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Epic Fail of the Week – This is what happens when you park in the Handicap spot when you’re not Handicapped



That’s what happens when you park in a handicap spot in Brazil –

Canal BOOM decided to address the issue of handicap parking abuse with a light-hearted prank and covered one illegally parked car with a bunch of Post-It notes.

Do you think it was a great idea to teach the abusive park a lesson? What would you’ve done if you were the guy getting pranked?

Forget Me Not – Vincent Van Gogh (March 1853 – 29 July 1890)


Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Post-Impressionist painter. He was a Dutch artist whose work had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art. His output includes portraits, self portraits, landscapes and still lifes of cypresses, wheat fields and sunflowers. He drew as a child but did not paint until his late twenties; he completed many of his best-known works during the last two years of his life. In just over a decade, he produced more than 2,100 artworks, including 860 oil paintings and more than 1,300 watercolors, drawings, sketches and prints.

Van Gogh was born to upper middle class parents and spent his early adulthood working for a firm of art dealers. He traveled between The Hague, London and Paris, after which he taught in England at Isleworth and Ramsgate. He was deeply religious as a younger man and aspired to be a pastor. From 1879 he worked as a missionary in a mining region in Belgium, where he began to sketch people from the local community. In 1885 he painted The Potato Eaters, considered his first major work. His palette then consisted mainly of somber earth tones and showed no sign of the vivid coloration that distinguished his later paintings. In March 1886, he moved to Paris and discovered the French Impressionists. Later, he moved to the south of France and was influenced by the strong sunlight he found there. His paintings grew brighter in color, and he developed the unique and highly recognizable style that became fully realized during his stay in Arles in 1888.


After years of anxiety and frequent bouts of mental illness, he died aged 37 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The extent to which his mental health affected his painting has been widely debated by art historians. Despite a widespread tendency to romanticize his ill health, modern critics see an artist deeply frustrated by the inactivity and incoherence wrought through illness. His late paintings show an artist at the height of his abilities, completely in control, and according to art critic Robert Hughes, “longing for concision and grace”

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The Truth Hurts – Enuff Z’Nuff



BLW Limited Edition T-Shirt Art Piece from Charles Postell Contest Giveaway!!! – Why you LOVE Life Contest?



BLW Limited Edition T-Shirt Art Piece from Charles Postell Contest Giveaway – Why you LOVE Life Contest?

BLW is proud to present to our fans a chance to win a one of a kind art piece from up and coming artists Charles Postell. Charles has been a media and abstract artist for the last ten years, which you have seen one of kind art pieces in many different publications.

This Limited Edition t-shirt design calledNumchucks from Postell is made out of fabric paint and is totally all hand made. It’s a Men’s Large and made out of Cotton. If you’re a fan of old school martial arts movies, you’d totally love this t-shirt, which Postell only made one of these pieces making it valuable and unique.

00005230 00005232 00005233 00005237

If you want this amazing t-shirt art piece, you must submit an art piece or a story or a poem about why you love life. It can be short or long but it just has the message on why you love life.

Submit your art pieces by typing your link to your submission in the comment section below. So, put your art piece on your site then send us a link so we can check it out. Also, we will post it on BLW so other fans can check out your great art work.

Good Luck!!!

Postell’s Facebook and Website         


Epic Fail of the Week – Woman Freaks out over Chicken McNuggets – Tell your mom to go home…



According to the Associated Press in TOLEDO, Ohio — A security video from a McDonald’s in Ohio shows a woman punching two restaurant employees and smashing a drive-thru window because she couldn’t get Chicken McNuggets.

The tantrum caught on tape in Toledo earlier this year shows the customer reaching through the drive-thru window, slugging one worker and then another. She then grabs a bottle out of her car and tosses it through the glass window before speeding off.

It happened early on New Year’s Day. Police say Melodi Dushane was angry that McNuggets weren’t being served, because it was breakfast time.

Dushane says she was drunk at the time. She was sentenced to 60 days in jail last month and ordered to pay McDonald’s for the broken window.

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The Truth Hurts – Don’t Kill my Vibe


Artsy Fartsy – You’re never too old to tag on a Wall – Meet the Grandmas of Graffiti of Portugal


WOOL is the Urban Art Festival of Covilhã is an organization in Portugal that intends to bring attention to urban art. WOOL also recognizes that due to a global increase in life expectancy rates, the number of aging citizens is increasing and, in order to create interest among this age group, WOOL decided to create an outreach program.


Lata 65 is a highly unusual urban art workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, that teaches elderly women the basics of street art. Although graffiti is generally perceived as a part of youth culture, the workshop has introduced the quirky art form to over 100 senior citizens around the city. It gives groups of elderly women the chance to team up with prominent street artists and literally paint the town red. They bring color and charm to otherwise neglected and run-down neighborhoods, by making their own stencils and creating their own street tags.

Credit: Wimp

Photo Credit: Fast Company

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It’s alright to Sell Out – Halt and Catch Fire Mid Season 2 Review



Halt and Catch Fire Mid Season Review

Spoiler Alert: Nobody admits it, but everyone sells out.

I’ve been a big fan of Halt and Catch Fire ever since it’s freshman season last year, but in its sophomore showing it has not compared to their first standout season. I watched in eager anticipation the first three episodes of H & CF but I was let down because the core group of characters weren’t showing their “A” material during the episodes. Plus, they were all separated with the exception of a few characters but the best part of this show for me at least was when all the characters interacted together creating an interesting storyline. The main four characters are good by themselves but when they are all connected they push themselves into great characters, which in turn creates a great show.

I wasn’t a fan of Halt and Catch Fire anymore.

I was so disappointed with the first three episodes, I decided not to watch it until I talked with an actor who is actually on the show, Joshua Hoover, who plays the wise cracking but lovable character Bodie. He told me that I would actually like where the season was at but I was still skeptical. After watching episode 7, which I totally skipped the last three episodes, I was happy that Josh was right and I was also happy that I was a fan of Halt and Catch Fire again.


Thank Satan for pre-episode trailers telling you what the hell happened in the last couple of episodes. I felt like I knew what was going on with the characters. Like, I think Donna had an abortion at Planned Parenthood or she just got a bunch of condoms, which is a cheap and annoying way to get contraceptives. Her husband, Gordon, has mental and health issues but seems like he is in a good spiritual place getting back together with his nerd crew creating a better version of a portable computer. I’m not sure if Donna told Gordon about the pregnancy but I like how these kids aren’t the boring husband and wife team anymore. It’s super dull when you see people, who have their shit together. This is why I love Joe and Cameron.

Last year, if you put Joe and Cameron in the same room, I would watch them for hours because they were so entertaining but this season they are the polar opposites of themselves as Joe tries to settle down with a normal chick and Cameron actually getting her shit together creating her on company. I was so bummed that these wacky kids weren’t together trying to destroy each other’s lives but fate stepped in to bring this once crazy couple back together. Not as a couple but for a partnership as Joe tries to pitch Cameron to sell Mutiny because it would be beneficial for him and Cameron. It would have been really easy if Cameron just took the offer from Joe, which would have shorten up the season of H & CF, but Cameron still hates the shit out of Joe creating one of best scenes this season as Cameron acts like a Captain of pirate ship. Standing on a filthy congested worktable with Joe’s offer, parading it to the Mutiny crew as if it was a piñata waiting to be destroyed, which in typical Cameron fashion leads the revolt of any disgusting greedy hands of any corporation ruining what she and her merry men of geeks have created. She rips up Joe’s offer right in front of him giving him the Big Sean,

“I don’t F*ck with you!”


Afterwards though, a couple of peeps from Mutiny get a second chance to rethink Joe’s offer literally putting the pieces together finding out that Cameron owns the majority of the company. After a really compelling speech from Joshua Hoover aka Bodie, who usually plays the wise cracking jokester, he goes all Daniel Day-Lewis telling Cameron we don’t all want to drink from that broke ass milkshake anymore, effectively saying, “bitch, we want to get paid.” The crew wants to put it to a vote on if they should sell Mutiny. But in end of the episode Joe tells Cameron that his boss is a prick and he would ruin Mutiny. Cameron changes her mind on selling the company but I want to point out that “selling out” sometimes is a good thing.

I know that Cameron didn’t want to sell Mutiny because she as a great vision for the company but sometimes you have to play the game in order to get or pursue the thing you really want in your life. For example, in the case of Gordon he created that soul less portable computer for Cardiff Electric, which was his vision but it was sorta disfigured because of the amount of people who wanted to change it all because of money.

Money, I believe ruins all creativity.


To create in a hurry just because there is a deadline and you have to meet expectations because of the almighty dollar, absolutely ruins the original vision of your project. I believe you should “Sell Out,” doing what you have to do in order to do the things you really want to without giving a fuck about what other people think or their input because you don’t have the pressures of making a profit. When Gordon “sold out” getting his last check from Cardiff Electric, he finally took some time off figuring out what he really wanted to do, which was to create a better version of a portable computer but the way he wanted to do it without the bullshit pressures of meeting a quota. He finally created something he was proud of all because he sold out. You gotta play the game in order to get out of the game, making your own space for you to peacefully create the vision of what you think your life should be regardless of what people think and without the pressures of money. I’ll tell you right now, I can’t wait to sell out. Where’s that dotted line, here’s my soul.

With that being said, I super glad that Halt and Catch Fire is back, kicking ass and taking names. I’m hoping the following episodes are just as interesting as the first season but I have a feeling that they are going to be because they’re going to “sell out,” in order to please their fans.

Halt and Catch Fire airs every Sunday night on AMC

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Epic Fail of the Week – Harry Potter as a Receptionist



According to Nylon Magazine, a few weeks ago, Daniel Radcliffe stopped by the NYLON offices and sat at the front desk, unbeknownst to staffers and office visitors. The following was written by a NYLON employee, who wishes to remain anonymous. This is her tale.

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