Syndrome and I have my shit together because my 40 grand in student loans and a piece of paper says so, and thank you for asking. Welcome to the shit hole I call life, oh wait that’s a different hole.

Oh my bio, yes, yes, I’m a freelance graphic designer, blogger, I like snacks, senior walks and all the Cranks movies.

Check out her Website Kakers in Wonderland

Ryan Fu (Pseudo-Writer/ Musician/ Leader of Team Weird/ Asshole/ Ninja) @fu_beatz 


Ryan Fu, is a thirty-something Asian American, who believes in Self-Reinvention. You can be anyone or anything you want to be, if you just believe in yourself. It sounds like a Tim Robbins spiel but if no one told you you couldn’t, then could you? We all start out with big dreams but somewhere in the bullshit aka life we stop believing in ourselves. What is really stopping you from doing what you really want to do in life? The answer is simple, it’s you. We are our biggest critics and worst opponent, when it comes to trying something new out of our comfort zones. Fu believes being in the uncomfortable and awkward in moments in life to grow as a person. Ryan Fu, is a freelance photographer, philosopher, musician, and Crossfitter. I am feeling weird writing about myself in third person so, if you like my reviews and you really want to know me then follow me on Instagram and check out my music. If you still need more of the Fu, then this eliquate poem from the great poet, Dr. Seuss will describe me the best. Enjoy!

I am Sam I am Sam Sam I am That Sam-I-am That Sam-I-am! I do not like that Sam-I-am Do you like green eggs and ham I do not like them, Sam-I-am…

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  1. laughing Coyote likes all the water….just opening your blog makes me feel better because of the theme….

  2. simplysneaks says:

    Thanks for following, much appreciated! BLW sounds pretty interesting. I wish you all the best of luck and look forward to seeing more from you guys in the future! Get in touch if you need anyone for your movies haha and have a great time at Coachella, I cannot wait to get there!

  3. Thanks for following my blog. Maybe we can do some creative stuff together. Working on the sequel to my first novel right now.
    peace and love!

  4. Hi BLW, thanks for introducing yourselves by following our site. We wish you the best of luck with yours! You should check out the Indie film scene in India for inspiration. (Now, that’s a mouthful!) If you’re on facebook we invite you to visit the RAXA Collective facebook page. See you there!

  5. howandwhen says:

    I enjoyed this. Thanks 4 following and the comments. What’s your instagram? I feel like I can relate to what you write. Especially that first paragraph I believe self expression is so important. It drives my life.

  6. Dear Jumble says:

    Hello BLW! I am really glad you guys are now following my blog! :) (www.dearjumble.com)

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading yours. You had me on the first line “a group of talented and creative people who want to produce wonderful new ideas.” Loved that!

    Can’t wait to see what comes next here at Be Like Water.

  7. Gary Sackett says:

    Be Like Water followed me, so in return I peeked inside.
    Looking deeper, meeting the crew,
    water is flowing, something that I do.
    Innovation, belief, being water, is the course.
    Observance, inside the fence,
    Is the way, to visit,
    the tzu.
    ~ Thank you!

  8. I can’t imagine how you found my blog…that must have been one hell of a rabbit hole. You have quite a dynamic blog, I’m going to go have a poke around :)

  9. I love meeting people who are so willing to get into their own creative process. The possibilities are endless and I suspect this crew will do some wonderful work. Thank you for stopping by Tovarysh. I do appreciate it.

  10. karen says:

    I like what you said about working out of your comfort zone, since I’m about to embark on a new adventure. Thanks for following my blog, too. I love the water theme, inspiring in blue and blueness. Cheers

  11. bholibhali says:

    nice group

  12. MelGreen says:

    hahahaha! My new obsession!

  13. hughiegibson says:

    Thank you for the follow and for the awesome site. I had a great time looking around and enjoy artist communities.

  14. antoinea2014 says:

    Thanks for the follow. Your site was certainly worth the visit. I’ll be checking in from time to time.

  15. Anyuka says:

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. So glad you found it. I will take a look at your work. Thanks again.

  16. Art á Ray says:

    Brrrappp!! I love it!! Great work guys!!

  17. Hello, thank you for the follow. I hope you keep reading and writing.
    Merlene @Merlene’s Memos

  18. love your guys’ stuff here – good shit! thanks for liking me…i lika you guys’ too….looking forward to beautiful collaborations in the near futures..;) tally-hoe

  19. Jacqueline F. Holmes says:

    Thank you for following me. I enjoy the freedu om we have to express ourselves and also helping others to get their message out…..thank you for expressing who you are and what you do

  20. Jacqueline F. Holmes says:

    Thank you for following me. I enjoy the freedom we have to express ourselves and also helping others to get their message out…..thank you for expressing who you are and what you do

  21. greattriad says:

    Don’t look at the finger, or you’ll miss all of the heavenly glory!

  22. morganamos says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I like the flow and layout of yours.

  23. Hi – Some pretty interesting people featured here. I like what Ryan says about the fact that “we are our worst critics” and we can be anything we choose to be. Looking forward to checking out you out on your creative journey!

  24. shannonmleia says:

    Nice blog!
    Would love to do some interesting work with you guys!

  25. Thanks so much for following my blog! Love your blog name, as it’s my goal as well. Such an interesting and diverse group of contributors you have. I look forward to following your journey.

  26. I enjoyed reading these bios. It seems like such a fun and creative group of people! Doc G was my favorite — how could it not be with that picture! Seriously though, I liked what he said “Life sucks for the most part, but every so often you are granted a moment where things are easy, things are simple. Enjoy that moment, it’s what everyone in this world is chasing.” Here’s to the moment – cheers!

  27. charlypriest says:

    What a bunch of interesting people I have encountered.

  28. yellowjac says:

    Plenty here to see Thanks for the following looking forward to seeing more of what you have to offer also. Will

  29. Stacy says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Your bios are a lot of fun. I look forward to coming back to see what’s new.

  30. troycabida says:

    Thank you for following! Followed back! Hope you’re all well!

  31. lpishere says:

    I like that you guys come from a variety of backgrounds. Look forward to reading your posts!

  32. Kathleen Bell says:

    Hi! Happy you checked out my blog, so that I could hop on over and check out yours too! Loved reading all the Bios! Lots of groovy type of fun going on here! :-) Looking forward to reading more. Have a blessed week!
    Peace Kathleen Bell

  33. lauraandkids says:

    Greetings, thanks for the follow! I enjoyed checking out some of your reads. I look forward to more.

  34. vonchris says:

    Thanks for the follow. Good idea opening your blog up to others. Lots of fun stuff here.

  35. Thanks for the follow … Look forward to reading more about you.

  36. tanyafyfe says:

    Thanks for the follow. You guys look as crazy as me. Maybe not. But our little dog, UB, is a skilled Ninja warrior. At least, that’s what he tells me :)

  37. Love the introductions! Especially like Sam I Am quote at the bottom….it’s one of my favourites:-)

  38. global.26 says:

    You guys are amazing! I love reading your posts.

  39. This blog seems very interesting and I’m looking forward to the follow.

  40. Amrita says:

    Thank you so much for the follow! Your blog is actually really awesome. I’ll definitely be back from time to time to check in!

  41. thanks for following my journey. love you site!

  42. Really interesting blog, it’s so important to have places like this where people can show their ideas! thanks for the job and thanks for the follow! ;)

  43. Hi BLW, thanks for introducing yourselves by following my site. We wish you the best of luck with yours!

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