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Brain Ninjas – Guess which Celebrity this is? Happy Comic Con!!!

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IMG_8738Photo Credit: Ryan Fu 

Brain Ninjas – Find out which tool is out of place


(Hint: It’s a tool to protect but can be dangerous in the wrong hands)


Case of the Mondays – Did you get filmed snoring at a baseball game? New York Yankee Fan sues ESPN


A New York Yankees fan is hoping that a mid-game nap could net him $10 million. 

Andrew Rector, 26, fell asleep during the April 13 game between the Yankees and the rival Boston Red Sox. It was nationally televised on ESPN, and Rector was noticed by cameras and talked about by commentators John Kruk and Dan Shulman. 

Video of Rector — titled “Tired fan naps in the stands” — was then published to MLB.com and YouTube. People on the Internet made fun of Rector (shocking, right?) and now he’s filed a defamation lawsuit against the Yankees, MLB, ESPN, Kruk and Shulman. Rector is seeking $10 million in damages after the “unending verbal crusade.”

The lawsuit is a doozy. The Smoking Gun has a copy, if you’d like to read it. It alleges:

”Announcers like Dan Shulman and John Kruck [sic] unleashed avalanche of disparaging words against the person of and concerning the plaintiff. These words, include but not limited to ‘stupor, fatty, unintelligent, stupid’ knowing and intending the same to be heard and listened to by millions of people all over the world.”

In many places, the lawsuit reads like a jumbled mess, with passages such as: 

”The defendant Major league Baseball continually repeated these vituperative utterances against the plaintiff on the major league baseball web site the next day. These words and its insinuations presented the plaintiff as symbol of anything but failure.
”The defendant MLB.Com continued the onslaught to a point of comparing the plaintiff to someone of a confused state of mind, disgusted disgruntled and unintelligent and probably intellectually bankrupt individual.”

Thing is, the ESPN broadcast didn’t say any of the things alleged in Rector’s suit. Kruk and Shulman did make fun of him a bit — saying a ballpark isn’t the place to sleep and saying he was “oblivious” — but it was hardly “the avalanche of disparaging words.”

Instead, it sounds like Rector’s suit is including what online commenters said about him, and thus he’s trying to blame the Yankees, ESPN and MLB for the reaction in the comment section. That’s a precedent that would turn the Internet upside down, if it were to hold up in court, which doesn’t seem at all likely.

One part of the lawsuit calls out MLB for using a picture of two men kissing to imply that Rector is gay under the headline “Sleeping Yankees fan cares not for your rivalry talk.” However, that’s clearly from parody site NotSportcenter and not MLB.com.

Seems like this whole idea is just a vicious cycle. Rector filed a lawsuit because people poked fun at him on the Internet and now, after reading about the lawsuit, they’re just going to poke fun at him some more.

Woman Crush Wednesday- Elizabeth Olsen (Godzilla)


Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Elizabeth Chase “Lizzie” Olsen is an American actress and singer. She is best known for her roles in the films Silent HouseLiberal Arts and the critically acclaimed  Martha Marcy May Marlene, for which she was nominated for numerous awards. She is the younger sister of actresses and fashion designers Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.


Olsen began acting when she was four years of age and co-starred in six of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s productions; she also auditioned for the film Spy Kids.  She almost quit acting in 2004 due to the media frenzy surrounding Mary-Kate’s eating disorder.  Olsen attended New York University‘s Tisch School of the Arts and the Atlantic Theater Company and graduated in March 2013 after six years of intermittent study. Her sisters’ clothing line “Elizabeth and James” was named after her and her older brother.

The Snow Lodge x Eveleigh Host "Little Accidents" Party - 2014 Park City

Olsen has been dating fellow actor Boyd Holbrook since 2012 after meeting on the film Very Good Girls. In March 2014, the couple became engaged. 


I first saw Elizabeth Olsen in a thrilling movie called  Martha Marcy May Marlene where she played a girl trying to escape from a cult. I thought she was very convincing in the role and she had a lot talent. It didn’t hurt that she is totally gorgeous and sexy. I had to figure out who she was which I was amazed that she was an Olsen sibling. I’ll be honest, I think she is the cutest Olsen and has the most talent out of the sisters. She has that old school Hollywood beauty but that new school sexiness. I thought she was great in the new Godzilla, even though it was a small role she still made an impact in the movie. You can check her out in Godzilla and the upcoming Avengers movie next year as the Scarlet Witch.


Credit: Wikipedia

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Cultural Racism in Hip Hop *Warning (Explicit Language)



Written by Charles Postell Facebook

“House nigga” is a word that most black people would use when we thought that another black person was turning their back on their own people to the white establishment or completely have self-hatred for their own kind. In this day and age, in the year of 2014, in my opinion the house nigga has evolved into something much more complex. If you look at any race of people in the United States you will notice that the different races that have prosperity in this country have always had each other’s back as well as uplifting each other to great things. Black people in this country to some instances do look out for each other but for the most part we turn our backs on one other. We don’t know how to work together to build each other up, thus we don’t own to many big corporations or big business fully employed by our own kind. African American’s that do manage to own big corporations tend to sell all the way out and they completely let the white establishment take complete control of their business. They put white people in charge of hiring to which they are going to hire only who they are comfortable with which is other more people.


While living in Los Angeles I have experience more hatred from blacks that seem as though they completely didn’t like black people, but when they get around their white friends they are all hugs and smiles. I believe to them they feel as though success is white and evil his black, they have been brain washed. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to an event in Los Angeles with white friends of mine and the black security guards would be all smiles and giggles with my white friends but as soon as I walked up they would give me a mean face as if to say, “Don’t start no trouble in here nigga.”  I would always just shake my head and laugh to myself at their House Nigger mentality and ignorance. You let this club owner brainwash you into thinking that I’m the threat to their establishment because I’m a black man? I’ve been to all kinds of clubs and just like we fight in clubs and bars over bullshit white people do as well.


I remember talking to a former black bouncer and he told me that he was not allowed to let but so many black people into the club because they didn’t want the club to known as an “Urban Night club” and urban nightclubs have a short shelf life. I asked him “well did you tell that fool to kiss your black ass?” He said no because the dude was paying him a lot of money. I thought to myself you would rather sale your dignity for a couple of dollars then to just walk away. This guy just told you he doesn’t want your kind in his club but you’re cool because you work for me. I guess this brother thought he was special. Like Most black people that are the only black person at an all-white company, instead of working to get more of our kind into the company like other races would, we think that we’re special because we‘re the only black person that works in the company and will do anything to keep others out, that is the practice of the typical House Nigga epidemic that runs rapid through most black folks veins.



2PAC, KRS ONE, DEAD PRES, LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL, COMMON, OUTKAST, EIGHTBALL & MJG, ICE CUBE, WC, JAY Z, and BIGGIE shit even Eminem. These are the people I would listen to growing up as a kid in the late eighties and nineties. They talked about so many things from street crimes to giving me hope that I to can hit it big one day and get my mom out the hood. They didn’t sell out, they kept it real, and they took pride in being black and didn’t compromise themselves for money or popularity gain.


They all had their own style and didn’t try to be a carbon copy of one another just to sale more records. Now a days, rappers have just gave up being themselves and are completely selling the fuck out just to get a short three sixty deal. The lyrics aren’t saying anything positive accept for talking about buying a lot of useless high priced shit to gloat in front of other poor Negros faces who are just trying to make ends meet or if not that letting you know how many crimes they’ve done. Every rapper sounds like the next wearing the most outlandish shit in their videos. You even have these house nigga rappers wearing dresses saying that its street fashion. I’m not falling for it, that is why most of these rappers come out with one album and then you don’t see them anymore. The reason why is because these white owned record companies don’t see any value in these house Negros. They make a ton of quick dough, the black rappers gets fucked over and then kicked out of his quick contract and you get to listen to a bunch of ignorant bullshit to pollute your brain, all in all its a win, win for another white owned company.


Most or if not all of these rappers now a days lack compassion, compassion for their people, compassion for their music (cause if they did they wouldn’t release most of the bullshit they put out to the masses now a days) and compassion for themselves, and once you do that, you truly are a new wave house nigger.

“They want us to hate ourselves and love they wealth” wake up house niggas.


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Godzilla (2014) Review * Spoiler Alert

 Happy Flashback Friday!!! (Rampage)

MOMENT OF ZEN: The Dirty Heads “My Sweet Summer”


cathead copy

Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, “Music can save you life.” It might not rescue you from a burning building or keep you warm when your freezing but it can lift your spirits up when your down. It can transport you to a place you can call home and be a refuge from pain. It motivates you to do amazing things that you didn’t think was possible. Most importantly, it is the fast way to connect to our emotions and unlock what we are feeling at that exact moment. Whether it be when we’re fucking pissed off and want to destroy everything or we’re so sad that we want to eat a gallon of ice cream. Music can put us in place of ZEN.

Our Moment of Zen: My Sweet Summer by The Dirty Heads


The Dirty Heads is a reggae band from Huntington Beach, CA with a melodic style that includes hip hop and ska punk genres. Their debut album, Any Port in a Storm, was released on September 23, 2008. The band was founded in 1996 by Jared “Dirty J” Watson and vocalist/guitarist Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell in Orange County, CA. The two first met at a party during their freshman year of high school. Upon hearing one of Bushnell’s rap demo tapes, Watson became inspired to collaborate with him on a new project. At the time Bushnell was already in a punk rock band, while Watson had no previous music experience. In Bushnell’s garage, the two began writing hip-hop songs with reggae and punk influences. The band’s name stems from their older brothers and family calling them “dirty heads” when they were younger. Although many people believe it comes from a specific event when the two were stealing a pack of beer, this has never been confirmed by the band, and it’s more likely just a general family thing.

The Dirty Heads released an 11-track acoustic album, titled “Home – Phantoms Of Summer”, on October 29, 2013.

Their new album will be titled “Sound Of Change”, it will be released on July 8th, 2014; On May 6, 2014, they released the first single, “My Sweet Summer” on iTunes.


Our Moment of Zen is My Sweet Summer because it’s been hot as fuck in Los Angeles with tempertaures reaching over 100 degrees and the heatwave making it seem like we are already in the middle of summer. The song makes us realizes why we live in SoCal because of the great weather. Granted, we are in a middle of a heatwave but this songs makes us remember that in other parts of the world it totally sucks. This song it totally fun and upbeat which we should take that attitude with this beautiful Southern California weather because summer only comes once a year and we always miss it when it’s gone.


Woman Crush Wednesday – Eva Green (Penny Dreadful) #WCW



Eva Gaëlle Green born 5 July 1980) is a French actress. Green started her career in theatre before making her film debut in 2003 in Bernardo Bertolucci‘s controversial film The Dreamers. Green achieved international recognition when she appeared in Ridley Scott‘sKingdom of Heaven (2005), and portrayed Vesper Lynd in the James Bond film Casino Royale (2006). In 2006, Green was awarded the BAFTA Rising Star Award. Since 2006, Green has starred in independent films Womb (2010), Perfect Sense (2011), and Cracks (2011). She has also appeared in the television series Camelot (2011), and playedAngelique Bouchard in Tim Burton‘s big-screen adaptation of Dark Shadows (2012). In 2014, she played Artemisia in 300 sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire, and will star as Ava Lord inFrank Miller‘s and Robert Rodriguez‘s Sin City sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

01 02

In 2007, Green was voted the 6th sexiest movie star of all-time by Empire magazine. Empire also listed her character, Vesper Lynd as the 9th sexiest female character in cinema history. In 2011, Los Angeles Times Magazine listed Green at No. 18 for their 50 most beautiful women in film. In 2012 she was listed no.57 in AfterEllen Hot 100. In April 2012, Shalom Life ranked her Number 2 on its list of “the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish women in the world”

03 04

Green considers herself nerdy: “When people first meet me, they find me very cold. I keep myself at a distance, and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to acting. It allows me to wear a mask”. She lives alone and, by her own account, leads a low-key life when she’s not working. When asked in an interview what would people be surprised to find out about her, she responded “I guess people would be surprised to find out that I am a bit of a homebody. I do not like clubbing or going to wild parties. After a day of shooting, I love to come home and relax by the fire with a glass of wine and a good book. Boring, huh?”

05 06

Eva is our #WCW because she is beautiful, smart and sexy, wrapped in a super bad-ass actresses. She plays these wonderful female roles where she has as much power as the men in the film. She is willing to express herself physical and spirtually in each role. Plus, she doesn’t mind nudity because she has so much confindence in herself. That’s the sexist thing I believe in women if they can be confident about themselves. Eva Green has plenty of confidence in herself which you can see her swagger. You can check her new show Penny Dreadful on Showtime every Sunday night.

Credit: Wikipedia

Manic Mondays -Tove Lo (Stay High + Habits Remix)


Written By: Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson better known by her stage name Tove Lo, is a Swedish indie pop and indie rock singer, songwriter and musician, living in StockholmShe released her debut EP Truth Serum in March 2014. Tove Lo has also written songs for a number of artists including notably Icona Pop.


Not only is Tove Lo a talented artists but she pleasing to look at because she is very attractive. I’ve never seen one unattractive female who was Swedish, I guess that’s how they grow them out there. Nobel Prizes, IKEAs and hot chicks in Sweden. Gotta put that on the places I should travel to next. But the real reason why we are talking about her is because of her talent and her great song Stay High off her recent album.


It is such a great song after spending the weekend working and partying, then you have to deal with the beginning of the week. If you guys haven’t noticed but I’m a bit of a pothead and I do partake in the Ganja. Of course, I just do it recreationally but I do have trouble going to sleep and I feel it helps it out (wink, wink). Stay High is the perfect song for forgetting your troubles, trying to be more relaxed because this life is short and we shouldn’t be stressing ourselves out all the time. We should try to have a good time everyday because we only live once. So, spark it up and live it up!

Here is the dope Habits Remix Ft. Hippie Sabotage

Essentially this video shows how I spent my 20s- Drinking, Smoking, Fucking, then Repeat (Fuck I’m old)

Get Fresh Get Faded.

(For you white people out there, it means to get a haircut.)

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