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Leader of the Pack (Business Philosophy) Adapt or Die



Halt and Catch Fire – Up Helly Aa (Survival of the Fittest)


Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Another great episode of Halt and Catch Fire with its amazing acting and story lines leading to fantastic season ending finale next week. “Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that originated in evolutionary theory as an alternative way of describing the mechanism of natural selection. It is more commonly used today in other contexts, to refer to a supposed greater probability that “fit” as opposed to “unfit” individuals will survive some test. Charles Darwin thought survival of the fittest expressed in mechanical terms, is that which Mr. Darwin has called ‘natural selection’, or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.” This is the case of tonight’s episode, as the characters have to make a decision if they want to compete with its competitors, in which they have to adapt or die.


The Cardiff finally makes it to Las Vegas to Comdex after a long car ride, where Joe tells a weird story about how a bunch of Vikings would build a bunch of boats then have a festival to light them on fire, which will make perfect sense in the end of the episode. At Comdex they find out they don’t have a room to stay at or a booth to show their projection, but they’ve come to far to fail. They find a room and find a booth, which Cameron makes a cool marketing art projection to generate buzz for The Giant. Everything seems like its going Cardiff’s way but nothing is easy in this world, especially for the things you want the most.


As Donna’s former boss, Hunt with their neighbor, Brain, unveils a faster and cheaper version of The Giant, calling it the Slingshot. A reference to the Greek mythology if David and Goliath. In his speech to the crowd as well as the Cardiff team that it doesn’t matter how big or fast it is, it only matters who strikes first. Donna goes Jerry Springer on Hunt, leading Gordon to believe that she had an affair with him.

One of the best scene of the episode with great acting on both sides with Gordon trying to figure out if Donna cheated on him but more importantly if she told him how to build The Giant. Donna fires right back with Gordon’s accusations telling him she should have have cheated on with Hunt because at least she would’ve felt alive because she has been feeling neglected because Gordon has spent so much time creating The Giant. A great scene about two people, who invested so much of their lives for a project that potentially can change their lives for the better. But the team has to decide if they want still want to compete or try to stand out with its competitors.

Adapt or Die.

Gordon re-configures The Giant taking out Cameron’s Operation System making if faster and cheaper than The Slingshot. Cameron desperately wants Joe to put back the OS because she feels like it’s just other machine without any uniqueness or soul but Joe knows that they are dead in the water if they don’t compete with The Slingshot. Gordon and Joe show up at their both with the “soulless Giant,” telling the crowd that its faster and cheaper than The Slingshot but more importantly it will do what you asks it to do because it’s just a machine, it’s not your friend, but your employee.

The speech wins the crowd over which leads them to potential buyers for The Giant but the Cardiff team minus Cameron, felt empty after their small victory at Comdex. You get the sense that they reached their goal by showing their invention to the world but did they really show everything they got? What I mean was their goal just to sell a portable computer or change the world?


In Joe’s speech at Comdex he tells the crowd that the computer is just a machine, it’s just something you use and it’s not your friend. But at the end of the episode Joe goes into a crowded hotel room with a bunch of people watching the unveiling of the new Apple computer, which it looked like a scene from Frankenstein as we see the computer power up and amazingly talks to the crowd. Everyone is astonished including Joe, uttering to member of the crowd, “It talks?”

I feel like Joe made a mistake in taking out Cameron’s OS because it was they’re big chance to show people that computer’s could be so much more than machines but I also understand it was for the good of the team. Joe and Gordon had to adapt because their lives are on the line. Pablo Picasso once said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” Maybe this is why the Vikings have a festival where they built their beautiful boats only to burn them down. Because they knew like every other artists knows that if you are going to build or create anything you must destroy the old version in order for your creation to blossom.

Fu’s Observations:

  • Old School Las Vegas is so much cooler looking
  • Cameron could have been a Performance Artists with her “Chained up Suit case.”
  • I called it; Comdex is a sex/porn convention for nerds!
  • Cardiff’s party reminded of Tom Hank’s Bachelor Party but they didn’t have a donkey.
  • Windows’ bugginess! Touch screens are a fad! High density floppy discs! They also forgot to mention Pogs.
  • Hunt is poor man version of Joe without the fashion sense.
  • Did I hear right that Cameron stole a piece of the Hoover Dam?!!


Giant (Pressure makes Diamons and weeds out the Timid)

214s (Here’s to the Crazy Ones)

Halt and Catch Fire- 214s (Here’s to the Crazy Ones)



Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward. Maybe they have to be crazy. While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

This was a quote from Apple’s Think Differently ad that was headed by Steve Jobs, one of the most influential and innovate person in the technology field. People thought he was crazy to do things other people weren’t doing at the time but he knew that it was going to be the future. And in this episode of Halt and Catch Fire, we get the feeling that you can’t stop the future. You are either are a part of it or you get left behind in the past. What are you willing to do to be successful or be part of something great? The characters on the show want it so bad they are willing to embezzle, steal and lie in order to succeed, which you can’t blame them. Everyone wants to be seen as a winner one time in his or her lifetime.


John Bosworth is an old-school businessman, who has built Cardiff Electric into regional power. He was happy in his place in the world until Joe came into his world and turned everything upside down. But what really messed him up was the thought of being part of something great like creating the first portable computer aka The Giant. At first, he could care less if the team actually created the machine but after seeing the potential of the project, he is absolutely on board now. He is willing to have his marriage crumble and he is willing to sell his own house to complete this project. In this episode, we find Bosworth is “all in”, with the project as we find out that he and Cameron hacked into a national bank to embezzle money to keep the company afloat while creating The Giant. Bosworth is willing to go to jail because he believes in the future, just like Gordon.


Gordon looks like he’s back in a good place ever since last week’s episode, where he was falling apart because of the pressures he was dealing with to create this great invention. After listening to a couple of self help tapes, he is back to his confident self again even after learning he wasn’t going to Comdex, he is still resolute about going to Comdex especially when the FBI shows up to arrest John Bosworth for embezzling money and shuts down the office. Gordon goes back later that night to steal back his property because he’s is a man with a plan and he’s going to go through with it regardless if everyone thinks he’s crazy including his wife. He’s doing this for the best interest of his family, unlike Joe, who is only doing it to prove to his father that he can succeed without his help.

After hearing that Bosworth embezzled because the company ran out of money and learning that IBM is also creating a portable computer he decides to face his father for answers. This time his father tells him the truth about IBM’s computer along with the reasons why his father took his mom out of his life. Joe’s dad thought it was in his best interest that he shouldn’t be around his mom because she was lost. Joe’s dad even tells him that he’s more like him, which I totally agree with because they’re both assholes that are willing to step over body after body to complete their goals. I did love Joe’s dad speech about being a “dreamer” is all about hardwork. His dad’s pitch sold Joe in coming back to IBM to lead the portable computer program, turning his back to the people who made his dream into a reality. Joe is willing to turn his back to his friends in order see this creation come to life, which is kinda sleazy but I totally understand, it’s the future.


Thankfully, Gordon was ballsy enough to stop Joe in his tracks giving him a motivating speech that they have to go to Comdex to prove people wrong and be a part of something great without the help of his father. They sell Joe’s Porsche and head to Comdex into the unknown future.

Fuck! Personally, I think this is exciting television. I didn’t care about what the naysayers said about this show that it isn’t going know where and how the characters weren’t lovable. I had a feeling that the show was going to prove them wrong. To which, how can you not fall in love with the characters now? They are willing to give up their live hoods to chase their dreams. Isn’t that the “American Dream?” I still have to believe if you believe in something and if you work hard enough, all your dreams with come through, but I guess you can call me crazy…


Fu’s Observations:

  • I think Bosworth needs to “Call Saul.” (Sorry for the BB reference)
  • Isn’t office sex just the best? Also, Joe and Cameron are using protection right? Although, them being parents would be a great spin-off show.
  • I totally believe in self-help tapes. No joke, check out and listen to Tony Robbins, it’s a game and life changer.
  • I love the reference when Gordon entered Joe’s crib saying that he already left to only find out that this is how he lives.
  • Comdex sounds like a God damn sex convention for nerds!
  • Joe’s Porsche was cool but I would have loved to ride in Gordon’s orange, reddish Pinto.

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Giant (Pressure makes Diamons and weeds out the Timid)

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?‏ (Science is Awesome)


Genes in sperm may determine why female mammals live longer than males, according to a Japanese study published on Wednesday in Human Reproduction, a European journal.

Tokyo University professor Tomohiro Kono and Manabu Kawahara of Saga University found that female mice produced from genetic material from two mothers, but not from a father, lived significantly longer than mice with the normal mix of maternal and paternal genes.

The “bi-maternal” mice were created by manipulating DNA in mouse eggs, so that the genes behaved like those in sperm.
 Once modified, this material was implanted into unfertilized adult female mice eggs to create embryos.

These mice lived 841.5 days on average — 186 days longer than in control mice born with a normal genetic mix, whose lifespan was 655.5 days.
The longest-lived “bi-maternal” mouse lived for 1,045 days, while the oldest control mouse expired after 996 days.

Another intriguing finding was that the “bi-maternal” mice were lighter and smaller than control mice and seemed to have a stronger immune system.

The big difference could lie in a gene called Rasgrf1, the researchers believe.

The gene, located on Chromosome 9, is associated with post-natal growth. It normally expresses from the paternally inherited chromosome.
“The study may give an answer to the fundamental questions: that is, whether longevity in mammals is controlled by the genome of only one or both parents and, just maybe, why women are an advantage over men with regard to the lifespan,” Kono said.

One theory about longevity is that males have bigger bodies in order to win out in the race for breeding opportunities and thus scatter their genes.

The price for this, though, is a shorter lifespan.
Females, though, do not have to engage in this genetically costly beauty show, and instead optimize their reproductive output by conserving energy for delivering their offspring, nurturing it, foraging for food and avoiding predators.

Credit: Discovery

Epic Fail of the Week – When Cannonballs go Wrong


Halt and Catch Fire – Giant (Pressure makes Diamonds and it weeds out the Timid)



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

I’ve been regularly watching the show Halt and Catch Fire ever since it premiered a while ago but I didn’t want to do a review because I thought it was just an O.K. show. I loved the premise of young up and comers trying to make a difference in the world, which is dominated by the old guard. They want to revolutionize the idea of the computer making it more accessible for everyone not just for the wealthy or for corporations. They see the beauty and vision behind their idea. But do they have the fortitude and courage to accomplish their goals? This is the reason why I decided to write a review about the series because of this great episode coincidentally entitled “Giant” because what they are trying to accomplish is enormous. In this episode as well in real life when people face a huge adversity they either rise to the challenge or fall to the wayside.


Joe MacMillan meets with a former male flame, Simon, to design his computer layout. As Simon tries to explain how the designs have to be much more bolder because they have to be different from it’s competitors. But Gordon, the computer engineer for their invention, thinks it is too much and can’t be done. Which makes Simon subsequently leave the meeting as we can see there is much more at stake than a mobile computer between Joe and Simon. As Simon still has feelings for Joe as he asks about Joe’s new love interest Cameron, a brilliant computer programmer. Joe has to find a new designer in a hurry and meets another one a strip club. They come to terms to a deal then the designer makes derogatory remark about Joe’s sexually, which leads Mr. Bosworth, Joe’s boss, to punch the designer in the face.

Mr. Bosworth is also feeling the pressure in trying to make this invention happen because he realizes that they are starting to run out of money for their projection. He tries to talk to his own boss for own money but gets turned down. Bosworth tries to explain to his boss that innovation takes risk because he is starting to see the project’s vision. He his willing to put up his own house and leave his own wife to make this dream into a reality. In the beginning I thought Mr. Bosworth didn’t really care for the future, but now I think he doesn’t want to be left behind.

Cameron goes to a photo gallery trying to smooth things over with Simon trying to make him come back to do the designs but Simon gives Cameron a rude awakening that Joe will eventually leave her because he gets bored easy. This leads Cameron to get drunk as Joe shows up as well trying to get back Simon’s designs. Joe tries to hard sell him but Simon is too smart for that telling Joe,

“When I met you, you know what I longed for? The day when we would get to work together, when we finally had something that would be worthy.”

“And that thing is an IBM clone?”

But in the end it wasn’t Joe’s smooth tactics or salesmanship that leads to Simon to give up his designs. It was because that Simon is sick and he doesn’t have much time. He wants to give Joe his designs to build something great because he wants to be remembered for creating and being a part of something great.


Meanwhile, Gordon is starting to feel the pressures from this huge task at hand, which his whole family is starting to feel his pressure as well. His own wife doesn’t believe that he has the courage to finish the job causing her to doubt him and their relationship, leading her to make a pass on her own boss at work. Gordon on the other hand is falling apart mentally and physically, cutting himself on his hand and telling tall tales to his kids while he’s drunk, telling a story about a farmer that created a “Giant” then the idea was stolen by P.T. Barnum. Gordon feels like the farmer in the story and he doesn’t want his idea to be ripped off by anyone. This leads him in a crazy dig for the actual “Giant” in his own backyard as his wife unexpectedly showed up after she kinda cheated on him asking what the hell he was doing? Gordon calmly but insanely responds,

“I’m looking for the Giant.”

I’ve read the reviews for Halt and Catch Fire saying the characters are not likeable and there seems to be a feeling like there is not going to be a happy ending for the series, which I totally agree with but how can you say you don’t like the characters now because they are so open and fragile. You want them to succeed because they’ve gone thru horrible shit. Of course, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a happy ending right now but that’s why you continue to watch it because you are pulling for the characters to succeed especially crazy ass Gordon. I love watching and reading about people who are willing to do anything different and creative in order to make something new in the world. But the vision is not enough as the great Bruce Lee eloquently puts it,

‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’

Fu’s Observations –

-       Cameron is a bit of a kleptomaniac.

-       I totally forgot about how being Gay and AIDS were still taboo in the 80s

-       Gordon’s wife, Donna, I’m loving her stripper name Susan Fairchild. I can see her in Strokers.

-       If Gordon actually found the “Giant” what then?

-       I agree with Simon about how the pictures were really boring.

-       How can you possibly get bored with crazy-ass Cameron? She is either raising hell every chance she gets or scaring little children.

-       Does Joe like Cameron because of her boyish looks aka “Dude, looks like a lady.” (See that 80s remark, I try.)

Happy Flashback Friday – Shirts vs Blouses (Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories – Prince)


Be Like Water – The Consciousness of Water (Science is Awesome)



Consciousness has measurable effects on the geometric structure of water crystals. Here are some photos taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto that demonstrate the effects direct states of conscious intention has on the structure of water.

How is water and consciousness tied together and related to humans and plants? One of the original pioneers in water consciousness studies, Dr. Marcel Vogel, determined that when bulk water was in the process of freezing, excess energy is extracted from the water.

At this point, the molecules start to spin and link together in the pattern of a tetrahedron. Dr. Vogel also noted that, at this juncture, water develops a consciousness, ‘a memory, a knowing of what they were designed to do (and) to be.’

What Dr. Vogel found out is that “the energy of mind, projected through a crystal, will structure water” which also corresponds with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with how consciousness affects water and water crystals.

“Water, in the process of crystallization into ice, will exhibit all of the patterns of the crystallographic world around us. It is the personification in a single bit of matter of all that is,” stated Dr. Vogel. If 90% of our bodies are water, then it would stand to reason that this would be a primary reason why plants (mainly comprised of water) have a consciousness, too.

Animals are Better than Humans – They’re better BFF’s (Mr.G & Jellybean)



When animal welfare officials observed dozens of dogs and three farm animals living in squalor on the property of a hoarder earlier this year, they transported them all to various facilities in Northern California.

While all concerned got a taste of much better living conditions, two of the farm animals — Mr. G (a goat) and Jellybean (a burro) — were separated for the first time in their lives, according to KTVU-TV in Oakland.


Mr. G was at the Animal Place in Grass Valley — and staff there noticed something was wrong.

The goat refused to eat. He eschewed faves like sweet grain and apples and just lay in the corner of his stall.

Physical exam? Check. Nothing wrong in his body.

So after a four-day hunger strike, officials decided to try reuniting Mr. G with his buddy Jellybean.

Not an easy task; it took three days before the burro arrived at Grass Valley.


But when Jellybean was being unloaded from the trailer, magic happened.

Mr. G heard his pal, turned his head, leapt to his hooves, and bolted for the door.

Inseparable once again, Mr. G and Jellybean are sharing a pen.

And the goat once again is eating his oats.


Check out the clip below. (You never know: It could be somewhat staged, complete with the Daughtry “Home” soundtrack, but it’s quite the heartwarmer nonetheless):

Credit: New York Daily News