“You, Me, and The Internet.” – John D. Aguon



By John D. Aguon @lttlgnt

So much has happened.

SO much has happened since my last entry.

I’ve been on crazy whirlwind, riding up and down life’s proverbial roller coaster. I love it though. I owe a lot to the masses. Seeing all of your updates. Sally got a new job. Bob got married.  There are People moving on up, even some of you to the east side. Seriously though, I owe a lot to the lives people broadcast online. For some reason I tune in. I see all of your success whether it is exaggerated or not. It fuels my gas guzzling fire! Well, I’ve been on the opposite side of the spectrum. John can’t afford rent. John needs a job. John could be a massive failure.

It was a dark place.


Very dark and I owe it to the Internet.

What are we doing?  Sometimes I wonder what my life would be without the World Wide Web, constantly updating my every move. Trying to live up to the Facebook standard of living. Don’t get me wrong; I’m the first to admit that I LOVE broadcasting my whereabouts. The Burger joint I claimed to have found. The hike or if you’re going up Runyon, the gradual uphill walk I conquered. You can’t forget the infamous “ I took a picture with a celebrity, and we’re now best friends” Photo.


But, the other day I realized something. I was having just a normal bad day, with a normal headache with a side of normal laziness, when I pulled out my iPhone and started scrolling through my photos. I found a sick picture from a few weeks back, of an awesome time I had with some friends, and of course with a flattering angle (you know high angle make you look skinnier). I filtered the picture, typed in some positive caption and went on to live my normal bad day.

Soon enough.

Blah blah blah, “likes your photo.”

So and so, “likes your photo.”

Finally, I realized. No one REALLY knew how I was living my life. No one knew that I lost my apartment, I lost my job, and I lost my dignity.


Once again, I owe that to the Internet.

But, it’s not all a shit storm. It propelled me to actually living the life I project for everyone to see. I hit the pavement. I got on my feet again and found an incredible apartment and I’m now working for a place where I can say my career can finally grow.

I have to say; there is a light that Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites shines. Seriously though, throughout my life I’ve met some interesting people and rather than drifting apart through the distance and the years, Its pretty awesome to know that there’s a place where I can see little glimpses of your daily lives, triumphs, and families.

I appreciate you all.

I owe it to the Internet.

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Thom Yorke was Abducted by Aliens, Seriously. By John D. Aguon


Thom Yorke was Abducted by Aliens, Seriously.

By John D. Aguon @lttlgnt

If you’re a jackass please don’t read this.

Okay, the other day I had some time to talk to my cousin and after a long back and forth conversation about whether or not Thom Yorke from Radiohead was abducted by aliens (for the record, he had me at Thom Yorke) and after glimpsing at Radiohead’s ethereal Discography (Body Snatchers, Stop Whispering, Paranoid Android, Treefingers), it makes perfect sense: Thom Yorke was indeed abducted by aliens. There’s no doubt about it, the guy is somehow harnessing some hard to explain abduct-ish experiences and writing them down the only way he knows how to explain it: Music.  Take a look at lyrics from the song “Stop Whispering”

 And the wise man said “I don’t want to hear your voice”

And the thin man said “I don’t want to hear your voice” 

And they’re cursing me

And they won’t let me be 

There’s nothing to say 

And there’s nothing to do 

Stop whispering, start shouting 

Stop whispering, start shouting 

And my mother say “We don’t love you son some more” 

And the buildings say “Let me spit on your face some more”

And the feeling is 

That there’s something wrong 

‘Cause I can’t find the words 

And I can’t find the song

Stop whispering, start shouting 

Stop whispering, start shouting 

Dear Sir, “I have a complaint” 

Dear Sir, “I have a complaint”

”Can’t remember what it is 

“That’s why I’m here”


I may be thinking way deep into this, but can we agree that this isn’t some song about some asshole boss he hated? These lyrics have ABDUCTION written (pun intended) all over it!!! It makes perfect sense, how many times has a “building” “spit on your face some more”? Uh, ZERO!! You’re probably thinking, John, there are tons of people who’ve said they’ve “saw the bright white light” and they just prove to be crazy. Let me make this simple, not everyone is created equally, there have been countless incidents where some fat sweaty dude from New Mexico named Skeeter, has claimed to be abducted and just made a mockery of himself, that dude is definitely a Martian mistake. There’s a good chance that that Skeeter is on the Alien’s list of “PLEASE NEVER ABDUCT EVER AGAIN”. Then, on the flipside they abduct shear brilliance like Thome Yorke and use him to study the creative side of our Human Race, because believe me they are doing their research. Just take a listen to a few Radiohead albums and I’m sure you’ll find some validation in this theory.


Check out Radiohead’s iTunes App –  PolyFauna

screen-shot-2012-11-22-at-7-04-49-pm simpsons-treehouseofhorror_1215475789

Let’s take a look at four other celebrities that MUST have been abducted by Aliens.

Lady Gaga


Okay, Lady Gaga was definitely abducted by aliens. Let’s just say she’s trying really hard to prove it. She may the one of the few Humans that has embraced the abduction. Before she was Gaga, she was Stephanie. Now, the Gagz has done everything from get escorted down the red carpet in an Alien Egg/Pod to flat out giving birth to her little “monsters” in her Born this Way music video.

Check our article Lady Gaga performing in SPACE!!!!!

We get it, Lady Gaga you’re different.

Fun Fact: Gaga in my native language of Chamorro, translates to INSECT!!




I truly think that aliens have abducted Mix Martial Artist Georges St. Pierre when he was born and injected with some sort of serum of human perfection, because this dude is perfect. I say this with the most heterosexual intentions, but look at him, he looks like he was drawn by a bunch of Alien Artists and handed over to Alien engineers, which in turn gave him the optimum fighting skills, strength and speed. They even gave him the ability to speak French, arguably Earth’s most romantic language; just so that he can have his way with whatever woman he wanted, just to spread his Alien sperm all over the world. If that’s not enough to believe he was abducted, check out GSP’s very own abduction story in the link below!



Sam Cassell


I think they made Sam with the intentions to mix both the human race and alien race. I’ll just go ahead say that Sam was some fuck up alien’s not so brilliant experiments.


Richard Branson


If you don’t know, Richard Branson is the man responsible for the Airline Juggernaut that is VIRGIN. He’s also the man responsible for obsessively trying to take the Human Race in to space with VIRGIN GALACTIC. (http://money.cnn.com/2014/02/11/technology/innovation/virgin-galactic)  I’m going out on a limb to say that this guy is not a stranger to the place beyond the clouds, and he wants to bring a few friends up there with him. Set to depart this year, Branson and Co. which includes, Gaga, Leonardo Dicaprio, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, will make their earthly presence, up there in space, I won’t be surprised if a few UFO’s will be up there meeting them.

Remember ET? All he wanted to do was find his way home


There HAS to be more abductees, so tell us whom YOU think has been abducted in the comments section!


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“Her” and our Self-Loathing Society Review by John D. Aguon


“Her” and our Self-Loathing Society


By John D. Aguon @lttlgnt

If you’re a jackass, please don’t read this. So a couple of nights ago, I took date night with my girlfriend to the cinema and saw Spike Jonze’s “Her”. I can’t help but find the irony, in that I took my girlfriend to see a movie about a man who falls in love with his OS (Operating System). Although the story could sound ridiculous to those anti-technology cynics, it’s hard not to imagine a world that seems not so farfetched. I’m going to admit, that if I had one of those pretentious Oscar votes, this would be my favorite film of the year by far! Also, If you’re not a fan of Joaquin Phoenix, I’m going to predict you’re going to slap the “I don’t like Joaquin Phoenix” version of yourself, the minute you walk out this film. Phoenix plays the hopeless Theodore Twombly, a writer who makes a living creating letters for other people who pay for personalized poetry and not too long after Jonze sets up Twombly to be so heartbroken after a recent divorce, the lonely Twombly buys his future girlfriend in the form of an OS charmingly names herself Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).


Now what if it were that easy? What if you were so alone that you needed someone to talk to and voila, $369 (+tax) and a $99 startup fee you have the future Mr or Mrs. You?! Let’s say your OS would be designed to your every need and you were completely happy with it, what would be so wrong with it? It doesn’t have to be romantic, it could be platonic, what would be so wrong? Here’s the deal, an OS so intuitive that it could tell when you’re having a bad day wouldn’t be so bad for you….but for your relationships, something like that would be basically death.


Let’s face it, I think I’m on my phone about twenty percent of the day…okay forty percent. Whether it’s googling the most googled words of 2013 , checking out if Peyton Manning scored enough points in my fantasy football league ( we all know he scores more than enough), or even instagramming some McDonalds. But I’m not alone here, and you know it. Our phones went from being connected to the wall to being connected to our hands in the matter of just fifteen years.


So, the future is coming and It won’t be long until we will be living alternate lives with our OS in whatever area has a good WiFi signal (Shout out to all the shitty starbucks wifi nationwide) It won’t be long for us to be bumping into one another because our heads our fixated facing down to our ultra-bright iPhone screens. Then soon after, life on earth would be a bunch of people walking around with virtual helmets that simulate whatever we want to imagine our world to look, smell, and feel like. The use of physical touch would be so obsolete and intricacies of conversations with another person would be mere fables.

As depressing as this sounds, artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and were seeing the tip of already with Siri. As brilliant as “Her” was, and I mean really brilliant, the film slapped me with a hard look at the reality of our self-loathing society. With technology growing to acclimate to your personal needs, were losing touch of what’s in front of us, the real emotions that make life worth living, not just your pseudo-life we live on Facebook.


With that being said, “Her” is an incredible film! It’s not just a film about a guy falling in love with his computer. It’s about the relationships we have in our lives. The performances are exceptional, with Joaquin Phoenix being my front runner for the best Actor award and Johansson really deserves some recognition, despite not showing her sexy self once on screen.  It’s extremely insightful and thought provoking. The visual aspect is amazing, as Jonze uses every aspect of film, from the music (scored by the eccentric Arcade Fire), to the colors, to the editing, and he places you in a futuristic world that seems just so introverted, so easy, so…human.


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