Weekend Inspiration – 2014 ESPYS Stuart Scott’s – Jimmy V’s Perseverance Award (Never Give Up)

Full speech & presentation of Stuart Scott receiving the 2014 Jimmy V Perseverance Award.

In this feature, he shares his emotional battle with cancer and follows Jimmy V’s motto to never give up.

Stuart was diagnosed with appendiceal cancer in 2007 and then it came back two years later. Currently, he is still undergoing treatment. He was hospitalized in the last 10 days. 7 day stay in the hospital due to liver complications and kidney failure and 4 surgeries in 7 days. Until a few day’s ago his future was uncertain…

During Stuart’s speech, he talked about living life to the fullest while you’re alive. He also said that it’s about leaning on others for help and not just fighting the battle alone. Stuart even brought his youngest daughter on stage to give her a hug, it was incredibly moving.

What a truly and powerful speech delivered at the 2014 Espy’s.
Show’s us all what is possible even in the face of death!

Don’t Give Up…Don’t Ever Give Up with DVD: The Inspiration of Jimmy V–One Coach, 11 Minutes, and an Uncommon Look at the Game of Life

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Leader of the Pack (Business Philosophy) – Reasons Why you will never do anything Amazing with your Life



Because You Have Not Failed Enough

Because you are comfortable in your mediocrity; because you choose not to try.

Because you think everything is too hard or too complicated so you will just “sit this one out”, or maybe you’ll, “do-it-tomorrow”!

Because you hate your job but won’t get a new one; because it is easy to reject rejection.

Because while you’re sitting around failing to try, I am out there trying to fail, challenging myself, learning new things and failing as fast as possible.

Because as I fail, I learn, and then adjust my course to make sure my path is always forward. Like the process of annealing steel, I’ve been through the fire and pounded into shape. The shape of a sword with polished edges and a razor sharp blade that will cut you in half if you are not equally hardened.

Because You Care What Others Think About You

Because you have to fit in.

Because you believe that being different is only cool if you’re different in the same way that other people are different.

Because you are afraid to embrace your true self for fear of how the world will see you. You think that because you judge others, this means that those people must, in-turn, be judging you.

Because while you’re out spending your money on new outfits, new cars, overpriced meals or nights at the bar, I’ll be investing in myself. And while you try to fit in with the world I’ll make the world fit in with me.

Because You Think You Are Smarter Than You Are

Because you did what everyone else did; you studied what they studied and read what they read.

Because while you were away at college, I was studying life; because instead of learning about the world in a classroom I went out and learned it by living.

Because I know more than any piece of paper you could ever frame from a university. Because smart is not what you learn, it’s how you live.

Because I could pass your tests if I had to, but you couldn’t stand for a single second in the face of the tests that life has thrown me. Tests that are not graded on a bell curve or by percentages; tests that are graded by one simple stipulation: survival!

Because You Don’t Read

Because you read the things you are required to read or nothing at all.

Because you think history is boring and philosophy is stupid.

Because you refuse to acknowledge that all the power in the world comes from the words of those that lived before us. That anything you desire can be had by searching through the multitude of words that are available to us now more abundantly than ever before.

Because You Lack Curiosity

Because you are unwilling to ask this simple question… “What if it’s all a lie?”, and accept the possibility that maybe it is; that just maybe, the methods of mass media are under direct orders to: keep you distracted.

Because you call me a know-it-all but refuse to call yourself a know-nothing-at-all.

Because while you’re busy playing Candy Crush, or Megalopolis, I am reading about string theory and quantum mechanics.

Because if we were to go heads-up in a debate, I would crush you. I would make it a point to defeat my own argument; from every imaginable angle; in order to understand everything you might be able to use against me.

Because I would dedicate myself to understanding both sides of the argument so thoroughly that I could argue your side for you and win; even after having just handed you a defeat in the same debate.

Because You Don’t Ask Enough Questions

Because you do not question authority.

Because you don’t question yourself.

Because you don’t understand the power of properly placed questioning in life, respectful disagreements and standing up for what you know to be right in the face of someone telling you otherwise. Unable to question reality; stuck in a self imposed survival strategy within a matrix-style monotony.

Because I know that you will give me all the information I need to destroy you by letting you talk.

Because I study human behaviors and you ignore everyone but yourself.

Because I watch how you say the things you say just as closely as I listen to what you say; and you say way too much!

Because I study the premise of your argument and destroy it from the ground level before you even get a chance to establish your ideas.

Because You Can’t Handle The Truth

Because you refuse to admit that you don’t even know the things you don’t know.

Because even if I told you everything could be different tomorrow you would wait until then to begin doing anything about it.

Because even when you think I’m not, I’m aware of my surroundings.

Because you think that since I have not acknowledged you, it means that I have not seen you.

Because, you walk around with your head up your ass, oblivious to the world around you. Blissfully ignorant of the reality that sits so close to your face that if you stuck your tongue out, just once, you would taste it and realize how delicious the truth actually is.

Because you would become an instant addict. Unable to pull yourself from the teat of truth. Finally able to understand your lack of understanding, and then you would see; then you would know that the only thing holding you back from doing something truly amazing, is you.

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Not Everything is in a book or on the Internet – There’s a whole World out there, Explore it! (Good Will Hunting) RIP Robin Williams

Good Will Hunting (Miramax Collector’s Series)

Leader of the Pack (Business Philosophy) Always keep moving Fowards



Donald Sterling – Let it go Dude (New Chick & Sale Block of the Clippers)


WPTV Donald Sterling_1399029163809_4327231_ver1.0_640_480

Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Don’t get me wrong; I’m tired of hearing the drama with Donald Sterling with the Los Angeles Clippers as he tries to block the sale for his beloved team. Last Friday, I spotted him with a new squeeze named Raven Bay at the Grove shopping and having a good time with friends.


As everyone knows his world got rocked when his old mistress V. Stiviano sent a recorded conversation about how racists he is earlier this year. I tired to find more information about his new chick but ended up finding a porn star, which I was glad about because it was probably more entertaining than finding out who she really is.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen this multi-millionaire, soon to be billionaire at the Grove. I was dumbfounded again seeing him at the Grove trying to blend in and try to be a normal person. For a guy, who can buy and do anything, I was amazed how he still wants to be a part of society even though he wants everything racially separate. Also, I’m not sure what’s the message behind having a new black girlfriend, I mean does he want us to forget that he is a full-time racist or does he want us to believe that he is just a part-time racists.


In any case, watching the man trying to be normal, I learned no matter how much money you’re worth, you still want to do the normal things like go to the mall and eat ice cream. Also, money does not fix all your problems as Sterling’s petition to block the Los Angeles Clippers got rejected by the court. As the late great MC, The Notorious B.I.G would say, “mo money mo problems.”

I wish someone would just tell him, “Just let it go.” But I guess it’s a lot harder when you can afford to buy anything in this world. The word, “No,” would sound foreign to a man, who can buy anything. But I think he’s starting to realize that money can’t fix everything and sometimes no matter how much money you got, there are a few things in this life you can’t purchase such as grace, respect, and more importantly love.

Hopefully, when I get as wealthy as he is, I won’t turn into a huge douchebag but if I do, I would own up to it by being the biggest douchebag. If you can take one lesson from this Sterling story, then it would be his not caring about what people think about him as he continues to live his life however he chooses. We should all live life to the fullest regardless of what people might think because in the end, the only opinion that matters the most is yours.

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Leader of the Pack (Business Philosophy) Talent vs Hardwork


Halt and Catch Fire – 1984 (We are the Future)



Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

First off, it wasn’t the greatest season finale I’ve ever seen in my life but it was still good after a season of highs and lows of Halt and Catch Fire. They finally got want they wanted but they paid the price for it as they lost a few team members, most notably Cameron as she leaves Cardiff Electric to open her own company. But at least they created something, which Gordon is totally happy about but I’m not sure Joe is content about their creation as we see his destructive nature in this episode. I’m not sure if the title was just coincidental or the story just happened in the 80’s but you can interpret the episode was about George Orwell‘s 1984, in which the government is trying to control everyone’s future by fear and control. But just like in his classic novel people are bound to rise up because you can’t stop the future as we see in this episode.


I loved the opening scene with Donna and Gordon as they are still dealing with the fallout of Donna’s choices. By far the best acting was from these two as success can solve a married couple’s problem momentarily as they finally see the fruits of their labour from what they created as Gordon gets a piece of the company, a brand new car with a new suit and a shave. But Gordon still doesn’t trust Joe which he shouldn’t as we find out later in episode, so he and Donna hatch a plan out to control Joe but he didn’t even have do it because Joe was going to go with Gordon’s plan because he had no other options because he’s not a creator.

Halt and Catch Fire-1984_0

Donna and Gordon finally see success but is it enough to save their marriage or their souls. Donna happily quits her job at Texas Instruments and just gets high eating Oreos at her house, being bored out of her mind. After a car jack scare, she starts to realize she wants to do more with her life as she joins Cameron’s new company, The Mutiny. Gordon is feeling the emptiness after all his success as we see him in the board table with his lackeys trying to figure out what’s next?

Joe MacMillan is unfortunately in the same position he was in the beginning of the series, which he is still lost and looking for answers. Everyone around him has progress so much but he has not as Cameron bluntly tells him,


“You’re not the future. You’re a footnote. An echo. You’re still that little boy that was thrown off the roof by your mom. Just wasted potential.”

This was the first time Joe didn’t have a snappy comeback because he realized she was totally right about everything. This leads him to question his own existence and question what he actually did in the projection. Which lead him to do what he does best, which is destroying the things he creates as he lights the Cardiff Electric trunk on fire filled with the Giant. In the last scene, we see Joe go on a spiritual adventure trying to figure out who he is or maybe he is still trying to find his estranged mother but either way I can’t wait for season two when he makes his comeback because this can’t be the end of the story for this strong-willed character.

Speaking of a strong-willed character, Cameron Howe shows that she could be a great leader as she starts her own company, The Mutiny with former coders from Cardiff Electric. Her character has a great arch from a person, who had know idea what she wanted to do with her life into a person, who has the vision of the future and now is in charge of people as well as her own future. I just believe the speech from her former boss, Bosworth, just stuck with her as he put people with the money are going to take credit for the future but the credit goes to the people who actually created it. They can’t stop the future. You can see Cameron is done with people telling her what to do in her great speech to her new crew,


“A lot of people want us to fail because we are the future.”

Just like the Cameron, Halt and Catch Fire proved to it’s early doubters that this show can live up to it’s potential. I personally loved watching the series but then again I’m a nerd, so I would basically watching anything, where the characters talked about code all day. Regardless of that I can’t wait for the next season of HCF and I hope this series inspired a few people to create their own “Giant” or start their own “Mutiny,” because potential is finite and the future is coming fast, in which you can’t stop. You either be a part of it or get the fuck out of the way!!!


Fu’s Observations:

  • What happened to the Slingshot? Scrapped for parts. Also, is Bosworth still in jail?
  • VHS – Hahahaha, remember those?
  • I still like Gordon’s Pinto but the Porsche is cool as well. Did he just buy Joe’s Porsche because Joe is riding in a raggy truck now? Also, I loved the decorder ring scene but I wanted Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds to walk in and scream, “Nnneeerrrdddsss!”
  • I just noticed how Cardiff Electric’s secretary is pretty cute…
  • I don’t like Gordon without his facial hair. His beard was his power aka his Giant. I guess I just miss my beard.
  • Best line in the episode: What is Joe’s Kryptonite? Donna: “Casual wear?”
  • I totally agree that Joe deserved that ass kicking speech from Cameron but she took it too far with the mom comment. Hell has no fury from a girl that looks like Mary Stuart Masterson from Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Apple still wins in the end.


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