Be your own Hero – How Resilient Are You?


At first glance, these two people seem doomed to failure.He was born in poverty. When his mother died, he dropped out of school to work. He taught himself to read, worked at a series of jobs, and opened a general store with a friend. But his friend was an alcoholic who died, leaving him so deeply in debt he had to auction off all his possessions. He studied law, began practicing, ran for Congress, lost, was elected, then voted out of office. He ran for the Senate, but was defeated twice in a row. Elected president of the United States in 1860, Abraham Lincoln rose above adversity to become one of our nation’s greatest leaders.

She was raised in a dysfunctional family. Her mother rejected her, ridiculing her as “ugly.” Her father was an unstable alcoholic. Bothparents died by the time she was 10, so she went to live with her maternal grandmother and two alcoholic uncles. At 15, she went away to high school, where a wiseteacher recognized and nurtured her strengths. She married a distant cousin, who was later disabled by polio, yet became one of our greatest presidents. Throughout her life, Eleanor Roosevelt persevered, writing, teaching, working ardently for social justice, and after Franklin Roosevelt’s death, served as chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What makes such a difference in some people’s lives? What moves them to transcend adversity, embrace a meaningful identity, and become beacons of hope? Stronger than genetics, external conditions, socio-economic status, or education, it is a power deep within us. The Renaissance called it free will: our power to choose and thereby create our own destiny. Smith and Werner’s (1982) landmark study of at risk children in Hawaii who defied the odds called it “resilience”—the ability to thrive despite adversity. While many of their peers developed ill health, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities, the resilient children, who had at least one positive adult role model, grew up with hope and perseverance, learning to see obstacles as challenges (Karren, Smith, & Gordon, 2014, p. 90; Smith &Werner, 1982).

Resilient people don’t give up or give in. They look forward, neither dwelling on the past nor blaming others. Instead of complaining, they ask “What can I do about it?”

In their new book, Supersurvivors (2014) David Feldman and Lee Kravetz offer dramatic accounts of men and women who’ve overcometraumatic experiences to become even stronger, more hopeful, more successful than before. Models of resilience, they demonstrate the remarkable potential of the human spirit.

How resilient are you? You can mobilize your own resilient assets by focusing on mentors and role models, connecting with your own sources of hope and inspiration, and taking positive action, one step at a time.

Credit: Diane Dreher, Ph.D.


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Be Like Bacon – Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power)



Be Like Bacon – Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power)

10583997_10201555644013025_5306087305636759891_n copy

No Woman (or Man), No Cry (Relationship Philosophy) – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards…


Case of the Mondays – Is it that Time on the Month or is it just Rubylicious nail polish?

True Blood – Almost Home (Breaking Bill)


Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Tonight’s episode of True Blood wasn’t that bad, especially when I had a choice of watching TB or the Breaking Bad marathon. I watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad reminding how much I missed this television series. I wondered if I would have the same feelings when True Blood finally makes its final departure this summer. Tonight’s episode was all about letting go of the past and enjoying every second you have time left on this Earth because it’s a short ride.


In the opening scene of the episode Eric finds away to extend the ride a little longer by taking a bite of “The Cure,” Sara Newlin. He gets cured right away leaving Mr. Gus in happy place because he’s going to make new True Blood but not pure TB because it doesn’t make good business sense because it’s all about profit for him. Unlike, Sookie because all she wants is to make Bill feel better but I’m not sure Bill wants to be cured because he knows he has to stop this vicious cycle of pain and suffering.


Other shit happened on the show like we finally found the reason why Tara kept trying to contact her mom, which was to tell her she was sorry for not killing her father because he caused so much pain for her and her mother. Tara wants her mom to quit punishing herself and to finally let go of her because she wants her to live her life. This was quite the opposite of Jason’s former flame, Violet because all she wants is to cause suffering to everyone.

True Blood - Episode 7.08 - Almost Home - Promotional Photo_FULL

As we can see in a scene when Violet captures Jason and brings him to her awesome sex dungeon with Jessica along with the others. She ties up Jason, telling him the horrible things she is going to do to him along with his friends because she is still angry at Jason for betraying her. But lucky for them Hoyt comes to save the day by shooting Violet, causing her True Death. In the aforementioned paragraph above, I totally believe Bill Compton actually wants his True Death unlike the unfortunate Violet.


I believe Bill wants this vicious cycle of pain and suffering to end because in his mind it won’t stop when he gets better. Throughout the season Bill kept reminiscing about his past lives, which he knows if he continues this path, it will only lead him to more pain. Unlike, the character of Walter White on Breaking Bad, Bill knows that he has to die because that’s the only way to stop all the pain and destruction. Walter White on the other hand, wanted to live for as long as possible even though he knew that it was going to cause more harm than good. This whole season I was on the fence if I actually cared about Stephen Moyer’s character, in which this episode opened my eyes about how deep Bill is. Unlike all the vampires, who are trying to do anything possible to live longer, Bill is alright with dying. In his mind, he has lived a long life and this ride has to stop eventually. There’s only two episodes left of True Blood, so I suggest you follow Bill’s advice and enjoy one of the best shows on TV while you can because it’s coming to an end. Also, please live your life to the fullest because once again, it’s a short ride.

Fu’s Observation:

  • Sarah is looking cute as a prisoner. Does anybody else remember Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect? I always will remember her barf, I mean her part in the movie.
  • Was anybody else asleep in that Tara big relieve scene? It was so boring, I’m just glad we don’t have to deal with her again and her boring plot line but it was cool to see a swagged out little Lafayette. Was he wearing FUBU?
  • I really can’t stand Sookie anymore cause she’s such a whiny mouse.
  • Poor, poor Violet. She was just a misunderstood psychopath with the dark heart of gold, which by the way was that a dildo prodding iron?
  • Jason is definitely going to fuck Hoyt’s girlfriend, which by the way this might be the first episode I didn’t see Hoyt brake down and cry like a little girl.
  • I always wonder why is Eric the only Vamp with the power of flight? Are the other bastards not old enough to gain that power because if Bill only knew that he could fly if he just waited a couple of years, I think it would possible persuade his decision about dying. Also, he could finally fly away from that annoying bitch!


Fire in the Hole (You can’t run away from your past)

Death is not the End (A trip down memory lane)

Lost Cause (Lafayette & Pam are the only reasons to watch the show)

Karma (Coming Full Circle)

Maybe the Last Time (Get a piece of that Fairy nookie while you can)


No Woman (Or Man), No Cry…(Relationship Philosophy) – You’re so Naive

Halt and Catch Fire – 1984 (We are the Future)



Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

First off, it wasn’t the greatest season finale I’ve ever seen in my life but it was still good after a season of highs and lows of Halt and Catch Fire. They finally got want they wanted but they paid the price for it as they lost a few team members, most notably Cameron as she leaves Cardiff Electric to open her own company. But at least they created something, which Gordon is totally happy about but I’m not sure Joe is content about their creation as we see his destructive nature in this episode. I’m not sure if the title was just coincidental or the story just happened in the 80’s but you can interpret the episode was about George Orwell‘s 1984, in which the government is trying to control everyone’s future by fear and control. But just like in his classic novel people are bound to rise up because you can’t stop the future as we see in this episode.


I loved the opening scene with Donna and Gordon as they are still dealing with the fallout of Donna’s choices. By far the best acting was from these two as success can solve a married couple’s problem momentarily as they finally see the fruits of their labour from what they created as Gordon gets a piece of the company, a brand new car with a new suit and a shave. But Gordon still doesn’t trust Joe which he shouldn’t as we find out later in episode, so he and Donna hatch a plan out to control Joe but he didn’t even have do it because Joe was going to go with Gordon’s plan because he had no other options because he’s not a creator.

Halt and Catch Fire-1984_0

Donna and Gordon finally see success but is it enough to save their marriage or their souls. Donna happily quits her job at Texas Instruments and just gets high eating Oreos at her house, being bored out of her mind. After a car jack scare, she starts to realize she wants to do more with her life as she joins Cameron’s new company, The Mutiny. Gordon is feeling the emptiness after all his success as we see him in the board table with his lackeys trying to figure out what’s next?

Joe MacMillan is unfortunately in the same position he was in the beginning of the series, which he is still lost and looking for answers. Everyone around him has progress so much but he has not as Cameron bluntly tells him,


“You’re not the future. You’re a footnote. An echo. You’re still that little boy that was thrown off the roof by your mom. Just wasted potential.”

This was the first time Joe didn’t have a snappy comeback because he realized she was totally right about everything. This leads him to question his own existence and question what he actually did in the projection. Which lead him to do what he does best, which is destroying the things he creates as he lights the Cardiff Electric trunk on fire filled with the Giant. In the last scene, we see Joe go on a spiritual adventure trying to figure out who he is or maybe he is still trying to find his estranged mother but either way I can’t wait for season two when he makes his comeback because this can’t be the end of the story for this strong-willed character.

Speaking of a strong-willed character, Cameron Howe shows that she could be a great leader as she starts her own company, The Mutiny with former coders from Cardiff Electric. Her character has a great arch from a person, who had know idea what she wanted to do with her life into a person, who has the vision of the future and now is in charge of people as well as her own future. I just believe the speech from her former boss, Bosworth, just stuck with her as he put people with the money are going to take credit for the future but the credit goes to the people who actually created it. They can’t stop the future. You can see Cameron is done with people telling her what to do in her great speech to her new crew,


“A lot of people want us to fail because we are the future.”

Just like the Cameron, Halt and Catch Fire proved to it’s early doubters that this show can live up to it’s potential. I personally loved watching the series but then again I’m a nerd, so I would basically watching anything, where the characters talked about code all day. Regardless of that I can’t wait for the next season of HCF and I hope this series inspired a few people to create their own “Giant” or start their own “Mutiny,” because potential is finite and the future is coming fast, in which you can’t stop. You either be a part of it or get the fuck out of the way!!!


Fu’s Observations:

  • What happened to the Slingshot? Scrapped for parts. Also, is Bosworth still in jail?
  • VHS – Hahahaha, remember those?
  • I still like Gordon’s Pinto but the Porsche is cool as well. Did he just buy Joe’s Porsche because Joe is riding in a raggy truck now? Also, I loved the decorder ring scene but I wanted Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds to walk in and scream, “Nnneeerrrdddsss!”
  • I just noticed how Cardiff Electric’s secretary is pretty cute…
  • I don’t like Gordon without his facial hair. His beard was his power aka his Giant. I guess I just miss my beard.
  • Best line in the episode: What is Joe’s Kryptonite? Donna: “Casual wear?”
  • I totally agree that Joe deserved that ass kicking speech from Cameron but she took it too far with the mom comment. Hell has no fury from a girl that looks like Mary Stuart Masterson from Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Apple still wins in the end.


Giant (Pressure makes Diamons and weeds out the Timid)

214s (Here’s to the Crazy Ones)

Up Helly Aa

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success

True Blood – Maybe the Last Time (Get a piece of that fairy Nookie while you can)



Art by JadeDragoone

Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Even after all my shit talking about how sub-par the first couple of episodes of this final season of True Blood, it finally just hit me that there only a couple of episodes left. I’m actually feeling kinda sad that it’s not coming back next season even though they are running out of ideas, I still feel sad that it’s not coming back. So, this appropriately entitled episode “Maybe the last time,” quite possibly is the last time will see these great characters. My feeling of sadness was probably due to the fact that they killed Sarah’s hot sister Amber but at least we got to see the return of Hoyt. Everything is coming to a end, in which every character on True Blood is preparing for and we should too because this could be the Last Time.

True Blood – Season 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Complete [Blu-ray] (HBO) [Region Free]


After finding out last episode that Bill has the advance stage of the virus, Sookie calls in a vampire doctor to help Bill, but come to find out that Bill’s condition might be caused by Sookie’s blood royalty. So, she calls for her fairy grandfather for help but gets denied in the end as her grandfather tells her that magic can help sometimes but not this time. So, Sookie decides she is going to stay will Bill until the end and gives him the “fairy nookie,” one last time.


Jason Stackhouse is also trying to get a piece of the nookie from Hoyt’s new girlfriend as Hoyt returns to Bon Tom to see to his mother’s death. Hoyt still doesn’t remember Jason so he doesn’t realize that they have a history together. Jason’s knows this history to well as he tries not to replay the past again by boning Hoyt’s new GF. But I have to admit that microbiologist might be to hot to resist but Jason might not get a chance to ruin Hoyt’s life again because his crazy ex – Violet is planning her revenge by capturing the Sheriffs fairy daughter with her boyfriend in her sex dungeon.


One person I would have loved to see in a sex dungeon was Sarah’s sister, Amber, but she saw the True Death this episode after Eric saw a piece of Sarah in Amber. Before her untimely death, she told Eric and Mr. Gus that Sarah is ‘”the cure.” Mr. Gus decides to make a deal with Eric that if he captures Sarah and not kill her, they will save him making an anecdote for vampires as they will make new “True Blood.” Eric is hesitates to take the deal because he doesn’t just wants to kill Sarah but Pam pleads with him to take the deal, which he does but I’m not sure you can trust an Asian with a 10 gallon hat with snake skin boots.


Whatever happens in the end you can bet that Sarah Newlin will get what she deserves, which might be already happening because she is starting to lose her shit. Fantasizing about Jason Stackhouse, her late vampire husband and her recent spiritual guru. In her fucked up vision, everyone tells her that she’s going to die tonight but they want her to decide which religion she would chose, which of course Sarah Newlin would selfishly chose herself but I like what the writers did right here especially with the conflict in the Middle East, it’s nice to know even vampires are feeling the affect of the situation in Gaza.

Watching True Blood right now sorta feels like the last days of Summer Camp, which you know you are going to have to say goodbye to all your friends eventually but you just want to live in the moment for as long as you can. I’m done critiquing this show about how its suppose to live up to my own standards of True Blood in which I’m going to stop as I try just enjoy the show and love the ride. Because in the end, it’s just a fucking show and what matters most is if you were fucking entertained by it or not, which I still am.

Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Fu’s Observations:

  • No! Not Sarah’s Sister. She was sooo hot and we didn’t to get to see her naked!!!
  • Hoyt is still a crybaby but I think that works for him as he got him a hot microbiologist in which that is probably that hottest microbiologist I have ever seen in my life.
  • Jason just can’t help himself can’t he? Jason’s penis is sorta like Sookie, just fucking everything and fucking everything up.
  • Violet is a sick puppy but I like it. I wish I had a sex dungeon. Also, did she say a 19th century dildo sword?
  • Weirdest line of the night: Violet, “I used to fuck my brother a lot.” What is this Game of Thrones?
  • Forget about Vampires, Big Brother is watching US!!!
  • That vampire doctor was hardcore also Sookie’s grandfather fairy is kinda of a dick.
  • Is it hotter that Sookie and Bill are actually a couple in real life and they are having sex on camera or is it just whatever. I personally think it’s hotter and they must love that shit.


Fire in the Hole (You can’t run away from your past)

Death is not the End (A trip down memory lane)

Lost Cause (Lafayette & Pam are the only reasons to watch the show)

Karma (Coming Full Circle)

Married vs You’re the Worst – Season 1/ Episode 3 (Giving & Taking)

MARRIED -- Key Art. CR: FX



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Listen, I’m not the guy to give relationship advice from because I was a lazy boyfriend but I do remember one of my criticism from girlfriends I’ve dated was that a relationship is all about giving and taking. Apparently, I was doing most of the taking and not much of the giving. Another criticism of mine was I wasn’t trustworthy especially around their hotter girlfriends. This week’s episodes of Marriage and You’re the Worst deals about all the shit I just talked about above and anal play. (You know you like it!)

The Men


Russ’s wife decides it is better for them if he gets a vasectomy because she doesn’t want any kids anymore but Russ still wants to have sex with her, so he was willing to go Lord Varys aka The Spider! Russ is starting to show that he is a good guy but he’s not that smart but at least he loves his wife.

You’re the Worst

Jimmy shows that he is defiantly a commitment-phobe when Gretchen asks for a key to his apartment in which he gets all weird about then snoops on her phone after she left it at his pad. Jimmy is still not sure what he is doing in this relationship but at least he is showing signs that he is willing to give it a chance with Gretchen by giving her the key to his apartment.

The Women


Lina is super excited that Russ is cutting off his boys in order she can’t make anymore demons anymore. She treats Russ to “hotel sex” in which they finally bone and get some satisfaction!


Gretchen really wants a key to Jimmy’s pad because she feels like they’re getting closer. She even gives him a pass when she finds out that he was trying to snoop on her phone. At her birthday party she finally feels comfortable with her relationship with Jimmy telling her friends including Jimmy’s ex that she is “banging” Jimmy.

Dating For Dummies

The Sex


Blow Job, Missonary, Doggie Style. Anal Play. Very Satisfied.


Shower head anal play. One Blow Job. No intercourse but kinda still satisfied.


Once again, the friends on Married are so much cooler than the You’re the Worst buds. Especially, when we figure out that the other Married couple, Jess ’s husband is the great Paul Reiser from Mad About You. They get into a heated sexting situation with another married couple, which was fucking hilarious.

The Problem


I think they finally resolved one of their problems by getting a vasectomy because they don’t have to worry about having another child.


Jimmy and Gretchen are just going through what all new couples go through, trying to figure out if they can trust each other. It is definitely harder when both of them don’t believe in relationships but I got a feeling if they keep being honest to themselves and each other they might have a better shot in being a couple than other people who are honest to one another.

Three episodes in with Married and YTW, I’m still pleasantly surprised about how both shows are still great things to watch on television. I hope they continue to create fascinating and intriguing shows for all us to talk about the following day. Also, if I ever decide to be in a relationship again I will try to be a better boyfriend by giving more and trusting more. But these are just words, in which actions speak louder. Right now as it stands, I’m still as my ex’s would put it, “The Worst!”

Fu’s Observations:

  • Don’t you just hate it when one of your friends tell you they’re on a juice cleanse. It’s like who gives a fuck? Why don’t you be a normal person and just not eat ;)
  • Paul Reiser was amazing on Married but Brandon Smith is starting be really good on YTW as he challenges the ideas on getting blowjobs from gay men but still being heterosexual.
  • Also, you must watch Brandon Smith on Get On Up as he plays a great Little Richard.
  • I’m starting to feel weird about Jimmy’s ex husband. Why is he so nice and trying to be buds with Jimmy?
  • “Hotel Sex” is the best because you don’t have to clean up afterwards, in which you can be loud and rude.
  • I remember I would leave my cellphone at my girlfriends pad on purpose so she would freak out about all the text messages. I’m the worst.


People are Hell