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Happy National Lemon Juice Day – Benefits of Lemon Juice



Health Benefits of Lemon

Various health benefits of lemon are explained below:

Indigestion and Constipation: Lemon juice helps to cure problems related to indigestion and constipation. Add a few drops of lemon on your dish (take care, as lemon does not go well with milk), and it will aid in digestion.

Fever: Lemon juice can treat a person who is suffering from a cold, flu or fever. It helps to break fevers by increasing perspiration.

Dental Care: Lemon juice is also frequently used in dental care. If fresh lemon juice is applied on the area of a toothache, it can assist in getting rid of the pain.

Weight Loss: If a person drinks lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey, it can help reduce body weight.

Respiratory Disorders: Lemon juice assists in relieving respiratory problems and breathing problems, such as its ability to soothe a person suffering from an asthma attack. Lemon, as a rich rich source of vitamin C, helps in dealing with more long-term respiratory disorders.

Skin Care: Lemon juice, being a natural antiseptic medicine, can also cure problems related to the skin. Lemon juice can be applied to reduce the pain of sun burn, and it helps to ease the pain from bee stings as well. Lemon juice can be applied on the skin for the treatment of acne and eczema. It acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads. Drinking lemon juice mixed with water and honey brings a healthy glow to the skin.

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Money on my Mind – (Investing) Differences between an IRA, Roth IRA vs 401K – Pros & Cons and Tax Benefits

This is a video describe what an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is. We cover the basics of a Roth IRA a traditional IRA and a 401k plan. In this video we go over the pros and cons of a roth ira and a traditional ira and compare them to each other. We explain the tax benefits or tax savings that can be taken advantage of by investing in an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

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Moviation of Week – Never Give Up on your Dreams (Nate Boyer) – The Long Shot (SC Feature)


Former Green Beret and Texas Longhorns walk-on Nate Boyer is aiming to secure a long-term future as a long-snapper with the Seattle Seahawks.

True Detective – Episode 8 (Season Finale) Omega Station – Time is a flat circle




True Detective – Episode 8 (Season Finale) Omega Station

Spoiler Alert – Everything is ending. Time to wake up. – Frank

I’m not going to hide it but I am really disappointed in this season finale for Season Two of True Detective. I am defiently having mixed feelings about this episode. Personally, I thought this season of TD was quite stellar with the new editions of Colin, Vince, Taylor and Rachel. Along with the new location in Los Angeles and a new crime to solve, it was pretty interesting to watch. Although there were many critics, who thought this season did not match up to the caliber of last season of True Detective. TD had it’s up and downs but it manage to bounce back before the season ending. The episode before this was a good one even though we had to watch the heroic Woodrugh go out in a tough way. I guess going into the last episode of True Detective, I was hoping for a better ending for the rest of the cast but I guess the writers wanted to keep it real and show you what would have really happened and not some Hollywood bullshit ending.

I’m not going to go into detail in what happened during the season finale because I want the rest of the readers to make a judgement call themselves if they like the ending of True Detective this season but I think you’re smart enough to know that a lot of the characters didn’t make it out of this episode. I loved the whole episode all the way up til the last thirty minutes, then it became all to predictable. Ray had to say goodbye to his son even though he didn’t have any time to waste, which lead to his death and Frank trying to tie up loose ends trying to get away from his gangsta past but it finally caught up with him with the cartel, stabbing him leaving there to walk the desert like some sorta of atonement for his sins. Then you got Ani, who she finally met someone as fucked up as herself but it is taken away from her immediately. Leaving her with Frank’s widow in some foreign country telling their stories to a reporter, hoping for some justice.

But I get it.

This world is fucked up with bad people doing bad things, which good people don’t get the justice they deserve. But fuck man, sometimes I’m just a sucka for a story book ending.


Don’t get me wrong, I love stories where the hero or the anti-hero doesn’t make it in the end, but I was hoping and pulling for Ray and Frank to get out of the shit storm they were dealing with this season. It was just so anti-climatic the way they went out in the end, but I guess we never envision how it would really go down in the end. As Frank tells Ray, “Did you ever picture your life going this way?”

I might have to watch again but right now I’m feeling a bit let down. Regardless, I still think this season of True Detective as a whole was terrific with amazing acting and great storylines. Colin Ferrell is never bad in anything he does, Taylor Kitsch performance was great showing all of us why he’s more than a pretty face just like Rachel McAdams, which I think she finally shed that funny cute girl persona that we all know her from with this gritty performance this season. But I think the best performance this season, has to go to Vince Vaughn, which he absolutely killed it after his slow start during the season, he came out strong in the end. We saw him thriving on top of the mountain, only to be thrown back to the bottom with the wolves but he showed us why he was on top of the mountain in the first place. I loved seeing Vince in funny movie roles but I can’t wait to see him in more serious roles because he has the acting chops to do so.

I guess in the end the critics where right. This second season of True Detective would not live up to expectations to the first season. But the first season of TD was so amazing, just trying to attempt another season of that caliber is insane and ballsy. As Norman Vincent Peale, the author of Positive Thinking, eloquently puts it,

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Is that much better than being down here with the mortals? At least up there, you’ll live forever. Congrats to the writers and cast members of True Detective for a wonderful season. RIP Ray and Frank, I hope they are sharing a bar booth together in hell or heaven with that depressing bar singer, drinking shitty beer and Black Label goodness.

Fu’s Observations:

  • Who had a better fucked up story? Ani’s weird cabin abduction with uncle creepy or Ray’s I shot the wrong dude story. Also, was this foreplay or high-level awkwardness after motel sex.
  • Frank had a touching scene with his wife at the train station, but throwing the big ass rock was insane.
  • “You can’t act for shit.” Frank’s wife – You bite your tongue woman before he motor boats the shit out of you
  • Vince Vaughn I believe had the best lines this season besides Colin Ferrell. Also, he had the most guns. All those guns and he used like two in the cabin scene. “Never lay down for anyone.”
  • Great short scene with Frank and Ani as Frank thinks Ani is a cop: “What gave me way? My Tits?”
  • Ray shows love for Frank as Ani asks about his gangsta buddy: “He’s actually a good guy.”
  • Did Ray’s son try to trade his father’s badge in that game of Life?
  • Damn it I can’t believe that ginger bastard is not Carrot Top’s son!
  • If you found Ray’s phone, would you delete the message or send it. I think it would have been dope if you were high as shit listening to Ray rambling on being lost in his life.
  • Woodrugh gets a highway named out of him, so his widow can look at it crying every time she drives over to collect her welfare checks.
  • Ani is going to be a great mom. She’s going to teach his son the Art of the Bushido and how kill a man under three minutes.
  • The sprawl of Los Angeles made me fall in love with this fucked up city again, even though I would leave in a drop of hat if I had another opportunity but I will always call this fucked up place, home.

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Everyone loves Bacon – Kevin Bacon demands more Nudity


Kevin Bacon demands more male nudity in Hollywood

Kevin Bacon has a bone to pick with you, Hollywood. Male actors are rarely given the opportunity to be gratuitously naked, and it’s not fair. 

But that’s all going to change now with the #FreeTheBacon movement.