Poetry Mondays – Meta Me by Ryan Fu



When did the online

version of me

become better than

the real me.

There’s something wrong

with the world 

when people want to hang out 

via Skype.

Where we spend half our lives

looking at nugget porn


grumpy cats

watching untalented people

making a fool of themselves

to extend their 15 mins of whoring.

Don’t I have enough pixels,

aren’t I better than HD quality? 

Didn’t I receive enough 

likes on my page?

How many followers do you need

to be consider someone to like? 

Fuck your LEFT


RIGHT swipe

The Oracle was right 

we’re all trapped 

in cyber purgatory 

permanently signed on

for whole world to judge

as our footsteps gets traced,




without us even knowing


consenting to it.

Building a case

that the real you



      the virtual you 

is much better

because they can

     control you.




the real me

will disappear 

into Matrix

leaving behind 

my digital footprint


my Google searches

for Carrot Top.




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This is the first move you learn in level 1 (fight like a girl) of my women’s self defense class based on rape escape. My certification was obtained from Defend University by my instructor steve kardian. Hope you all enjoy, and look for similar self defense classes in your area. 

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Artsy Fartsy – Artist Kashmir short Interview by Manic Instinct (BLW Contributor)



Have you seen these dope paintings around? Well Meet Kashmir “Kashius Clay”.  A 25 year old artist who’s creativity holds originally and perseverance. Popular in her home town of Cleveland Ohio and in ATL, I got the  chance to talk with the extraordinary artist about her beautiful art work and where her passion comes from. Some of her art captures some of our favorite television shows of all time, some showcase’s the world’s most talked about topics, her art speaks volumes, if you listen and  look very closely.  Kashmir’s style is one that can’t be defined, simply a great artist… who’s work is timeless.

Read as she tells her Love of “Art”:

Tell me a little about yourself, When did you discover your creativity for panting?
Well I’m a 25 year old artist originally from Cleveland but currently residing in ATL. I’ve always had a love for art and drawing but I didn’t  really get into painting until about two years ago. Before then I was mostly using pencil/charcoal for my creations. but even as young as4-5 I knew art was my passion. I attended the Cleveland school of Arts for middle school and high school. I Love all types of art but painting is fairly recent for me.


Where did you get your inspiration to paint these beautiful portraits from, When did the love and passion for art kick it?

 I get my inspiration from music and culture mostly. I’m influenced by my experiences as a black girl/woman, the music I listen to, the shows I watch, even clothes I wear. they all inspire me. Painting is a way for me to tell people what I like and what I go through in a visual way instead of a verbal way. So when  you  look at my art you see all the makings of me. My love and passion for art really kicked in at about 14 with graphic design. I got serious with drawing and traditional art around 17-18.

What makes your art work stand out amongst others? 

I think what makes my work stand out from others is  the fact that I don’t really have a specific style that I paint in. Some of my work is really detailed and realistic. Some of my paintings lack detail and use bold shaped and colors instead, and some of my art is very cartoonish and sketchy. I like being able to create different looks without being bound to a certain style and look.

Where  Can people purchase your Art work?

People can see my current available inventory and purchase at KashmirVill.bigcartel.com and can see more art(not necessarily for sale) at visualheartist.com

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