Submissions for BLW


Be Like Water Productions is a multimedia production company, we produce film and music. BLW is always looking for creative people, whether it be producers, writers, artists, assistants, etc. Anyone in the industry, who ever wanted to be part of the entertainment business and is talented and hardworking please contact us, so we can collaborate to make something new and interesting.

If you have an interesting short film, independent film, screenplay or just have an idea for a project please contact us asap. Please note DO NOT SUBMIT anything to us unless we APPROVE it. So, email and tell us what your story or idea is and if we like it, we will contact you to further talk about your project.

We also take articles on music, film or life. If you’re passionate aboout then we’ll post it!

If you are in the music industry as a producer or artist and you feel you have a brand new sound. Please email us with your band or artist name and send us a link where we can listen to your music. Please note DO NOT SUBMIT anything to us unless we APPROVE it. If we like how you make beats, produce, sing, rap, or write we will contact you asap.

If you are interested in working with us behind the scenes as part of the BLW crew please email us your resume and references.

“To Hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”Bruce Lee


17 comments on “Submissions for BLW

  1. Yo!
    Thanks for the follow. I have a film collective called Kollektive Films with my best friend that I would love to work with your projection crew on some projects. I do have a short I am writing that I will send you guys the basic plot structure and synopsis thus far. Still working on the script though but let me know if ya’ll are interested.
    Mardaweh Tompo

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, with videos , reciting of my poetry and photographs. vVsit me also at have a brilliant day.Kerstin

  3. Mick Orton says:

    Thank you for checking out our Silver Laughter site! We will be inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame for 2014 in August! Glad you liked our music!

  4. The Shapeless Truth says:

    Hiya guys, your blog looks great! I might think of sending you some music sometime.. Also, thanks for the follow! :)

  5. jesusshaman says:

    hey guys!!!! Thanks for following my blog. Small thing: in the paragraph above ” If you’re passionate aboout then we’ll post it!” see the spelling mistake. :) Now…. I would love to participate or be part of any work you guys do, even cleaning windows….LOL….ok, we’ll see it. I’m a SUPER creative individual, that focus at this time mostly in music and photography, but I have done a lot of acting and many other creative aspects. You can check more of what I do in Facebook, under my whole name = Jesus Heberto Guillen Solis. LOVE

  6. Thank you folks for ‘following’ my blog :) I love blogging almost as much as I love writing lyrics and collaborating !
    Would be great to maybe work together sometime, somewhere, someday… as they say :)
    ps love the eclectic and varied aspects to your blog, makes interesting reading, thank you

  7. dharmendr says:

    Be water- Bruce Lee. Thank you very much for the follow. I appreciate it.

  8. megaciph says:

    Thanks for the follow, I will certainly send you some ideas for collaboration in the near future. Peace and Light
    One Love

  9. Marsha Brown says:

    Thanks for flowing me. I love to write! I work on poetry. I have written over 500 poems about various topics and I write songs sing as well.
    My current big project is am expose’ book called “Pastors Who Prey” it’s about ministers who take their job a little off course of what God intended and instead of praying for the flock they were Intrusted with, they prey on them. Like a wolve in sheeps clothing. I have personal stories from several ladies.
    Would love your thoughts. Or not. No biggies. Im working no matter. ;)

  10. ashawilliams says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed writing poetry for many years.

  11. mmadisonb says:

    Thanks for the follow. I’m about to graduate and get into the film industry, so I might be contacting you in a few months to collaborate!

  12. amaya911 says:

    Thank you for following me! I would love to submit any type of reviews and/or interviews (concert, TV, album, book reviews, etc.) in the very near future!

  13. hi , it’s really a good opportunity for any blogger to share he’s thoughts so thank you for this and i would like to share an ensemble of poems that i wrote on my blog on the site , mostly romantic or sociological topics …. thank you again

  14. Where do I submit work? I have an article on music that I would like to send you. I also wrote a book on the subject of R&R

  15. jas81 says:

    Thank you for following my blog, it is much appreciated! I am new to wordpress and will keep an eye on your site for any cool opportunities!

  16. Thanks for the follow.

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