Poetry & Art – Regrets & Gone Girl by Ryan Fu



Gone Girl





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Leader of the Pack (Business Philosophy) – Be a Trailblazer



SEX: The Spiritual Implication by Eloalota (BLW Contributor) – What are your thoughts on Casual Sex?


Sex is more than just a physical act. There is also a deep spiritual aspect to sex. But you probably knew already, didn’t you? Or at least you may have had an inkling of it in your soul.


whenever two bodies engage in sex, their souls are also united. How is that possible? Well….. Simply put, God made sex. You and i didn’t create it. If you were only a body and not a soul then sex would only be physical. Memo to you: “your soul is immortal and will never cease to exist, no matter what you do with your body.” so….. We don’t get to dictate to God where the boundaries for sex are to be set. That’s his call , and his alone. you have probably heard the saying, “He who has the gold makes the rules.” That may often be the way it plays out on earth, but i have another one for you. “He who created man’s body and soul gets to establish the sexual boundaries of right and wrong.” I am talking about a universal code of conduct that is not based on your strongest sexual desires, but rather, upon God’s authoritative word.so where is that place that souls go during sex? Actually, there are three places souls can go…..and only three.

The first place, the bible calls this place “the marriage bed.” (Hebrews 13:4) this is the only way your soul can enjoy “safe sex”. It is the only place God has sanctioned and chosen to bless. The other two places where many souls connect during sex will bring a curse and not a blessing.

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Wake Up Call – It’s alright to ask for Directions



The Truth Hurts – Life has no Life Perservers



Artsy Fartsy – Do you have Faith in Humanity? – Art Pieces by Banksy



Dorothy Police Search

Banksy’s Dorothy Police Search canvas is yet another piece featuring a pop-culture figure to help express a message. Much like the beginning portion of the Wizard of OZ, the piece is in typical Banksy style, done in a black and white stencil. The only exception to this is the officer’s gloves, which are presented in a blue-latex material.

In the piece, Banksy creates this 2D storyline. It appears that the police official is stopping Dorothy without probable cause. The blue-latex gloves handling the basket imply the officer is searching for something. Dorothy and Toto’s efforts to get home are being delayed by the search.


I Remember When All This Was Trees

Location: Detroit, Mich.

Banksy’s take on Detroit created somewhat of a firestorm. The work originally stood on a brick wall outside of the Packard Plant in Detroit until members of the 555 Gallery took it upon themselves to dismantle the newly discovered piece. The work of the anonymous artist was then transported to the gallery in southwest Detroit. Since the piece was put up on the downtrodden remains, however, no one could truly claim ownership of the work.

The piece is a take on Detroit’s financial deprivation, quite evident by the placement of the work. The Packard Plant has fallen into abandon since the automotive market left Detroit. The words “I remember when all this was trees” stands beside a dejected child, referring to the scene of many squatters and homeless individuals within the Packard Plant.

Credit: Complex

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Happy Flashback Friday!!! – The Thrill Is Gone (Rest in Peace) B. B. King


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Hilary Duff wants to find love on Tinder – Are you on Tinder? How do you feel about using Apps or Dating internet sites to find love or dates?



Don’t get me wrong, as a single guy I love technology and any tech that gets to meet new single hot women is a plus for me. So, when I heard Hilary Duff aka Lizzie McGuire was on Tinder I was super excited, but let’s face it, even though she says she wants to date a normal guy, there’s no chance. 

According to USA Today, she downloaded Tinder as a joke with all of her friends.

She told Ryan Seacrest that she’s gone out with her first Tinder dude, Tom, to a bowling alley. He brought a friend and she brought friends, because, as she said, “I had my Tinder training wheels for my first date.”

Though Seacrest was dubious about the dating app, telling Duff, “It’s never gonna happen. You cannot meet the love of your life on Tinder,” Duff is still going for it and wants to fall in love. And probably not with an actor.

Already, she has a date planned with another regular guy. She told Seacrest she’s going to this one solo, and she’ll call in to the show Thursday to report back.

 Are you on Tinder? How do you feel about using Apps or Dating internet sites to find love or dates?

Photo Credit: All Voices

Money on my Mind – The Psychology of Blowing Your Money


The psychological factors that encourage people to waste their hard earned wealth and a hidden (and enormous) benefit of precious metals ownership. This is a great video about how we all use our money and how advertising affects us on our decisions on purchasing goods or services. 

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