Money on my Mind – Ways to SAVE Money in 2016


1. Shave some extra cents off your gas costs by checking out to find the cheapest offerings in your area. For example, you’ll find that the Chevron on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles is selling gas for 22 cents less than a Mobil station a few blocks down the road. 

2. Nix name brands and start buying generic toiletries and cleaning products in bulk. Better yet, take shopping trips with friends to Costco so you can all split that bulk pack of toilet paper.  

3. Join your local library. You might be shocked to find that its DVD collection is stocked and up-to-date (not to mention totally free). If you normally rent one movie per week from the video store or Netflix, you can save over $200 in a year!

4. Unplug your appliances like coffee pots, toasters, hair dryers, and computer cords when you leave the house. According to, it costs you $100 per year to power appliances in standby mode (especially ones with features like clock displays). When you go on vacation, it’s a good idea (both for your wallet and the environment) to unplug large energy consumers like entertainment centers. 

5. Cliché as it may sound, skip your morning Starbucks latte. You’ll save about 190 calories and $3 per day. You can still make your homemade coffee feel special by adding a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg.

6. Get cash back on your clothing purchases. It sucks when you buy a piece of clothing full-price, then see it on sale a week later. Hang on to your receipts, because larger chains like the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy will refund you the difference on items that go on sale as long as you present a receipt within 14 days of the original purchase.

7. Need new furniture? Before heading off to Ikea, check out, a site where users list things they don’t want anymore. Or, try your local listings for moving sales (oftentimes people are in a pinch and will sell items for “best offer” just to get rid of them).

8. Work out for free. Look up donation-based yoga studios in your area so you can pay what you can (instead of a normal $12-$20 per class). Similarly, many yoga, dance, and Pilates studios offer new student incentives such as two weeks of classes for only $20. Can’t afford a personal trainer? Check out,where you can download personalized workouts for your iPod for as little as $7.99 a session. Other cheap options: Go for a hike in the fall foliage, jog outdoors, or organize a game of touch football with friends (a great excuse to get them to invite single guys!). 

9. Think about your cash. Always know exactly how much money you have on you. It will prevent mindless spending (and the shock when you realize you’re out). Also, plan out your day so you withdraw the money you need from your home bank, avoiding ATM fees.

10. Do your holiday shopping on the cheap by hunting down cool stuff at thrift and vintage shops where you can find heartwarming items for less than 20 bucks. Think music boxes, quirky costume jewelry, vintage postcards to frame, or collectors’ plates. 

11. Bring the party home. Ask friends to come over with a bottle of wine for a game night on Saturday. Offering a simple, homemade dessert like cookies or a pie won’t cost more than a few bucks if you already have the basic ingredients on hand. If you absolutely have to get out, then organize a get-together at a bar with a happy hours special. Make the occasion more festive by creating a Facebook invite with a quirky theme like “International Talk Like a Pirate Day!” One more tip: check out, a site that lists events at bars with free booze in several cities including New York, Miami, and Chicago.

12. Do more research. It might be painful to actually look at the breakdown of your expenses, but it’s the best way to cut down on costs.  (Hint: you can probably get both used or at your local library instead of paying full price).

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Burning Bridges is about Alessandra Sands, who is not living up to her own potential as she waste her life away in a physician-assisted suicide company called Bridges. In the not too distant future, suicide is not outlawed but accepted. There are even convince store like businesses that you can walk into, fill up paper work and they take care of you like you a dental procedure. You’re in and you never come out. They’re called Bridges because they help you onto your next destination in the afterlife. Unfortunately, Alessandra figures out the Bridges are trying to take over the world, which Bridge authorities find out about it and now are trying to kill her. Alessandra must make a choice, which side of the bridge she wants to stand on, the good or bad side. They’re called Bridges because they help you onto your next destination in the afterlife. Unfortunately, Alessandra figures out the Bridges are trying to take over the world, which Bridge authorities find out about it and now are trying to kill her. Alessandra must make a choice, which side of the bridge she wants to stand on, the good or bad side


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Hate the Holidays? – Happy Humbug Day!!! – Tell us what annoys you about the holidays?



When the stresses of the holiday season have piled up, many of us start to feel a bit like Scrooge.  This day was created to allow us an opportunity to express our frustrations.  Humbug Day is celebrated annually on December 21.

Tell us what annoys you about the holidays?

They’re just like us by Ryan Fu (The Hated Ones)



“Come to the Grove now!” My partner calls me on my phone during my drunken coma on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

“What? You know it’s a Sunday and the MTV Movie Awards are going on right now? Who is at the Grove?” as I wipe the drool from my mouth.

“Just get over here now,” London demanding me to head to the very popular shopping center in Hollywood.

I try to gather myself as the room was spinning but I manage to sit up noticing I still was wearing the same the clothes from the night before which was a good thing because I didn’t feel like changing my shit. I splash my face with water giving myself an old fashion cologne shower. I jump in my car heading to the Grove hoping it was true because I just didn’t want to get up for a bullshit ass tip.

Once I get there my head was still pounding as I pop two Advils in my mouth trying to stay focus on the job but it was hard because this place sucked. I get call from my partner asking me to immediately to come inside the Grove to find him. It was your typical busy Sunday afternoon at the Grove with loud and annoying kids running around a packed outdoor mall without any supervision from their parents. I managed to snake my way to through the crowded mall finding London who was already on the job. He tells me to get ready and take the other angle, as I ask him who’s here?

“Katie Holmes with Suri.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

That’s why he was freaking out so much. This was a big shot for us aka “the money shot” because she lives in New York and rarely comes to L.A. Also we were amazingly exclusive on it, which never happens because there are usually hordes of paparazzi on her as they chase her and Tom Cruise from their Scientology building in Hollywood. I try to blend in with the crowd as we wait in front a popular clothing store, then I spot one of the bodyguards that was with her. He looked like a bodyguard, big as a door with a stoic face and an earpiece. He probably has extensive military experience, which he just protects celebrities on the side for extra money but the reality of it he misses being in the shit because he’s an adrenaline junkie, who just spotted me and my partner out like a lion in the savanna. He was trying to figure out if we were a threat or not as I slowly pull out my camera showing him that we were just two scumbag opportunists waiting to get a shot of Mrs. Holmes.

He walks back inside of the store but five minutes later he comes out with his back up, which looked exactly like him but bigger. Both of them were staring at us now when the main guy gives us a sign telling us to give distance for her, which we both acknowledge him by giving him a thumbs up, then he gives the thumbs up back to us. We knew it right there and then that it was on. She comes of the clothing store with her adorable daughter in tow as we pop out of the crowd to take pictures her.

We start to unload on her as you can hear our digital cameras echoing in the Grove like machine guns as Katie continues on her shopping spree. At first, she notices us but quickly pretends we weren’t even there trying to have some quality mother and daughter time together by sharing the bond of shopping. They make their way through the Grove as one guard leads the way as the another guard watches their back, but both always vigilante on where we were the whole time. 

I stop for a moment to take the whole scene in taking a glance at my partner, London looking like a giddy kid in a candy store acting like he won the lottery, never once putting down the camera making sure he captured every single moment of this event that was happening because he knew the public loved this shit. This is the reason why people buy magazines and are so invested in celebrities daily lives, it’s because we want to see you acting normal. They want us to believe that they’re just like us but of course they will never be like normal people because they want to be in the spotlight. Which is now happening at the Grove as people were stopping whatever they were going to take pictures on their phones on the cute interaction between Katie and her daughter. The cuteness was about to go on overload with the next act between this mother and daughter duo.

Katie decides to stop at a bakery because little Suri was begging for something to eat. Both security stood guard in front of the bakery making sure nobody entered while Katie was in there as we where outside waiting to shoot some more of her. A small group of tourists try to take a peek on who was inside in the bakery, but the guards were not letting anyone in, which was good for us because we didn’t want any these assholes get better pictures than us because this was big money for us.

Then the cuteness meter went on overload as Suri storms out of the bakery with a chocolate croissant heading to a little picnic park at the Grove. The security tries to keep up with the little tyke as she leaves her mother behind but we were right in front capturing every adorable moment as Suri begins to eat the chocolate croissant causing a mess having chocolate all over her face and hands while her mother shows us how to be a good mom wiping off the filth off her kid’s face like any regular mom would.

We continue on to take photographs of them as they try to act like regular people. Just a loving mother trying to bond with her adorable daughter, doing what mothers and daughters like to do, which is shop. Even though I was still weary from the night before still confused on where exactly I was because my head was still pounding, I knew that this was not an act I was witnessing from these two. It was just a mother and daughter, who loved each other trying to be normal people, just like you and I, minus the hangover as I find a trashcan to throw up as London quickly uploads the photos telling me that I wasn’t done yet because there were more celebrities here at the Grove as we finally let go of Katie and Suri as they finally leave the shopping center. At the moment, I really wished I were one of those normal tourists walking around Grove as I throw up again into the trashcan, then I gather myself again picking up my camera as spot another celebrity chasing after them as do what I do best.




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Legends by Ryan Fu (The Hated Ones)




As a kid,

I’ve always wanted to capture

a dragon

but I wondered what

would I’ve done

if I actually caught one?

So day in


day out

I eat


take shit

with a smile on my face

just for the chance to write

my own story.

Because isn’t that the only reason

why we do anything?

Why we abuse


torture ourselves,

until we are halfway to our graves. 

We want to be remembered.

We want our words



to live on past the afterlife

making us immortal.

We are tired of not being the narrative

because we want to stand out.

We want to become heroes

in our own story. 

So, I remain steadfast

with my pen


my balls

waiting for the opportunity,

still chasing that dragon.

Photo Credit: Andy Fair Hurst




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