Pauley Perrette Severe Allergic Reaction to Hair Dye – The Dangers in Hair Coloring and Safer Alternatives



NCIS actress Pauley Perrette is warning fans about the dangers of hair dye after suffering a severe allergic reaction to her trademark ink-black color.

Many consumers are growing in their watchfulness as to what goes in their bodies, but health can be as greatly impacted by what goes on their bodies. We already realize that chemicals in cosmetics such as skin creams can break through the skin barrier, but what about the chemicals in hair coloring? In response to recent bad press about hair dyes, many have turned to semi-permanent solutions. However, there is reason to question the safety in the substances used in these products as well. If you are among the 50% of women who color their hair, or a man who covers his gray, you might want to do more investigation into your favorite hair coloring.

The most problematic hair dye ingredient is a family of chemicals called Arylamines. Arylamines are a known risk factor for bladder cancer and have been found to cause cancer in experimental animals. One of these is p-phenylenediamine (PPD) which is listed on the box of even non-permanent “natural” products. It is an important ingredient in hair coloring because it lasts through many washings and perming is possible with it. PPD hair dyes usually come packaged as 2 bottles, one containing the PPD dye preparation and the other containing the developer or oxidizer. PPD is a colorless substance that requires oxygen for it to become colored. It is this intermediate, partially oxidized state that may cause allergy in sensitive individuals. Fully oxidized PPD is not a sensitizer, so individuals with PPD allergy can wear wigs or fur coats dyed with PPD safely.

Another factor involves the mixing of hydrogen peroxide with ammonia. Research has found that this combination may create potentially carcinogenic chemicals that don’t normally exist in the two liquids prior to mixing them together.

A third factor is that the darker dyes are more challenging as they contain greater levels of chemicals. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) stated that skin contact with PPD should be prevented in order to avoid the allergic reactions, and indeed, the FDA has NOT approved its use for direct skin application. This is an oxymoron, though, as it is next to impossible to avoid contact with the skin when applying hair color.

Safer alternatives to ammonia and peroxide are being developed. One company’s organic and mineral research laboratory has found a way of making peroxide from avocado oil and it is far less irritating to the skin. They have also discovered an alternative to ammonia. Derived from coconut oil, it isn’t irritating and has no nasty smell. Look for products that are ammonia and peroxide-free and use vegetable-based dyes. A search on the web for “natural hair colorings” should turn up a few good leads. Two examples are Planet Organic and Aveda. Some of these companies state that their formulas provide longer lasting color than the older vegetable rinses.

Many people have tried henna as a solution. Henna’s effect lasts longer than a vegetable rinse and adds a wonderful shine, highlights and bounce to the hair. Henna products, which are gluten-free and animal-cruelty-free, are not always a red color, but all henna contains and imparts a little red. Today this natural dye comes in a wide array of shades, not just red, but will not lighten hair. Henna enhances your natural color rather than totally covering it, which allows some of your natural highlights to come through. The coating and sealing advantages mentioned above are inherent with henna.

As always, it is up to you, the consumer, to do the research and to become responsible for your own health, in regard to what goes on your body in addition to what goes in it.

Credit: Natural News


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Smokers or Past Smokers : Six Ways to Cleanse and Revitalize your Lungs



It’s been observed that even former smokers who quit years ago have traces of lung damage.

Even if one has never smoked, second hand cigarette smoke, industrial pollution, vehicular exhaust fumes and now chemtrails with downward drifting heavy metal nano-particles all contribute to some level of lung damage for almost everyone.

So whether you once smoked or never puffed on chemical-laden, radioactive (from the fertilizer) tobacco, detoxing and regenerating lung tissue may still be appropriate for you.

By the way, the notion that lung damage is irreparable is not true. With proper nourishment and nurturing, your lungs can repair damaged tissues eventually.

Right now is a great time to quit smoking. Why? In as little as 20 minutes you’ll start to feel the benefits of not smoking.

There are over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and at least 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer.

The best way to avoid most chemicals, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), excess sugar and bad salt is to eliminate junk and processed foods and sodas. Minimize meat, dairy and wheat to reduce excess mucus. Adding ginger, onions, garlic and cayenne helps eliminate excess mucus as well.

1 - Exercise more outdoors, away from traffic if possible. Breathing exercises can be used to help strengthen lung tissue. Yoga offers some, and there are others as well.

2- Eliminate household toxins that are part of detergents, cleansers, bleaches and chemically scented “air fresheners”.

There are many chemical free substitutes available at health food stores, even Target has a few on hand. Ditto for cosmetics and bodycare products. Buy only aluminum free deodorants for starters.

Pesticides must go as well, and there are alternatives that aren’t toxic for humans.

All toxic commercial pesticides emit caustic gases or vapors (off-gassing) that irritate the lungs.

3 – Improve your indoor air, which can be even worse than outdoor air.

Try to replace carpeting with other flooring or at least vacuum and steam clean often. Beware of furniture or clothing that’s been fire proofed. Flame retardants off-gas carcinogenic compounds.

You may want to look into commercial air cleaners. Or simply get some nice indoor plants that add life to your dwelling while removing toxins.

4 – Herbal remedies for lung issues are abundant. You’ll need to determine which type of herb is appropriate for your situation.

Antitussive herbs reduce respiratory spasms; expectorant herbs loosen mucus; demulcent herbs sooth irritated tissue; and antimicrobial herbs resolve infections.

Here’s a good overall guide for respiratory healing herbs.

Licorice root is one that pretty much covers all those attributes. It can create side effects for some because of its glycyrrhizin content. But licorice extract products are available with the glycyrrhizin removed. This is known as deglycyrrhizinated licorice or DGL licorice.

Lobelia, ironically known as Indian tobacco, helps clear the airways for easier breathing. It even works for asthma attacks.

5 – Detoxing is necessary for any regeneration or rebuilding.

Eliminating or reducing your toxic load relieves your immune system and allows the process of growing new tissue to occur.

Item (1) of this article is an absolute prerequisite to detoxifying. Then, foods such as chlorella and cilantro consumed often can help detoxify heavy metals, especially from the liver. Zeolite in its raw powder form (not liquid) is very useful.

Make sure you drink plenty of purified fluoride free water and find ways to sweat more. If you can, use a far infrared sauna somewhere; you’ll have the best level of sauna. But conventional sauna’s still do the job.

6 – Serrapeptase enzymes are very powerful enzymes capable of eating up scar tissue, heavily calcified tissue or hardened mucus deposits.

Credit: Underground Health

The Physics of Olympic Bodies (Science is Awesome)


The Olympics is able to capture the imaginations of countries around the world. Though sometimes due to, in no small part, how freaking buff these people are. Every historical trend in world record performances has been positive, meaning that we (a very subjective word) as Olympians have only been getting harder/better/faster/stronger every year! It boggles the mind to think that every year someone one-ups the past by just enough to progress the world record.

What I find even more fascinating though, is how each event in the Olympic event defines the physique of the athlete in question. Training so hard for one event that, for some, you only get one chance to make your mark, it makes sense that the muscles required for your sport will be, shall we say, enhanced… I don’t know if you’ve seen Olympic cyclist thighs (sort of NSFW), but HOLYGEEZUSWOAH that’s intense. Swimmers need to be tall, long-distance runners have a low BMI (body mass index), sprinters have jacked arms to balance out their jacked legs, and power-lifters are just jacked all over. In the end, it’s simply amazing what human beings can achieve with their physical bodies and minds to be living titans on Earth. 


Credit: Daily Infographic






When you freelance all your life, it is bound to have some ups and downs. My birthday month was definitely an up. I dedicated all my time and energy on a project (TRF) that when it ended, it felt like going down on the Dragster (Cedar Pointe) reaching top speed and in an instant, it is all gone. Just like that, I was at he bottom again. If it wasn’t for friends and family, I would be on the streets right now. Luckily, I have plenty of support, but also, plenty of debt.

More than 20 days have passed since TRF and it feels like it has been years. I felt like I needed to escape from Tijuana or myself. With no money, my escape was to shave my head. I actually just wanted a regular haircut, but my friend that cuts my hair was on vacation. I told a couple of male friends to just shave my head, but they did a horrible job that I ended up doing it myself. I didn’t do a good job myself since I looked like a crackhead mental hospital runaway. Luckily, I found the kindness of a stranger that bought me a beer and help me finish the job (weird huh?)

I already posted about Britney in this blog before. I was there after she shaved her head and talked in weird accents. In the eyes of the world, she acted insane. I don’t think there’s nothing insane about wanting a change in your life and opting on shaving your head. Of course, its way more of a shock when a female does it, but the relief of getting rid of dead weight feels magnificent. In other words, I feel like I comprehend Crazy Spears (to a certain degree).

June is now an uphill battle almost conquered. I’ve been working almost everyday of the month and remain at $0, which is fine since the desire to go out and socialize is null. Instead, I’ve got the World Cup fever, making me miss my first official writing job. I started writing about soccer again, just for pleasure. And luckily, a section that I didn’t know existed in the San Diego Reader picked up my writings.

The last World Cup I lived it in Los Angeles when I lived in Mariner’s Village. Mexico played the opening game and I woke up at 6 am to drink a six-pack of Heineken and watch the game, no one in the area cared about the World Cup except the European paparazzi. Of course I saw many soccer players and took their pictures. In fact, the first picture that I took of someone famous was in January 2001 when my brother recognized Ronaldinho in the airport of Rio de Janeiro. He quickly ran to him and told me to grab a camera. We only had a disposable camera and that did the trick.

In my real paparazzo days I obviously saw plenty of David Beckham, but I never saw him as a soccer player, but more like an obnoxious and asshole male model. Besides him, I had encounters with plenty others. I almost ran over Landon Donovan once while rushing out of the airport parking lot to send pictures. Instead, I hit the brakes, found the nearest parking spot and jumped out of my car to bother Landon. The US soccer star was on his way to the Superbowl and was nothing but a great guy to me.
December 13 2011 LD
(December 13, 2011)I also saw El Pibe Valderrama walking around Tom Bradley terminal, seemingly lost. I decided not to bother him.
March 29 2011
(March 29, 2011)
I spotted Didier Drogba with his whole family at the security line. They were there for a classic LA visit and Disneyland.
July 13 2010 dd



120 Days of Crossfit: Change is Good- Lost 25 Pounds (My Journal)


change 2

Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandi

These past four months of Crossfit have been great and I have learned a lot about myself. One of things I learned was to listen to my own body because I got sick last month but know I know now when to cut back when I’m not feeling well. Crossfit is a lifestyle and routines are a part of a successful life but I’ve grown kinda stale of the routines and the WODs. I’ve been going hard from Monday to Friday not missing a work out but I think I’m starting to plateau. I’ve read several studies that it happens in a training routine where your body gets used to the workouts and you stop gaining any positive gains. So, I decided to change up my workout routines but keep the basic Crossfit workouts.


30 Days of Crossfit: Enjoy the Process or Just Enjoy Sucking ALOT

60 Days of Crossfit & a Marathon


Part of the change up was to workout at night, then workout in the daytime, which I would alternate every two days. I’ve also added roadwork, running before Crossfit and do a little hill work every other day.

I’m also playing other sports to supplement my work out program like basketball, racquetball and jujitsu in order to keep things fresh for me. Also, it keeps my body adjusting and not plateauing, so I can still get those positive gains.


One of the best workout changes I’ve made was to add swimming to my cross training. I haven’t gone swimming since last summer so I wasn’t that good and my form was horrible.


But it’s the Crossfitter in me that loves the challenge. The first time in the pool, I got so tired in a matter of minutes because it’s such a total body workout. I love not being good at something because it makes me want to try hard to be better at it. I’ve added swimming two times a week in between my Crossfit workouts. My cardio hasn’t been this good since college because of Crossfit and swimming.

It was such a great idea to change up my workout routine because I don’t have the feeling of boredom and my body will keep progressing. I’ve lost 25 pounds because of Crossfit, my Paleo Diet and changing my workout routine. Crossfit is a lifestyle but sometimes you gotta change shit up because just like in life not everything is going to go according to plan, so you have to be prepared for everything. This is what Crossfit is, it makes you into a better person physically and mentally while making you prepared for everything in life.

“Amat Victoria Curam” translation “Victory Loves Preparation”


“You, Me, and The Internet.” – John D. Aguon



By John D. Aguon @lttlgnt

So much has happened.

SO much has happened since my last entry.

I’ve been on crazy whirlwind, riding up and down life’s proverbial roller coaster. I love it though. I owe a lot to the masses. Seeing all of your updates. Sally got a new job. Bob got married.  There are People moving on up, even some of you to the east side. Seriously though, I owe a lot to the lives people broadcast online. For some reason I tune in. I see all of your success whether it is exaggerated or not. It fuels my gas guzzling fire! Well, I’ve been on the opposite side of the spectrum. John can’t afford rent. John needs a job. John could be a massive failure.

It was a dark place.


Very dark and I owe it to the Internet.

What are we doing?  Sometimes I wonder what my life would be without the World Wide Web, constantly updating my every move. Trying to live up to the Facebook standard of living. Don’t get me wrong; I’m the first to admit that I LOVE broadcasting my whereabouts. The Burger joint I claimed to have found. The hike or if you’re going up Runyon, the gradual uphill walk I conquered. You can’t forget the infamous “ I took a picture with a celebrity, and we’re now best friends” Photo.


But, the other day I realized something. I was having just a normal bad day, with a normal headache with a side of normal laziness, when I pulled out my iPhone and started scrolling through my photos. I found a sick picture from a few weeks back, of an awesome time I had with some friends, and of course with a flattering angle (you know high angle make you look skinnier). I filtered the picture, typed in some positive caption and went on to live my normal bad day.

Soon enough.

Blah blah blah, “likes your photo.”

So and so, “likes your photo.”

Finally, I realized. No one REALLY knew how I was living my life. No one knew that I lost my apartment, I lost my job, and I lost my dignity.


Once again, I owe that to the Internet.

But, it’s not all a shit storm. It propelled me to actually living the life I project for everyone to see. I hit the pavement. I got on my feet again and found an incredible apartment and I’m now working for a place where I can say my career can finally grow.

I have to say; there is a light that Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites shines. Seriously though, throughout my life I’ve met some interesting people and rather than drifting apart through the distance and the years, Its pretty awesome to know that there’s a place where I can see little glimpses of your daily lives, triumphs, and families.

I appreciate you all.

I owe it to the Internet.

Check out John’s work @ Vimeo & Youtube

Phoebe Price Diary- 2014 Coachella Music Festival (Fashion)



Written By: Phoebe Price @Phoebedenise

Coachella music festival features the hottest musicians performing their latest hits but the festival is really known for is its fashion. From the hottest trends to the latest fashions Coachella is all about fringe, free floating dresses, tie dye, floral, feathers, patterns and anything hippy.  Its time to break out your summer clothes and Coachella fashion is a good guide to putting your summer wardrobe together.


Some staple pieces you need in your wardrobe are cut off blue jeans shorts. Now they have cut offs come in all shapes and lengths some are short in the front and longer in the back to hide these’s problem areas.  Cut off shorts can also be made from one of your favorite jeans and that way you can custom the length how you like.  Your next staple piece should be fringe and fringe is on everything now.  Go with shoes the have fringe details to fringe on shirts to vests and bags fringe is the limit. Fringe has been around for decades so invest in a cool piece and it will be worth your money in the end.


Next find a free-floating dress that fits your shape and this piece can go from day to night. Find a dress that is tight up top and loose down bottom. Go with a pattern, tie die or a floral dress during the daywear sandals or a wedge and at night a pair of heels. You can also add a blue jean jacket that is cropped to add a fun funky look.  Next invest in a pair of ankle boots you can wear them all year long and they look good with shorts to dresses they can also be worn day to night and go with comfort. From ankle boots with heels to flats to cowboy boot to a more modern sleek ankle boot there are many to choose from so go with color and style that goes with your wardrobe.


For more cushion find shoe pads you can tape down in your shoes they add more comfort for all day wear and they’re also great in heels. If you buy your shoes from department stores always ask they are usually free. Another summer staple piece is a jumper or and jumpsuit either long or short jumpers always look good, sleek and sexy.  During the day go with flats or wedges and at night add a pair of pumps red heels is always a way to spice an outfit up. Crop top have been in the trends for a while you can wear this look different ways. You can wear smaller tops with high waisted skirts, shorts or high wasted pants.

PHOEBE PRICE at Coachella Festival Celebrities at the 2013 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Week 1 Day 2

If you like this look but want more coverage and still want to keep it sexy add a see through lace short or long vest this look was a big hit at Coachella and I see it staying around.  When your out in the sun you always need protection from the sun and at Coachella hats were a must. Adding hats always pull your outfit together and they protect you from all the harsh rays that make you age.

03 Phoebe Price flashes a peace sign as she wears and small red dress revealing ample cleavage, a black hat and large sunglasses on day one of week two of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio

Hats make you stand out and make an outfit go from drab to fab. If you don’t think you look good in hats there are many shapes and sizes from floppy’s, fedora to trucker hats you need to find the shape that fits your face. Check out my line to see what hat your favorite celebrity is wearing. From hats to accessories feathers are everywhere and this summer feathers are back bigger than ever but don’t over do it choose one piece to have that sleek boho look.


Coachella has come and gone but it’s fashion has created looks for us to talk about all year long and with these fashion tips you will be ready to create your own fashion looks. Until next year COACHELLA see you then.




90 Plus More Days of Crossfit: Listen to your Body (My Journal)




After my first 60 days of Crossfit, I was feeling confident about myself and I was losing weight but also getting stronger. Confident about my fitness I decided to run a marathon for charity out of the blue without any long distance training. I surprised myself in how well I did in the marathon. But that is not surprising because Crossfit gives you the confidence to go anything because it challenges you mentally and physically everyday in the gym.


Check out our Crossfit articles: 

30 Days of Crossfit: Enjoy the Process or Just Enjoy Sucking ALOT

60 Days of Crossfit & a Marathon

But after rigorous weeks of training, 5 days a week with no days off, my body was finally starting to breakdown. After the marathon, I felt great where I was physically and mentally. I had lost 20 plus pounds and got stronger at the same time. I continued to go hard in training but after a week I started to get a sore throat. The thing about Crossfit it makes you think that you are indestructible but you are not.

I got sick over the weekend, so I decided to take three days off, but I was starting to get “Crossfit Fever.” My mind and body was so used to the grind that if it didn’t get any physically exertion, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I tired to focus on my work and writing but there was something missing. I need to go back to the gym; I wanted to go back home which Crossfit is to me, a place of sanctuary.


So, I took three days off and decided to back to the gym. Naturally, I went hard the first day because I don’t know any other way to train. I trained hard as a usually do for the next two days but during the weekend my sore throat came back and it became a full-blown cold. I felt weak, I felt sore, and I was certainly not feeling like Superman.


I finally decided to listen to my body and took the whole week off. I worked but I didn’t exert myself too much and I continued to write. I was still jonesing to hit the weights, I had to tell myself to calm down and relax. The same mental focus it takes to perform WODs in Crossfit, I used in getting better from my cold. After a couple days from resting, I was starting to feel better. I told myself when I’m 100% I will start of slower when I come back.

That’s what I did when I first came back to the gym. I didn’t go balls to the wall and just went 50% to 60% in effort. In the second week, I felt like my old self again and began to go harder. In the end of the week, I was feeling like myself again. I felt even stronger probably because I took some time off so my body could rest. I also changed my routine and added swimming to my regime. I found out that I was a really horrible swimmer, which is great because I love to work on things I’m not good at.


That is what Crossfit is, to challenge yourself mentally and physically in elements you might not be great at. Crossfit makes you ready for all the challenges that life brings. I have learned to listen to my body and feel better about myself to take a day or two off if I need it and not punish myself for it. To date I have lost 22 pounds and gained so much respect for all Crossfitters who make Crossfit their lifestyle. People might say I am a fanatic but would you be as well if you knew I how I felt physically and mentally. I eat, breathe and sleep Crossfit, which I am fine with because it’s my lifestyle.


The Reality of Reality Tv- Being on the Inside



Written By Our Anonymous Inside Man….Or Woman

Hmmm, how should I set this up? Do you watch TV? Do you watch “Reality” TV? If you are an American, odds are you do, and odds are is that you love it. Odds are also that you believe what you are watching is fact and not scripted. Well, take it from somebody who knows, 90% of Reality TV is scripted scenes performed by very bad actors. Yeah, yeah, you claim you already know this, but do you? Do you know the extent Reality Producers go to make their so-called “Reality”? No you don’t. I do, cause for 5 years I have been working on Reality TV crews. Now I cant tell you what department, or my gender cause for every gig, one must sign paperwork basically saying the production company can sue you if you make public what goes on set. I thought it was time I start to share some of my experiences to the public so at least they know what kind of garbage they are truly watching.


Lets start with a restoration car show I worked. You’ve seen these shows. Their is a shop ran by friends and families. They get clients who want to fix up an old classic car. Sounds simple enough, but that’s in real life, this is Reality TV. First off I discover that the business is not even owned and ran by who the show’s claims. Nope, the real owner is not even on screen. The producers found this shop (it is an actual restoration body shop) and put in their cast. Speaking of, the main cast knows very little about fixing up cars, but they are presented to have this knowledge. I get to the set and I notice some off screen workers fixing up the last details on this sick ass classic car. These workers stage seats in front of the vehicle, the producer calls over the camera crew and the cast. ACTION! With direction coming from the producer, our so called experienced body shop owners pick up the seats and place them in, then they talk about working all night, the vehicle is almost ready and that they are stressed out because the deadline is soon upon them. HA! Really?

 01 02

Let me explain this so-called deadline. For this episode one family member is giving another family member a surprise birthday gift- a fixed up classic car. Who wouldn’t want that? The gift will be delivered at a birthday party…Surprissseeee!!!! Ok, this sounded real to me. Until I found out that the two family members aren’t really related. In fact they have never met each other. The first time they will meet will be at the birthday. Can you say “casted”? That’s right, someway, somehow, the producers pulled these 2 people out of their asses. I was actually amazed cause up until the point I found out I believed it and thought the gift was very thoughtful. Shame on me.

03 04

I saved the best for last. At the shop the crew is packing up to go film the presentation of the car at the birthday party. The cast is getting in their cars and taking off. So I’m thinking how come they just don’t drive the gift over. Well that’s cause a tow truck drives in to take over the fixed up classic car. Was the tow truck being used cause they don’t want to damage or dirty the birthday gift….uhhh no. Its cause the classic car/birthday gift doesn’t even RUN….I just laughed. We all get in the van, and the tow truck does its thing. Once we arrive at the party, the people their are friends of our show’s cast and do not even know the two family members. No they are just there to look cool. The way the last scene was filmed was classic. Since the truck didn’t run, the producers had a problem…or did they?

In the front yard, the two fake family members were placed in the front yard. Down the street 2 of the show’s cast were placed in the classic car that didn’t run. Behind the car were a bunch of crewmembers ready to push. That’s right, push. I then observed the camera crew discuss how this scene was going to be show with tight shots, then a wide shot at a certain moment. After final discussions….ACTION!

05 06

With all their strengthen, the car was pushed and picked up momentum to the point it went slowly down the street by itself. The cameras stayed tight while the car was being pushed, then when the pushing crew let go and got out of the way, the shots went wide…beautiful I thought.

Inside the car the show’s cast were screaming and honking the horn, while on the front yard the two family members looked in amazement. The birthday casted family member put on a very surprised and happy face, and when the car pulled up and stopped right in front of them (a total accident), glee was felt through out the scene. What a gift!

 07 08

I’m not against Reality TV at all. What I am against is how it’s presented to the public as real or even documentary like. I wish they were just honest about it. Look at Tru TV’s show Operation Repo. In the beginning credits, in small font, it states actors are used on the show. The director decided to do this from day one because there is no other legal way to make a show. He got shit from his peers for this. They did not like the fact he was showing the public how Reality TV is really produced. Did it hurt the show? No way, it is one of the most successful Reality shows ever.


From time to time I will share my experiences so at least some of you will know that you are being played. Here’s a little teaser. A few years ago I was on the set of a big hit show, where the host got into a verbal argument with a guest. I thought it was real, the guest thought it was real…until cut was called. The guest went up to the host to apologize and make sure they were still cool. The host responds, “Ah, don’t worry, it’s only for the show”. 



Crossfit is a Lifestyle- 60 Days of Crossfit & A Marathon (My Journal)



Crossfit is a Lifestyle

60 Days of Crossfit


A Marathon

My Journal

Written by: Ryan Fu @fu_beatz 

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” – Theodore Roosevelt


After my initial success with my first thirty days of Crossfit, I was feeling good about myself, losing about 14 pounds. I was gaining more confidence about the Crossfit routines but I was nowhere close in mastering all the techniques and learning the proper form for all the lifts. I still enjoyed going to class or just doing the WODs (Workout of the Day) by myself. I love the grind in which the workouts are very intense, just the way I like it because I believe you have to put yourself through a strenuous workout to figure out where your limits are mentally and physically. Right now for me, the physical part of Crossfit is fine because I can deal with the cuts, the bruises, the sore knees, the calluses and the occasional back pain. But the mental part of Crossfit is something I am still getting used to because Crossfit is not all about the workouts, it is about what you do after the workouts, it’s all about the Crossfit lifestyle. Do you take care of your body and eat a clean? Or do you party too much and drink too much? Unfortunately, I was not at the latter and my progress even though I was still in advancing in my workouts, I was falling behind the way I should be living my life, which is the Crossfit lifestyle.



After my 30 days of Crossfit, I was feeling all the physical affects after not missing a class or workout going Monday to Friday. I had a bunch of bruises on my arms and legs. I had sore knees and wrists. That first week after the 30 days, I had incredible lower back pain but I wasn’t going to miss a class, so I decided just to put Icy Hot on my lower backs before class. What a terrible mistake that was? I thought it wasn’t really working, until the middle of the WOD, when I was starting to build up a good sweat, my lower back started to burn. I was in extreme pain because I put way too much Icy Hot on my back but it didn’t stop me from completing the WOD. After that the painful workout, my back hurt less maybe because I experienced something more painful then a little back pain. But it’s never the physical part of Crossfit that is hard for me; it’s always the mental part of Crossfit.


Crossfit is all about finding the best person inside you, through hard workouts that will push your body, finding where your physicals limitations are so you can overcome them. The mental aspect of it is probably the hardest thing about Crossfit. I am going to be honest and say I was failing the standards to what you would a Crossfit lifestyle. I still eating healthy, sticking to the Paleo Diet. No diary, I switched to Milk Almond. No grains, I’ve been eating a salad with protein every meal. No Sugar, that’s a little harder for me because I would eat a small chocolate bar or two every day, but that is not my biggest problem. It is the lack of rest and the alcohol consumption. I am a writer in which I do my best writing during late nights with a glass or two sometimes more of wine. I know in some cases that wine can be healthy for you if you just have a glass of wine a day but I’m going thru at least three bottles a week. I find it that when I’m buzzed, I am more creative in my writing, but I know that is affecting my maximum potential as a Crossfitter and of course finding the better version of me. I have to figure out a better system where I can still be creative in my writing and not affect my Crossfit lifestyle.


Crossfit is not for everyone. It is hard and challenging. If it were easy, the world would be a healthier place. But it’s not easy; it is physically and mentally taxing. It challenges you to break thru your own mental and physical limitations to find the better you. Nothing that is ever worth something to you ever comes easy. You have to go get it and fight for it. I know now that I have to change my lifestyle a bit to maximum my own potential as a Crossfitter and find a better version of myself.

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The L.A. marathon fell on the week after the 60 days, so I decided to run for a charity for my friend who has Peripheral Neuropathy. It is basically a disease that handicaps you from doing anything and you have to stay at your bedside for most of the day.



I decided to run for her and for anyone else who couldn’t run a marathon. Granted, it was a thoughtful idea but it was also moronic because in the last three months the longest I have ever ran was probably five miles. But this is what Crossfit gives to people, the confidence to conquer anything in front of them. Knowing that no matter how much pain and suffering is involved with a certain activity it will never equate to all the days you torture your own self in the gym. Crossfit makes you stronger physically and mentally. I did the race with the thought hopefully running at least 10 miles to raise money for my friend. But I ran it and did 16 miles, raising more money for her.  After 60 days I have lost 20 pounds and felt stronger as ever. Also, I did an extra mile in the marathon, just because the Crossfitter in me wanted to do an extra rep.


It’s all about the lifestyle. 

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