True Blood – Karma (Coming Full Circle)


Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

This week’s episode was a lot better than last week’s because it showed how people deal with death differently. Some people try to get their affairs in order so they can pass on it to the people they love while other people try to finish their goals before their time expires. This is the case with Bill Compton, finding out that he has an advance case of the virus, trying to figure a way to give everything he has to Jessica while Eric and Pam are to trying to get their revenge on Sarah Newlin. All the characters on the show are finding a way to deal with their own morality in a positive or negative way.


Bill finding out last episode that he has an advanced version of the virus quickly realizes that he has to leave everything he has to his progeny, Jessica, but he encounters a shark for a lawyer that is trying to extort money from him from him which leads Bill to kill her. Bill is not the only person to know of his sickness as Jessica finds out and tells Sookie, which leads her to get checked at a clinic. Of course, she finds out she is carrying the virus that caused Bill to be sick. Sookie feels terrible that she caused this horrible situation for Jessica and Bill. Sarah Newlin also feels sorta responsible for her actions.


After she causes her parents deaths, she comes crawling back to her “hot” vampire sister telling her that it was the “old me, this is the New-me.” Of course, her sister doesn’t believe her bullshit but tells her something that changes her tune. Turns out Sarah drank the antidote to the virus, making her the cure to the sickness, which I’m not sure that Eric and Pam with their new corporation partner, Mr. Gus knows that but I feel that’s the reason why the Yakuza are desperately trying to find her. Mr. Gus might be motivated to bring back “honor” to his family business before he dies while Eric is just trying to finish what he started.


Lafayette is facing a similar situation with his “crazy” Auntie because she believes that Tara is trying to communicate with her. So, Lafayette gives it a shot by letting his new boyfriend give his blood to him and his Aunt. They get high on the blood, which let’s them find Tara but they can’t figure out what she is trying to communicate with them. But at least Lafayette knows now that his Auntie is just part-time crazy not full-time, which there is a difference.

Whether it’s vampires, werewolves or humans, we all have to face death one day but I always believe you live the most before you die because you know it’s the end. I really liked this episode tonight, which I hope they set the same standards on the final episodes coming up. I know I kinda shitted on a couple of episodes of TD this season, but when you love something that you know that it’s about to end, you want to remember why you loved it so much, you want to remember the best part of it. This is the same way with death because you want to remember best parts of your love ones life because they will be forever in your memories.


Fu’s Observations:

  • Hell has NO fury like a woman scorned. Roses are red, Violet can be really VIOLENT.
  • Is that snake on Tara, the same snake that was used on the Britney Spears music video?
  • I really like the Asian cowboy look. I gotta buy me a 10-gallon hat ASAP!
  • Sarah’s sister is sooo smoking hot, thank goodness the producers thought she was too hot to kill.
  • This whole episode made me want to go to the clinic to check my own self out, especially after a week of debauchery at Comic Con.
  • Nobody felt bad when the lawyer died, I mean no one…


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Halt and Catch Fire- 214s (Here’s to the Crazy Ones)



Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward. Maybe they have to be crazy. While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

This was a quote from Apple’s Think Differently ad that was headed by Steve Jobs, one of the most influential and innovate person in the technology field. People thought he was crazy to do things other people weren’t doing at the time but he knew that it was going to be the future. And in this episode of Halt and Catch Fire, we get the feeling that you can’t stop the future. You are either are a part of it or you get left behind in the past. What are you willing to do to be successful or be part of something great? The characters on the show want it so bad they are willing to embezzle, steal and lie in order to succeed, which you can’t blame them. Everyone wants to be seen as a winner one time in his or her lifetime.


John Bosworth is an old-school businessman, who has built Cardiff Electric into regional power. He was happy in his place in the world until Joe came into his world and turned everything upside down. But what really messed him up was the thought of being part of something great like creating the first portable computer aka The Giant. At first, he could care less if the team actually created the machine but after seeing the potential of the project, he is absolutely on board now. He is willing to have his marriage crumble and he is willing to sell his own house to complete this project. In this episode, we find Bosworth is “all in”, with the project as we find out that he and Cameron hacked into a national bank to embezzle money to keep the company afloat while creating The Giant. Bosworth is willing to go to jail because he believes in the future, just like Gordon.


Gordon looks like he’s back in a good place ever since last week’s episode, where he was falling apart because of the pressures he was dealing with to create this great invention. After listening to a couple of self help tapes, he is back to his confident self again even after learning he wasn’t going to Comdex, he is still resolute about going to Comdex especially when the FBI shows up to arrest John Bosworth for embezzling money and shuts down the office. Gordon goes back later that night to steal back his property because he’s is a man with a plan and he’s going to go through with it regardless if everyone thinks he’s crazy including his wife. He’s doing this for the best interest of his family, unlike Joe, who is only doing it to prove to his father that he can succeed without his help.

After hearing that Bosworth embezzled because the company ran out of money and learning that IBM is also creating a portable computer he decides to face his father for answers. This time his father tells him the truth about IBM’s computer along with the reasons why his father took his mom out of his life. Joe’s dad thought it was in his best interest that he shouldn’t be around his mom because she was lost. Joe’s dad even tells him that he’s more like him, which I totally agree with because they’re both assholes that are willing to step over body after body to complete their goals. I did love Joe’s dad speech about being a “dreamer” is all about hardwork. His dad’s pitch sold Joe in coming back to IBM to lead the portable computer program, turning his back to the people who made his dream into a reality. Joe is willing to turn his back to his friends in order see this creation come to life, which is kinda sleazy but I totally understand, it’s the future.


Thankfully, Gordon was ballsy enough to stop Joe in his tracks giving him a motivating speech that they have to go to Comdex to prove people wrong and be a part of something great without the help of his father. They sell Joe’s Porsche and head to Comdex into the unknown future.

Fuck! Personally, I think this is exciting television. I didn’t care about what the naysayers said about this show that it isn’t going know where and how the characters weren’t lovable. I had a feeling that the show was going to prove them wrong. To which, how can you not fall in love with the characters now? They are willing to give up their live hoods to chase their dreams. Isn’t that the “American Dream?” I still have to believe if you believe in something and if you work hard enough, all your dreams with come through, but I guess you can call me crazy…


Fu’s Observations:

  • I think Bosworth needs to “Call Saul.” (Sorry for the BB reference)
  • Isn’t office sex just the best? Also, Joe and Cameron are using protection right? Although, them being parents would be a great spin-off show.
  • I totally believe in self-help tapes. No joke, check out and listen to Tony Robbins, it’s a game and life changer.
  • I love the reference when Gordon entered Joe’s crib saying that he already left to only find out that this is how he lives.
  • Comdex sounds like a God damn sex convention for nerds!
  • Joe’s Porsche was cool but I would have loved to ride in Gordon’s orange, reddish Pinto.

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True Blood – Lost Cause (Lafayette & Pam are the only reasons to watch the show)



Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

After the great episode “Fire in the Hole” a few weeks ago, True Blood has gone back to its mediocre ways, showing why the show decided to make this season the final one for True Blood. Basically, they have run out of fucking ideas. They even went the sleazy way for shock and awe this episode with Lafayette having sex with Jessica’s bi-curious boyfriend. I literally do not give a fuck about Sookie or the rest of the assholes in Renard Parish. The only “saving grace” of this final season of True Blood is Pamela and Lafayette because they seem they are the only ones that get it.

In the midst of the whole world falling to pieces, Pamela decides to find her one true love, Eric Northman, in which last season he abandoned her but she is willing to forgive him because she sees the whole picture. She gives him hope to live again. That hope was to get sweet and delicious revenge on Sarah Newlin, who that caused so much pain to her and everyone else this season. After, Eric releases Willa she gives them vital information of where Sarah could be, which is in Dallas along with fascinating details of her vampire sister. They go to Dallas to find her sister in which Sarah’s sister tells them, where Sarah will show up, which is their parent’s Republican party in Dallas. They play dress up as “Republican Assholes” as Pam tells Eric,


“Do I look like a Republi-cunt?”

How do you not fall in love with her? Even Eric got a chuckle after that remark. Besides, Lafayette I think Pam has the best one liners this season in which she delivers it in such a confident and bitchy way, which is so sexy. At the party they spot Sarah’s father but they can’t find her mom, so Eric tells Pam to find Sarah’s mom to which Pam responds,

“How am I supposed to do that? All these bitches look the same.”

Just like Pam, Lafayette like he’s done all season delivers the brutal truth to everyone this episode. When pouty face/ everything revolves around me Sookie tells Lafayette she feels depressed and alone, he decides to throw a party to celebrate people’s death instead of being sad. Of course, Debbie Downer, Sookie tries to spoil everyone’s fun but Lafayette tells her death should be celebrated and not to thought as being dark and sad, which I couldn’t agree with him more. Just like life, death should be a joyous occasion for everyone.

You can see in this episode how Lafayette is the emotional glue to many of characters in True Blood. Even though, he’s not perfect by any means, he recognizes his shortcomings and he is alright with them. He is also fine with other people’s shortcomings. In aforementioned sleazy bag scene where the writers and producers had nothing else to bring to the table, they decide to have Jessica’s boyfriend cheating on Lafayette. Jessica is pissed which her bi-curious BF tries to explain but she wasn’t having it.


Jason tries to comfort her in scene which I found totally gross where they talked about if they were gay or not, which I thought, does that even fucking matter in world filled with monsters? I would think people in this universe would be more used to same-sex relations because you’re totally cool with vampires and people shifting into rats. Who the fuck cares if Lafayette is gay or not? The only thing that matters is that he is trying to find love like everyone else. As he tells Jessica in a great speech, that she should leave her boyfriend if you don’t really love him and that he also deserves to find someone to love him.

The best scenes in this episode totally belonged to Pam and Lafayette because they are just themselves, which we love them for it. They don’t try to be someone else because it’s not in their nature. I think they are the only characters on the show with a level head on their shoulders. Of course, there were other things that happen in this episode but really? Who the fuck cares? I mean even the devout True Blood fan can see this show is going further into Hell. Seriously, the only reason once again to watch the final season of True Blood is for Lafayette and Pamela.

Fu’s Observations:

-       I loved Lafayette’s bedazzled sleeveless jean jacket with his name on the back. He’s totally keeping 💯

-       Who knew the Lafayette was a “Top.”

-       Bill is dying, thank Satan! I always thought he was boring, he’s always so sad of being sorta still living.

-       Sarah’s sister is kinda hot! I’d hit her infected Ass.

-       Poor, poor Ginger. Not even a blowjob 😭

-       Eric went Kamikaze on the Yakuza!

-       Sam Merlotte’s baby mama is a bitch. It’s like they saved her life and no she’s talking shit even though she’s carrying a Shifter’s baby. Go back home to Los Angeles where the real weirdos live!

-       Beck’s Lost Cause is a great closing song for this WHOLE show because it’s a Lost Cause…💔

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Married Vs You’re the Worst Review (People are Hell)




Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

It’s summer time again, which you know what that means? Love is in the air or something to that affect when you mix horny people with tons of alcohol and no inhibitions. The summer TV line up is in full affect and I’m going to do a review on two of the shows that I think deserve your precious beach time: Married and You’re The Worst. One show is about people dealing with the drama of being married and the other is dealing with the drama of being not married all of which is what is in the heart of all relationships, can we stand to be with the one we are with? Paul Sartre once said, “People are Hell,” which quite possibly these shows might prove him right.

The Men

Married star, Russ Bowman played Nat Faxon is a stay at home dad that has three cute girls and a hot wife. He seemingly has everything that a grown man wants but it seems he is a bit bored and a bit horny. He tries to use the “Hallpass” that his wife gives him but fails miserably at it causing more harm than good. He seems like a good guy, but he might be just stupid enough to ruin his life. We’ll see.

You’re the worst star; Jimmy played by Chris Geere is an unhappy writer that is not meeting his own potential, which I can totally understand. Because he is not happy in his work life he takes it out on people. You can feel that someone hurt him a long time ago, which this is why he puts his guard up with new people, even though he speaks his mind with everyone. Kinda of asshole but I always feel like assholes are misunderstood but we’ll see in the following episodes.

The Women

Married star, Lina Bowman played by Judy Greer is so sweet and loving. She fucking gives her husband a fucking “Hallpass!” I can’t hate on her for anything but I wish more women were open minded like her character. She loves her husband, she loves her family and she is willing to do anything to keep it together.

You’re the worst star, Gretchen played Aya Cash is so fabulous fucked up in a great way. She has a job in which I’m not sure she loves it or not. She is kinda just searching like the rest of us trying to make sense of it all. Occasionally, she might have a one-night stand or two or three then do copious amounts of drugs but hell, it’s called “life” people. We’re here to experience it not to watch it on the bench. She’s a good girl trapped in Rihanna’s body.

The Sex

Married:  Jerked off Twice under the sheets. Made out with a waxer and got to 2nd base but that’s about it. Mad frustrated.

You’re the Worst:  Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Missionary, Doggie, a bit of hair pulling and phone sex, but no anal because it’s the first episode. Crazy satisfied and thirsting for more.

The Problem

Married:  It’s totally husbands fault for being a man.

You’re the worst:  They’re both each other’s problems in which they might be each other’s answers.

The great French existentialists Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “People are Hell.” It was metaphor from his play No Exit where Sartre postulated that when we think of ourselves, we use knowledge of us that other people have. We judge ourselves with the means other people have and use to judge ourselves. And, others’ judgments about us are in whatever we say about ourselves. Thus, if relations with someone else are twisted or destructive then that other person can only be hell. I totally understand Sartre view about how we cause each other’s suffering but that’s how you grow as a person. Plus, I know the value of being alone to get know yourself but I know from experience it’s a lot better when experience a great moment in your life when you’re surround by people who love you.

These are two great summer shows that people should watch whether you are married or single because it shows the reality of what it means to be in a relationship in this day of age.

Fu’s Observations:

-       Does ear hair really bother women that much?

-       Hallpasses should be extended out to non married people.

-        Guys, what is our fascination with dick pics? I’m mean I know we love our own shit but do we always have to mass social media it all the time? 

-       I got a feeling that puppy is not going to last long. I know I’ve killed a few Betta fishes in my day. 

-       I’m not gay, I’m English line I thought was the best line until Gretchen said she started a fire to get out of math class.

-       I have never spit on anyone’s private parts and I think I would have been offended if you would have spitted on my junk!

The Bridge – Ghost of a Flea (Second Base Fail)


Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Forgive me for the baseball analogy but with MLB’s All-Star game and the ESPYs going on, I can’t help but reference, an epic fail on the part of a character on tonight’s episode. We will save that awkward moment in the end of this review because it holds a special place for me in my twisted heart. Right now I want to talk about how this show is getting worse and going much more slower than watching two non-offensive baseball teams go at it. The only “Saving Grace” for this show is the deliciously, dark and twisted Franka Potente playing Eleanor, the psycho female version of Mister Rogers.

Let’s get into the less exciting part of the episode, which of course I would be talking about Diane Kruger’s character Sonya. They get a lead at a taxidermist, which they find a dead body and a stuffed dog. Watching Sonya looking at the flesh-eating beetles, I wondered if it would have been more exciting just watching the beetles for the rest of the show. Apparently, the stuffed dog along with the body was connected to the FBI, which agents show up telling Sonya and her Chief that this is their case but they are willing to share. But really the FBI has ulterior motives because they want all the credit for breaking the case. Also, the Chief feels like Sonya’s new BF has ulterior motives as he tells Jack Dobbs to stay away from Sonya.

The Bridge - Episode 2.02 - Ghost of a Flea - Promotional Photo

Marco is not having a better time at work as well as his buddies at work play a joke on him, which was not funny to Marco as he beats the cop, who played the prank on him at the police station. He gets more bad news as he is assigned to a new case coming from the orders of the cartel. The good news is he’ll be working with Sonya again, which I believe they are much more of entertaining as a duo then a apart because Marco is just a mess by himself and Sonya is simply not watchable. But I could watch Franka Potente play Eleanor all day along because she is so damn captivating as female villain.

The episode opens up with Eleanor half naked asking for help from young boys, which one of them decides to leave but one decides to help the heavily tattooed Eleanor. The young boy, Kyle, wants to call the cops but Eleanor grabs him telling him if he’s seen “Grace” and the lights. Kyle is totally confused until Eleanor grabbed his “Sandlot” telling Kyle if he wants him to touch her breasts he has to help her. Let’s keep it real, if I was Kyle I would have totally help Eleanor which he does bringing her to his house. He feeds her and give her clothes but Eleanor doesn’t like the choice of outfit that Kyle brought telling Kyle,

“I don’t wear pink. I don’t look good in pink. Pink are for whores and little girls who are trying to be princesses.”

Do you see why I like her? She is not afraid or maybe she’s not capable of doing or saying the right thing in front of normal people but she’s the best part of the show right now. Kyle is determined to drink her “Milkshake” so he drives her to her storage place. While inside the dark storage place with plastic on the floor, Kyle asks why Eleanor has so many tattoos, as she responds to his question,

“Marks for all the demons I’ve known”


She unzips her top and shows her goodies to Kyle, which he finally gets what he wants but it leads to his death. I remember the first time I got to second base with a girl; it was with my next-door neighbor Janet. I wanted it bad, so when the opportunity came I literally jumped on it but her parents caught me in the act which in turn got me in trouble with my parents and I caught a horrible beating from my dad from it but all I was thinking about was Janet’s glorious boobs.

Tonight’s episode was marginally better than season opener but not by much. Hopefully with Marco getting back together with Sonya it will be more exciting. There needs to be more scenes with Eleanor because you never know what she’s going to do next and that’s exciting!

Fu’s Observations

-      God I hate Diane/Sonya’s faded snakeskin leather jacket! It just looks so dirty.

-      At least Marco is getting laid unfortunately he’s still not into practical jokes

-      The Scooby-Doo reporter with Velma is still the weakest part of the show.

-      I think taxidermists get a bad rep; they all can’t look like they’re the bad guys in a James Bond movie.

-      I can see Sonya as an interior designer.

-      What was the deal with FBI agent and his thing for the miniature mythical creatures? I’m Shrek fan myself.

-      Eleanor has no kitchen etiquette, drinking straight out of carton of milk, although a girl has to get her Vitamin D…emons.

-      The next time you enter a dark place with the floors covered in plastic remember to get out of there fast because nothing good is going to happen.

-      I totally want to see Eleanor in a Pink outfit now maybe even in a pink princess dress with tiara and a Sailor Moon wand just covered in blood.

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Halt and Catch Fire – Giant (Pressure makes Diamonds and it weeds out the Timid)



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

I’ve been regularly watching the show Halt and Catch Fire ever since it premiered a while ago but I didn’t want to do a review because I thought it was just an O.K. show. I loved the premise of young up and comers trying to make a difference in the world, which is dominated by the old guard. They want to revolutionize the idea of the computer making it more accessible for everyone not just for the wealthy or for corporations. They see the beauty and vision behind their idea. But do they have the fortitude and courage to accomplish their goals? This is the reason why I decided to write a review about the series because of this great episode coincidentally entitled “Giant” because what they are trying to accomplish is enormous. In this episode as well in real life when people face a huge adversity they either rise to the challenge or fall to the wayside.


Joe MacMillan meets with a former male flame, Simon, to design his computer layout. As Simon tries to explain how the designs have to be much more bolder because they have to be different from it’s competitors. But Gordon, the computer engineer for their invention, thinks it is too much and can’t be done. Which makes Simon subsequently leave the meeting as we can see there is much more at stake than a mobile computer between Joe and Simon. As Simon still has feelings for Joe as he asks about Joe’s new love interest Cameron, a brilliant computer programmer. Joe has to find a new designer in a hurry and meets another one a strip club. They come to terms to a deal then the designer makes derogatory remark about Joe’s sexually, which leads Mr. Bosworth, Joe’s boss, to punch the designer in the face.

Mr. Bosworth is also feeling the pressure in trying to make this invention happen because he realizes that they are starting to run out of money for their projection. He tries to talk to his own boss for own money but gets turned down. Bosworth tries to explain to his boss that innovation takes risk because he is starting to see the project’s vision. He his willing to put up his own house and leave his own wife to make this dream into a reality. In the beginning I thought Mr. Bosworth didn’t really care for the future, but now I think he doesn’t want to be left behind.

Cameron goes to a photo gallery trying to smooth things over with Simon trying to make him come back to do the designs but Simon gives Cameron a rude awakening that Joe will eventually leave her because he gets bored easy. This leads Cameron to get drunk as Joe shows up as well trying to get back Simon’s designs. Joe tries to hard sell him but Simon is too smart for that telling Joe,

“When I met you, you know what I longed for? The day when we would get to work together, when we finally had something that would be worthy.”

“And that thing is an IBM clone?”

But in the end it wasn’t Joe’s smooth tactics or salesmanship that leads to Simon to give up his designs. It was because that Simon is sick and he doesn’t have much time. He wants to give Joe his designs to build something great because he wants to be remembered for creating and being a part of something great.


Meanwhile, Gordon is starting to feel the pressures from this huge task at hand, which his whole family is starting to feel his pressure as well. His own wife doesn’t believe that he has the courage to finish the job causing her to doubt him and their relationship, leading her to make a pass on her own boss at work. Gordon on the other hand is falling apart mentally and physically, cutting himself on his hand and telling tall tales to his kids while he’s drunk, telling a story about a farmer that created a “Giant” then the idea was stolen by P.T. Barnum. Gordon feels like the farmer in the story and he doesn’t want his idea to be ripped off by anyone. This leads him in a crazy dig for the actual “Giant” in his own backyard as his wife unexpectedly showed up after she kinda cheated on him asking what the hell he was doing? Gordon calmly but insanely responds,

“I’m looking for the Giant.”

I’ve read the reviews for Halt and Catch Fire saying the characters are not likeable and there seems to be a feeling like there is not going to be a happy ending for the series, which I totally agree with but how can you say you don’t like the characters now because they are so open and fragile. You want them to succeed because they’ve gone thru horrible shit. Of course, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a happy ending right now but that’s why you continue to watch it because you are pulling for the characters to succeed especially crazy ass Gordon. I love watching and reading about people who are willing to do anything different and creative in order to make something new in the world. But the vision is not enough as the great Bruce Lee eloquently puts it,

‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’

Fu’s Observations –

-       Cameron is a bit of a kleptomaniac.

-       I totally forgot about how being Gay and AIDS were still taboo in the 80s

-       Gordon’s wife, Donna, I’m loving her stripper name Susan Fairchild. I can see her in Strokers.

-       If Gordon actually found the “Giant” what then?

-       I agree with Simon about how the pictures were really boring.

-       How can you possibly get bored with crazy-ass Cameron? She is either raising hell every chance she gets or scaring little children.

-       Does Joe like Cameron because of her boyish looks aka “Dude, looks like a lady.” (See that 80s remark, I try.)

True Blood – Death is not the End (A trip down memory lane)



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Well this episode wasn’t that great compared to last week’s episode but it was still entertaining, which is the point am I right? You don’t watch a vampire show to have a philosophical debate about life the following day with your friends. But tonight’s episode tried to do both as the title of the episode suggests that both human and vampires are starting to realize there is much more after death in which it is more than the act itself. It is a transition to one place to another, if you believe in that of course. But Eric and Pam aren’t thinking about that as they try to search for Sarah Newlin for revenge.

In Eric’s cool private plane he informs the crew and Pam that they are going to Shreveport, Louisiana instead because he has unfinished business there and he needs to talk to his progeny, Willa before he dies to set things straight, telling Pam,

“Let’s take a trip back down memory lane.”


In a flashback we see Eric and Pam get forced by the Magister to run a small video business in Shreveport. Upon entering the establishment, both of them had a look of melancholy and disdain at their new work environment. But the fun kept rolling as the Magister showed them the basement where apparently they had the largest adult video section in Louisiana, as the Magister says,

“Humans love their porn.”


The Magister also tells them a fun fact about the basement, which has a secret Underground Railroad used by African slaves. That fact will be useful information for Eric and Pam in the future. Before the Magister leaves he tells both of them that they are being watched day and night, so they have to run the business. In another flashback we see how Ginger came into the picture with Eric and Pam, which she was vampire geek. She eventually gets a job working at the video store, which she has a great idea of making the video store into a night club calling it “Fangtasia” but unfortunately Pam glammered Ginger into thinking that Pam had the original idea for the nightclub. Other characters in the episode might have to also be glammered in forgetting about their horrible pain due to the deaths in last week’s episode.


As Jason and Sookie have to inform their love ones that one of their family members passed away. Jason calling Hoyt Fortenberry in Anchorage, Alaska informing his momma got killed by vampires which he still doesn’t remember his friendship with Jason. Sookie had to call Alcide’s dad telling him that he died in which Alcide’s dad tells Sookie that Alcide “fucking loved her.” Another person in the episode that has to be comforted is Jessica because we find out the reason why she hasn’t eaten in months. She feels guilty for killing people because that’s her nature which Sookie and Lafayette have to help her out because they need her help tonight against the infected vampires to safe the rest of the humans.


Jason tries to amp up the troops with his speech but it’s falling on well experienced dead ears as Bill tells Jason he was there in the Battle of Normandy, where the beaches we were stained for decades from the blood of the battle. Eric and Pam show up to the party to help Sookie out which Pam is not too excited about. Everyone finds out that Eric is infected but Sookie is still relieved that he is still alive. Everyone gears up and heads into the battle.

This is where that fun fact about the Underground Railroad comes into play as Sam Merlotte uses his “shifter” powers and becomes a rat to check out if the humans are still alive. The non-infected vampires position themselves to strike as once again Sookie tries to be the hero again using her “Ferry Milkshake” distracting the infected vampires but it didn’t matter as the Town Mob crashed the party and caused totally havoc. In the end all the infected vampires died along with the Townies and none of the good guys died with the exception of Arlene almost dying. Arlene almost joined her former lover in the next life but with the help of vampire blood, she lived.


Once again this episode didn’t top last week’s episode but it was still fucking entertaining. I believe that’s the point when you watch a show because there are so many choices nowadays, it is amazing with our short attention span that we would actually sit down and watch a hour long episode. But True Blood did its job, entertaining all of us in which tonight’s episode might lead to a discussion about life after death with your friends. I wasn’t going to write reviews for True Blood until I saw that great episode last week. It reminded me why I love this show and I hoping in the final episodes it will show me again why so many people love this show.

Fu’s Observations

-       I fucking love Pam’s eye roll. She’s like that bitchy/ hot high school chick that didn’t give you the time of day

-       I really miss Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. I mean it’s cool that we don’t have to leave our house to rent a movie but I miss going to the video store and just perusing down the aisles, touching and looking at the titles.

-       We Humans really love our Porn. Look up Nugget Porn in your own discretion

-       Poor Ginger. Can she least get credit for that ugly chair/Throne?

-       Arlene’s kids are brats. I would have gone to the other side just not to deal with these demons.

-       I thought Jason Stackhouse’s speech was EPIC. Bill is still an ASSHOLE!

-       Of course, I would be traveling around the world in my G-5 vampire plane.

-       I always wondered if Sam Merlotte could change into mythical creatures like a dragon or is he just cursed to change into house pets?

-       Can we please have Hoyt come back! I miss mascara wearing vampire-loving ass. Also, why Alaska again? Because the vampire hate the cold?

-       The Underground Railroad passage has many uses such as an exit or entrance for slaves, vampires and embarrassed adults.


True Blood (S7-03) Fire in the Hole – “You can’t run from your past”



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Originally, I wasn’t going to write reviews about True Blood because I felt the last couple of seasons have been kinda weak. When I found out it was going to be the last season of True Blood, I felt like I should see it through to the end because I am still a fan of the show even though it hasn’t been up to par for the last couple of seasons. The first two episodes of the series finale were pretty boring to me with the same story lines over and over again but with a twist with one of the main characters dying, which was Tara played by Rutina Wesley. I always felt like in order to be a good show, the writers have to take risks which means they would have to kill off beloved characters sorta like Game of Thrones. But even with the idea of characters being killed off it still wasn’t up to True Blood standards until this episode, coincidentally called Fire in the Hole.


The episode opens up with the Sara Newlin hiding out in a wellness retreat doing yoga. The first monologue coming from the yoga guru “fired me up” out of the gate.

“You are not your past. You are in the now. You are here in the now. The world around you disappears. You’re a universe on to yourself.”

What a crock of shit! I would have politely excused myself and rolled my mat, leaving that house of lies behind me. Of course, you are you’re past! Whether it was good or bad you are a collection of past decisions because those decisions made who you are now. Without making those decisions you wouldn’t have gain all that knowledge from the choices you’ve made.


For example in this episode Sookie takes matter in her own hands by making Bill help her out by stopping the rogue sick vampires. Bill himself knows that he can’t run from his past anymore as he thinks about his former family. Sookie knows she was the power to make this all stop and doesn’t want to get anyone else hurt but she even knows you can’t keep everyone safe. She gets herself into danger with the sick vampires but of course she gets rescued once again by her friends. But no good deeds get unpunished as her lover Alcide played by Joe Manganiello gets killed in the rescue. Sookie gets offered to turn him but she knows the consequences in that choice as she truthfully says,

“I’ve been down that road.”

An example of someone who lives in the now and doesn’t care about their past would be Lafayette, who recently just lost his sister. His usual way of coping like in the past is by getting fucked up but it seems like he’s bringing Jessica’s new boyfriend down with him on the Titanic. This is a good example why the yoga teacher’s speech is totally false because if Lafayette just realized that he is just replaying a vicious cycle he could help himself but he doesn’t want to do that as he says,

“Fuck the past, it’s all useless. It’s about the now.”

The second part of the supposed yoga guru’s speech was about how the world around you would disappear if you believe this idiotic philosophy about the past not being a part of you. You’re a universe on to yourself.

Bullshit. The world doesn’t disappear or go away when you fuck up. You don’t become this new person because adopt a new philosophy. If you believe in that then it would seem like you are running away from your past and do not want to deal with the choices you’ve made. But we all know we can’t stop death, taxes and karma. I’m still not sure which one is a bigger bitch?


The universe is a big place which you can hide your secrets but eventually the sun will show us the truth. As Pam finally finds Eric but unfortunely he contracted the vampire virus and basically is on his deathbed as he reflects on the past when he was fucking this cute French chick. The Authority interrupts them telling both Pam and Eric they need to follow orders because of this “Corporation” creating a new blood strain called True Blood, which will make vampires come out from hiding. As the natural Viking that Eric is, he tells the Authority to “Fuck off.” Pam is worried about Eric’s choices but he tells her that he will protect her.

That doesn’t go well with the sword-wielding ninjas aka The Corporation as they interrupt Eric again while he is having sex with his cute French chick. The Corporation makes Eric decide who is going to live, Pam or the French chick. Eric true to his word protects Pam watching his cute French chick get killed by The Corporation. This would be a bad example of using your past in making decisions for you because it seemed like Eric always got his way in the past so he felt like he could get away with it once again but this time he had to pay a price.


In the present time, Eric just lays there dying as Pam urges him to come back with him but Eric has thrown in the towel but Pam makes a play, telling him that Sara Newlin is still alive. We see the Viking rise again telling Pam,

“Let’s go find her.”

Eric and Pam are not the only ones that are looking for Sara because she burned a lot of bridges. Most notably is the dangerous Corporation turning their profitable True Blood drink into a failure. The Corporation wants their revenge as they enter the wellness center where Sara is having sex with the yoga teacher. Once again Sara not learning from her past is having relations with people who she might hurt which does happen as the Corporation goes Ned Stark on him as Sara sees that chickens have come to roost watching the blood on the floor.

I am super glad that I continued to watch the show and I was happily treated to finally a good episode of True Blood. I’m sad that Tara and LC had to die but a great artist once said you have to destroy to create. Also, I hope no one follows this stupid idea about the past not meaning anything and you can be this new person without your past coming back to haunt you. Of course, it’s going to come back to you eventually no matter how far you bury it in your mind. You are past, good or bad, use that experience in making better choices for you in the future.

Fu’s Observations:

- Yoga teachers have to be getting laid a lot right?

- Sad that Joe Manganiello had to die but I think he’s dating Sofia Vergara, so his life can’t be that bad.

- Did Sookie say he really didn’t love LC that much? That they were just friends with benefits?

- I really wished they turned LC. Would he have become a wolf vampire?

- I really like the friction between Jessica and Jason Stackhouse’s new girlfriend. Also, what’s the deal with Jason wanting vampire babies?

- Have you’ve seen Jessica vamp blog for HBO. Holy Batman! She is a hot red head! Also, why is she not eating again because she’s not healing properly?

- What is the deal with the main guy from the Corporation with his gold tooth? Is that is “precious”, his main source of power because he can’t be all human right?

- I loved the Authority’s leather David Bowie outfit and hairstyle; the 80’s were so futuristic.

- Just like in the vampire world & in the real world, do not fuck with the Corporations money or profits or it’s your ass or in this case your head.

Case of the Mondays – Did you get filmed snoring at a baseball game? New York Yankee Fan sues ESPN


A New York Yankees fan is hoping that a mid-game nap could net him $10 million. 

Andrew Rector, 26, fell asleep during the April 13 game between the Yankees and the rival Boston Red Sox. It was nationally televised on ESPN, and Rector was noticed by cameras and talked about by commentators John Kruk and Dan Shulman. 

Video of Rector — titled “Tired fan naps in the stands” — was then published to and YouTube. People on the Internet made fun of Rector (shocking, right?) and now he’s filed a defamation lawsuit against the Yankees, MLB, ESPN, Kruk and Shulman. Rector is seeking $10 million in damages after the “unending verbal crusade.”

The lawsuit is a doozy. The Smoking Gun has a copy, if you’d like to read it. It alleges:

”Announcers like Dan Shulman and John Kruck [sic] unleashed avalanche of disparaging words against the person of and concerning the plaintiff. These words, include but not limited to ‘stupor, fatty, unintelligent, stupid’ knowing and intending the same to be heard and listened to by millions of people all over the world.”

In many places, the lawsuit reads like a jumbled mess, with passages such as: 

”The defendant Major league Baseball continually repeated these vituperative utterances against the plaintiff on the major league baseball web site the next day. These words and its insinuations presented the plaintiff as symbol of anything but failure.
”The defendant MLB.Com continued the onslaught to a point of comparing the plaintiff to someone of a confused state of mind, disgusted disgruntled and unintelligent and probably intellectually bankrupt individual.”

Thing is, the ESPN broadcast didn’t say any of the things alleged in Rector’s suit. Kruk and Shulman did make fun of him a bit — saying a ballpark isn’t the place to sleep and saying he was “oblivious” — but it was hardly “the avalanche of disparaging words.”

Instead, it sounds like Rector’s suit is including what online commenters said about him, and thus he’s trying to blame the Yankees, ESPN and MLB for the reaction in the comment section. That’s a precedent that would turn the Internet upside down, if it were to hold up in court, which doesn’t seem at all likely.

One part of the lawsuit calls out MLB for using a picture of two men kissing to imply that Rector is gay under the headline “Sleeping Yankees fan cares not for your rivalry talk.” However, that’s clearly from parody site NotSportcenter and not

Seems like this whole idea is just a vicious cycle. Rector filed a lawsuit because people poked fun at him on the Internet and now, after reading about the lawsuit, they’re just going to poke fun at him some more.