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(For international readers, a-levels are college equivalents)

2 years ago, I was able to perch myself into a plush recliner, fresh coffee in one hand, my phone glued to the other so conveniently whilst fixating my eyes and all my attention to the TV screen. Want to know the best part? This time consuming ritual that I would partake in every evening, 2 years ago, came at little concequence. Why? Because 2 years ago I did GCSE’s and not A-Levels! The good days, if I had had an inclin into how consumptive A-Levels were I’d have ran for the hills, no doubt followed by another thousand reluctant teens. I feel like, if I read one book for pleasure, or watch a movie just one… Then I’ve already ruined my chances of passing my exams!

They told me to do some light reading… That was the first lie of A-Levels.

Why I would vanquish A-levels from my life before I would Labour Voters…

  1. The lies: they will tell you that picking your own subjects will render you eternally happy and you’ll be so amazed and joyful that you are studying what you want to that you won’t even think of it as work. 
  2. The pain: that burning sensation in your eyes from too much reading and gazing aimlessly at a computer screen? Yeah that will last you forever!
  3. The isolation: you will be so caught up in your work that you have to say a heartfelt goodbye to your social life and learn to have a relationship with your books. Me and Plato have grown rather close.
  4. The weight: this is applicable for both guys and girls. The ten kilo bag you’ll carry around with all your resources in, no room for your personal items. If your nose starts running and you had no space to pack tissues… There’s always your exercise book.
  5. The belittling: most students range between 16-18, yet one of my teachers still insists at shouting at me for being late, not doing my homework and for having an opinion. 
  6. The hatred: I’ll keep this short and sweet. You will end up loathing about 98.99% of the people at your school. But it’s okay because the chances are… They hate you too.
  7. The zombie look: the countless hours I have traded in to write an essay is ridiculous, I have the dark circles to prove it!
  8. The fire burns down: I can no longer read a novel without exploring the underlying meaning, I read The hungry caterpillar to my little brother, the most simply of stories, yet I found copious amounts of psychological interpretations…their validity? None.
  9. The hair loss: a product of stress no doubt, but I could really do without bald spots left, right and centre.
  10. The addictions: you have to find a way to curb your anger, mine comes in the form of addiction. Don’t worry, I mean caffeine… Mostly.

These are just a few of the things I’d love to banish from my life, the only light is after the toils of A-level, I finally understand why adults wish they stayed young. Growing up, I think, starts at sixth form, college or your countries equivalent. I’d give anything to fast forward to retirement or backtrack to adolescence. 

For most people, summer is what is getting us through! I can’t wait for this summer! 

The relatability is uncanny 

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#WCW – Scarlett Johansson, Lucy (Film Review) – Realizing your Full Potential




Scarlett Johansson stars in Lucy, an action-thriller that tracks a woman that gets accidentally caught in a dark deal, who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. I actually saw this film last weekend but I just finally had the time to write a review on it, but basically I thought it was an enjoyable film with good performances by Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman but some of it seemed pretty unrealistic, but what do you expect from watching a science fiction movie. It did have great philosophical ideas like what if you had the power to know everything? Would you try to know everything or would you be too scared of it? 


After Scarlett becomes a drug mule for the mob, she winds up with superpowers after an experimental drug called CPH4 overloads her brain. She begins to start using more and more of brain, gaining more knowledge and superhuman capabilities. Since, basically she is one of her kind, she needs the help of Morgan Freeman because he is the best known for his brain research. Scarlett tells him that she gained the ability to access more parts of her brain but she fears that she has a limited time on her hands, so she needs guidance from him on what to do? Morgan honestly tells her that she should try to learn everything she can and pass it on to the next generation because Morgan believes that is the greatest gift that humans can give to one another, which I totally agree with because as I always say, “Knowledge is Power.”


She gets more of the experimental drug and takes it all at once like some college sorority chick after finals. She begins to transform and extract vast information like a super computer. As she gets closer to 100% brain capacity she begins to travel through time and space, moving into the past and the future, stopping and reversing as she wishes. When she hits her peak, she vaporizes into thin air leaving only her clothes and a reminder of what she learned on a USB storage stick to give to Morgan Freeman. 


Once again, I totally enjoyed the movie, which I thought Scarlett and Morgan did a terrific job but some of it seemed pretty unrealistic but what do you expect when you’re talking about something nobody has ever really experienced before. Which lead me to this question? What if you did have the power to know everything? What would you do with it? Also, the movie brought up interesting questions about the human race as such as what we’ve done the last 2 billion years. We’ve accomplished a lot but are we not realizing our full potential? We still act like animals, fighting among ourselves for meaningless things. It just makes you think, what are you here for in life? Are you just here just to go to school, get a job, get married have children, pay a mortgage then die? Or are you here on Earth in this Universe to do something more in your life? These are the questions you have to ask yourself or just bask in the glory of ignorance and just enjoy the ride.


The Reality of Reality Tv – Being on the Inside (An Interview with a Reality TV Producer)




Hmmm, how should I set this up? Do you watch TV? Do you watch “Reality” TV? If you are an American, odds are you do, and odds are is that you love it. Odds are also that you believe what you are watching is fact and not scripted. Well, take it from somebody who knows, 90% of Reality TV is scripted scenes performed by very bad actors. Yeah, yeah, you claim you already know this, but do you? Do you know the extent Reality Producers go to make their so-called “Reality”? No you don’t. I do, cause for 5 years I have been working on Reality TV crews. Now I cant tell you what department, or my gender cause for every gig, one must sign paperwork basically saying the production company can sue you if you make public what goes on set. I thought it was time I start to share some of my experiences to the public so at least they know what kind of garbage they are truly watching.


Lets start with a restoration car show I worked. You’ve seen these shows. Their is a shop ran by friends and families. They get clients who want to fix up an old classic car. Sounds simple enough, but that’s in real life, this is Reality TV. First off I discover that the business is not even owned and ran by who the show’s claims. Nope, the real owner is not even on screen. The producers found this shop (it is an actual restoration body shop) and put in their cast. Speaking of, the main cast knows very little about fixing up cars, but they are presented to have this knowledge. I get to the set and I notice some off screen workers fixing up the last details on this sick ass classic car. These workers stage seats in front of the vehicle, the producer calls over the camera crew and the cast. ACTION! With direction coming from the producer, our so called experienced body shop owners pick up the seats and place them in, then they talk about working all night, the vehicle is almost ready and that they are stressed out because the deadline is soon upon them. HA! Really?

 01 02

Let me explain this so-called deadline. For this episode one family member is giving another family member a surprise birthday gift- a fixed up classic car. Who wouldn’t want that? The gift will be delivered at a birthday party…Surprissseeee!!!! Ok, this sounded real to me. Until I found out that the two family members aren’t really related. In fact they have never met each other. The first time they will meet will be at the birthday. Can you say “casted”? That’s right, someway, somehow, the producers pulled these 2 people out of their asses. I was actually amazed cause up until the point I found out I believed it and thought the gift was very thoughtful. Shame on me.

03 04

I saved the best for last. At the shop the crew is packing up to go film the presentation of the car at the birthday party. The cast is getting in their cars and taking off. So I’m thinking how come they just don’t drive the gift over. Well that’s cause a tow truck drives in to take over the fixed up classic car. Was the tow truck being used cause they don’t want to damage or dirty the birthday gift….uhhh no. Its cause the classic car/birthday gift doesn’t even RUN….I just laughed. We all get in the van, and the tow truck does its thing. Once we arrive at the party, the people their are friends of our show’s cast and do not even know the two family members. No they are just there to look cool. The way the last scene was filmed was classic. Since the truck didn’t run, the producers had a problem…or did they?

In the front yard, the two fake family members were placed in the front yard. Down the street 2 of the show’s cast were placed in the classic car that didn’t run. Behind the car were a bunch of crewmembers ready to push. That’s right, push. I then observed the camera crew discuss how this scene was going to be show with tight shots, then a wide shot at a certain moment. After final discussions….ACTION!

05 06

With all their strengthen, the car was pushed and picked up momentum to the point it went slowly down the street by itself. The cameras stayed tight while the car was being pushed, then when the pushing crew let go and got out of the way, the shots went wide…beautiful I thought.

Inside the car the show’s cast were screaming and honking the horn, while on the front yard the two family members looked in amazement. The birthday casted family member put on a very surprised and happy face, and when the car pulled up and stopped right in front of them (a total accident), glee was felt through out the scene. What a gift!

 07 08

I’m not against Reality TV at all. What I am against is how it’s presented to the public as real or even documentary like. I wish they were just honest about it. Look at Tru TV’s show Operation Repo. In the beginning credits, in small font, it states actors are used on the show. The director decided to do this from day one because there is no other legal way to make a show. He got shit from his peers for this. They did not like the fact he was showing the public how Reality TV is really produced. Did it hurt the show? No way, it is one of the most successful Reality shows ever.


From time to time I will share my experiences so at least some of you will know that you are being played. Here’s a little teaser. A few years ago I was on the set of a big hit show, where the host got into a verbal argument with a guest. I thought it was real, the guest thought it was real…until cut was called. The guest went up to the host to apologize and make sure they were still cool. The host responds, “Ah, don’t worry, it’s only for the show”. 


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2014 has been a good year for fashion but 2015 will be Better!!! (Fashion Designers of 2015)



2014 has been a good year for fashion but 2015 will be the best ever. Designers are showing us their artistic ability and it’s showing in how pieces are design and made.  The future of fashion is ahead and here are some of my tips for bringing out your fashionista in 2015. Clover canyon is one of my favorite designers and I have been wearing a lot of their designs but their future is bright and its a label to watch if you haven’t heard about them yet this year they will be bigger than ever. Bright, Fun pieces you can wear all year long. They have lot of two-piece outfits that you can mix and match their pieces up and 2 pieces are the hottest outfits going this year. They also have great dresses and pants suits with bold and fun patterns they make sure you definitely stand out in a crowd. Clover canyon makes all shapes and sizes so there is something in their collection for anyone.


The next designer is Milly their 2015 is all about ankle puff skirts with beautiful colors mixed in with enchanting flowers. Pairing with royal blue stripe crop shirts and solid bright colors or black is what you like they have a black and white ankle puff skirt with solid black crop sweater. Designs like this will make you the fashionista you want to be.  If Peach is your color they have a ruffle skirt you could wear all year long and be envied every day of the week.


My 3rd designer to watch is Alice and Olivia they are young hip designers that are constantly evolving with their designs and fashion. Alice and Olivia 2015 collection has amazing skirts with beautiful designs in Orange, blue, teal, whites, blacks and red tones. They are working with silky tracksuits black with burgundy tones. Looking forward to see where the line goes next.


So that was some of my favorite designers right now and now I will let you in on some of the best places to shop in 2015. Everyone wants designer duds on a budget so here are some tips. Did you know TJMax has a runway collection that a lot of clothes come straight off the runway but you need to know in order to ask to see what TJMax in your area that carries the runway collection. My next tip is consignment and vintage stores this is one of my personal favorite. To let you in on a secret one year I bought a dress at a consignment shop a Gucci dress that I paid $200 for and I wore it to the American music awards I got compared to Sarah Jessica Parker and the photos still runs to this day. So don’t think of consignment places being old and moldy because theses days people don’t wear the same dress over and over they sell it after a couple of uses so look for shops that carry high end brands. If your on a budget and want to wear the latest fashions here is a tip for you rent the runway you can rent the hottest and latest design from clover canyon, Moschino to Valentino prices can vary $10 to $500 depending on the look.  No matter if you wear designer duds to forever 21 whatever you wear wear it with confidence because your heart and soul is what shines louder than any fancy label you can wear. In fashion there are no mistakes what every makes you happy wear it with confidence.

Wishing you a very fashionable 2015!!!


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Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

True Blood – Almost Home (Breaking Bill)


Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Tonight’s episode of True Blood wasn’t that bad, especially when I had a choice of watching TB or the Breaking Bad marathon. I watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad reminding how much I missed this television series. I wondered if I would have the same feelings when True Blood finally makes its final departure this summer. Tonight’s episode was all about letting go of the past and enjoying every second you have time left on this Earth because it’s a short ride.


In the opening scene of the episode Eric finds away to extend the ride a little longer by taking a bite of “The Cure,” Sara Newlin. He gets cured right away leaving Mr. Gus in happy place because he’s going to make new True Blood but not pure TB because it doesn’t make good business sense because it’s all about profit for him. Unlike, Sookie because all she wants is to make Bill feel better but I’m not sure Bill wants to be cured because he knows he has to stop this vicious cycle of pain and suffering.


Other shit happened on the show like we finally found the reason why Tara kept trying to contact her mom, which was to tell her she was sorry for not killing her father because he caused so much pain for her and her mother. Tara wants her mom to quit punishing herself and to finally let go of her because she wants her to live her life. This was quite the opposite of Jason’s former flame, Violet because all she wants is to cause suffering to everyone.

True Blood - Episode 7.08 - Almost Home - Promotional Photo_FULL

As we can see in a scene when Violet captures Jason and brings him to her awesome sex dungeon with Jessica along with the others. She ties up Jason, telling him the horrible things she is going to do to him along with his friends because she is still angry at Jason for betraying her. But lucky for them Hoyt comes to save the day by shooting Violet, causing her True Death. In the aforementioned paragraph above, I totally believe Bill Compton actually wants his True Death unlike the unfortunate Violet.


I believe Bill wants this vicious cycle of pain and suffering to end because in his mind it won’t stop when he gets better. Throughout the season Bill kept reminiscing about his past lives, which he knows if he continues this path, it will only lead him to more pain. Unlike, the character of Walter White on Breaking Bad, Bill knows that he has to die because that’s the only way to stop all the pain and destruction. Walter White on the other hand, wanted to live for as long as possible even though he knew that it was going to cause more harm than good. This whole season I was on the fence if I actually cared about Stephen Moyer’s character, in which this episode opened my eyes about how deep Bill is. Unlike all the vampires, who are trying to do anything possible to live longer, Bill is alright with dying. In his mind, he has lived a long life and this ride has to stop eventually. There’s only two episodes left of True Blood, so I suggest you follow Bill’s advice and enjoy one of the best shows on TV while you can because it’s coming to an end. Also, please live your life to the fullest because once again, it’s a short ride.

Fu’s Observation:

  • Sarah is looking cute as a prisoner. Does anybody else remember Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect? I always will remember her barf, I mean her part in the movie.
  • Was anybody else asleep in that Tara big relieve scene? It was so boring, I’m just glad we don’t have to deal with her again and her boring plot line but it was cool to see a swagged out little Lafayette. Was he wearing FUBU?
  • I really can’t stand Sookie anymore cause she’s such a whiny mouse.
  • Poor, poor Violet. She was just a misunderstood psychopath with the dark heart of gold, which by the way was that a dildo prodding iron?
  • Jason is definitely going to fuck Hoyt’s girlfriend, which by the way this might be the first episode I didn’t see Hoyt brake down and cry like a little girl.
  • I always wonder why is Eric the only Vamp with the power of flight? Are the other bastards not old enough to gain that power because if Bill only knew that he could fly if he just waited a couple of years, I think it would possible persuade his decision about dying. Also, he could finally fly away from that annoying bitch!


Fire in the Hole (You can’t run away from your past)

Death is not the End (A trip down memory lane)

Lost Cause (Lafayette & Pam are the only reasons to watch the show)

Karma (Coming Full Circle)

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Guardians of the Galaxy Review – Theater Fire, Jokes, Crying & Vin Diesel’s Finest Performance



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

This film expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos, where brash adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe. To evade the ever-persistent Ronan, Quill is forced into an uneasy truce with a quartet of disparate misfits-Rocket, a gun-toting raccoon, Groot, a tree-like humanoid, the deadly and enigmatic Gamora and the revenge-driven Drax the Destroyer. But when Quill discovers the true power of the orb and the menace it poses to the cosmos, he must do his best to rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand-with the galaxy’s fate in the balance.

I saw it the other day before I went to work, which I was quite excited to see it because I heard a lot of great reviews about the film. Even a theater fire couldn’t stop me from watching the movie, well kinda. In a packed theater in the morning, we were all just 30 minutes into the movie, which I might add was quite enjoyable, then fire alarm went off! I was so into the movie because it didn’t take itself seriously like other Marvel films do, which I think Ironman is so relatable and likable to many people as opposed to other Marvel films because in the end of the day it’s just a movie about a comic book character. (I just lost a few comic book nerds with that line but I digress.)

The fire alarm went off, the lights went flashing on and a voice came on the PA telling us to evacuate the building but we were all like “fuck that!” We were all having a blast watching the movie that we weren’t going to leave until we all saw smoke. But 15 mins later, sitting still watching the movie with the flashing fire alarms and PA system telling us we were in danger, the manager turned off the screen and physically told is to leave the theater because of the fire alarm. Adults and children inside of the movie theater made a collective “ahhhh” because we were all having fun. We stood outside the theater for like 10 mins until we were told to go back in and they re-started the film to where they stopped it and our adventure continued.


Chris Pratt was a perfect leading man in this film because he isn’t your typical leading man, I mean he is good looking with muscles but he has the everyman quality in which everyone likes to be around. Plus, he’s funny as shit, which was why I thought he was one of the best part of the movie and I’m super happy that he’s starting to get recognize as a viable leading man in Hollywood because he deserves it. I’ve met him a couple times while working and he was always respectful and cool. Anyways, long story short, he deserves an Oscar for this performance just kidding I think Vin Diesel should get that or at least a nomination for his voice as Groot.


Don’t get me wrong everyone in the movie played a terrific part in the movie with Chris Pratt such as Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Dave Batista and Karen Gillan. Zoe essentially played her part again in Avatar but it worked for her and Karen Gillan played a sexy villan. Dave Batista played a wonderful bruiser and Lee Pace, the antagonist playing Ronan the Accuser, just plays guys who want “Power” but then gets crushed in the end in such a convincing manner. I also like Bradley Cooper as the voice of hot-tempered Rocket, which he is the only one to translate for his BFF Groot, which was played by Vin Diesel. Vin Diesel had only three words he had to say the movie, which was, “I am Groot.”

But it was enough because he was the best character in the movie and at one point I got so emotional because his character so lovable, I didn’t want to see him die. But I know you guys want to read that I cried but I didn’t damn it! I’m a man watching a Marvel Comic film and dudes don’t do that. But that’s beside the point, which I’m trying to make. Even if you’re not a big comic/ sci-fi fan, you should still go watch Guardians of the Galaxy because you’re going to have a good time. Also, you might cry, which is alright because, “We are all Groot.” ;)

Fu’s Observations

  • Chris Pratt was ripped in the movie which made me want to go to the gym
  • Karen Gillan was a sexy cyborg
  • Fine! I teared up a litte bit, there!
  • If only Vin Diesel had just three words in all his movies :(
  • We were all seriously going to to watch the film with the alarms going off
  • The 80’s music made the movie a lot cooler, especially coming from an 80s baby
  • Mixed tapes well never ever be un-cool. Having a mix song list on your iTunes is LAME.
  • I really hope they’re going to re-make Howard the Duck because it was one of my favorite childhood movies.

True Blood – Maybe the Last Time (Get a piece of that fairy Nookie while you can)



Art by JadeDragoone

Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Even after all my shit talking about how sub-par the first couple of episodes of this final season of True Blood, it finally just hit me that there only a couple of episodes left. I’m actually feeling kinda sad that it’s not coming back next season even though they are running out of ideas, I still feel sad that it’s not coming back. So, this appropriately entitled episode “Maybe the last time,” quite possibly is the last time will see these great characters. My feeling of sadness was probably due to the fact that they killed Sarah’s hot sister Amber but at least we got to see the return of Hoyt. Everything is coming to a end, in which every character on True Blood is preparing for and we should too because this could be the Last Time.

True Blood – Season 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Complete [Blu-ray] (HBO) [Region Free]


After finding out last episode that Bill has the advance stage of the virus, Sookie calls in a vampire doctor to help Bill, but come to find out that Bill’s condition might be caused by Sookie’s blood royalty. So, she calls for her fairy grandfather for help but gets denied in the end as her grandfather tells her that magic can help sometimes but not this time. So, Sookie decides she is going to stay will Bill until the end and gives him the “fairy nookie,” one last time.


Jason Stackhouse is also trying to get a piece of the nookie from Hoyt’s new girlfriend as Hoyt returns to Bon Tom to see to his mother’s death. Hoyt still doesn’t remember Jason so he doesn’t realize that they have a history together. Jason’s knows this history to well as he tries not to replay the past again by boning Hoyt’s new GF. But I have to admit that microbiologist might be to hot to resist but Jason might not get a chance to ruin Hoyt’s life again because his crazy ex – Violet is planning her revenge by capturing the Sheriffs fairy daughter with her boyfriend in her sex dungeon.


One person I would have loved to see in a sex dungeon was Sarah’s sister, Amber, but she saw the True Death this episode after Eric saw a piece of Sarah in Amber. Before her untimely death, she told Eric and Mr. Gus that Sarah is ‘”the cure.” Mr. Gus decides to make a deal with Eric that if he captures Sarah and not kill her, they will save him making an anecdote for vampires as they will make new “True Blood.” Eric is hesitates to take the deal because he doesn’t just wants to kill Sarah but Pam pleads with him to take the deal, which he does but I’m not sure you can trust an Asian with a 10 gallon hat with snake skin boots.


Whatever happens in the end you can bet that Sarah Newlin will get what she deserves, which might be already happening because she is starting to lose her shit. Fantasizing about Jason Stackhouse, her late vampire husband and her recent spiritual guru. In her fucked up vision, everyone tells her that she’s going to die tonight but they want her to decide which religion she would chose, which of course Sarah Newlin would selfishly chose herself but I like what the writers did right here especially with the conflict in the Middle East, it’s nice to know even vampires are feeling the affect of the situation in Gaza.

Watching True Blood right now sorta feels like the last days of Summer Camp, which you know you are going to have to say goodbye to all your friends eventually but you just want to live in the moment for as long as you can. I’m done critiquing this show about how its suppose to live up to my own standards of True Blood in which I’m going to stop as I try just enjoy the show and love the ride. Because in the end, it’s just a fucking show and what matters most is if you were fucking entertained by it or not, which I still am.

Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Fu’s Observations:

  • No! Not Sarah’s Sister. She was sooo hot and we didn’t to get to see her naked!!!
  • Hoyt is still a crybaby but I think that works for him as he got him a hot microbiologist in which that is probably that hottest microbiologist I have ever seen in my life.
  • Jason just can’t help himself can’t he? Jason’s penis is sorta like Sookie, just fucking everything and fucking everything up.
  • Violet is a sick puppy but I like it. I wish I had a sex dungeon. Also, did she say a 19th century dildo sword?
  • Weirdest line of the night: Violet, “I used to fuck my brother a lot.” What is this Game of Thrones?
  • Forget about Vampires, Big Brother is watching US!!!
  • That vampire doctor was hardcore also Sookie’s grandfather fairy is kinda of a dick.
  • Is it hotter that Sookie and Bill are actually a couple in real life and they are having sex on camera or is it just whatever. I personally think it’s hotter and they must love that shit.


Fire in the Hole (You can’t run away from your past)

Death is not the End (A trip down memory lane)

Lost Cause (Lafayette & Pam are the only reasons to watch the show)

Karma (Coming Full Circle)

Married vs You’re the Worst – Season 1/ Episode 3 (Giving & Taking)

MARRIED -- Key Art. CR: FX



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Listen, I’m not the guy to give relationship advice from because I was a lazy boyfriend but I do remember one of my criticism from girlfriends I’ve dated was that a relationship is all about giving and taking. Apparently, I was doing most of the taking and not much of the giving. Another criticism of mine was I wasn’t trustworthy especially around their hotter girlfriends. This week’s episodes of Marriage and You’re the Worst deals about all the shit I just talked about above and anal play. (You know you like it!)

The Men


Russ’s wife decides it is better for them if he gets a vasectomy because she doesn’t want any kids anymore but Russ still wants to have sex with her, so he was willing to go Lord Varys aka The Spider! Russ is starting to show that he is a good guy but he’s not that smart but at least he loves his wife.

You’re the Worst

Jimmy shows that he is defiantly a commitment-phobe when Gretchen asks for a key to his apartment in which he gets all weird about then snoops on her phone after she left it at his pad. Jimmy is still not sure what he is doing in this relationship but at least he is showing signs that he is willing to give it a chance with Gretchen by giving her the key to his apartment.

The Women


Lina is super excited that Russ is cutting off his boys in order she can’t make anymore demons anymore. She treats Russ to “hotel sex” in which they finally bone and get some satisfaction!


Gretchen really wants a key to Jimmy’s pad because she feels like they’re getting closer. She even gives him a pass when she finds out that he was trying to snoop on her phone. At her birthday party she finally feels comfortable with her relationship with Jimmy telling her friends including Jimmy’s ex that she is “banging” Jimmy.

Dating For Dummies

The Sex


Blow Job, Missonary, Doggie Style. Anal Play. Very Satisfied.


Shower head anal play. One Blow Job. No intercourse but kinda still satisfied.


Once again, the friends on Married are so much cooler than the You’re the Worst buds. Especially, when we figure out that the other Married couple, Jess ’s husband is the great Paul Reiser from Mad About You. They get into a heated sexting situation with another married couple, which was fucking hilarious.

The Problem


I think they finally resolved one of their problems by getting a vasectomy because they don’t have to worry about having another child.


Jimmy and Gretchen are just going through what all new couples go through, trying to figure out if they can trust each other. It is definitely harder when both of them don’t believe in relationships but I got a feeling if they keep being honest to themselves and each other they might have a better shot in being a couple than other people who are honest to one another.

Three episodes in with Married and YTW, I’m still pleasantly surprised about how both shows are still great things to watch on television. I hope they continue to create fascinating and intriguing shows for all us to talk about the following day. Also, if I ever decide to be in a relationship again I will try to be a better boyfriend by giving more and trusting more. But these are just words, in which actions speak louder. Right now as it stands, I’m still as my ex’s would put it, “The Worst!”

Fu’s Observations:

  • Don’t you just hate it when one of your friends tell you they’re on a juice cleanse. It’s like who gives a fuck? Why don’t you be a normal person and just not eat ;)
  • Paul Reiser was amazing on Married but Brandon Smith is starting be really good on YTW as he challenges the ideas on getting blowjobs from gay men but still being heterosexual.
  • Also, you must watch Brandon Smith on Get On Up as he plays a great Little Richard.
  • I’m starting to feel weird about Jimmy’s ex husband. Why is he so nice and trying to be buds with Jimmy?
  • “Hotel Sex” is the best because you don’t have to clean up afterwards, in which you can be loud and rude.
  • I remember I would leave my cellphone at my girlfriends pad on purpose so she would freak out about all the text messages. I’m the worst.


People are Hell


Get on Up – Do right by yourself


Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Get on Up is based on the incredible life story of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, which the film will gives a fearless look inside the music, moves and moods of James Brown, taking audiences on the journey from his impoverished childhood to his evolution into one of the most influential figures of the 20th century.

42 (with Bonus Features)

I watched this movie with a couple of friends last night, which we where big fans of James Brown’s music even though we were pretty young at the time when he was on top of the music game. The movie was enjoyable but I personally thought it ran at bit long but I guess it has to be when you’re telling someone’s life. Chadwick Boseman did a terrific job playing Brown, getting all his songs down including his funky moves. Just like how he got the essence in playing Jackie Robinson in another bio topic film, 42, he got to the heart and soul of James Brown. But of course, he had plenty of help along the way with a great supporting cast.


An All-Star cast of Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Dan Aykroyd, Craig Robinson, plus many more. I thought everyone played a terrific job including Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette on True Blood. It was crazy seeing Nelsan not being so flamboyant, trying to be the center of everyone’s attention but being in the background as the back up singer of James Brown, playing Bobby Byrd. Former cast mates from the Help also did a great job playing opposite mother figures to James Brown, which you can see why he was such a driven young man to begin with. He came from nothing and became something.


As James Brown tells it, “You always have to be moving forwards because if you move backwards, then you’re dead.” He had the ability to flip an awkward situation and make it work for himself. He was driven to succeed because he believed in himself when no one else did, which is just one of the virtuous of successful people. Naturally, James Brown wasn’t an angel but he never claimed to be but he believed you gotta do what you gotta to do to succeed in this world. In his words, “Do right by yourself.” Regardless, of what people might think about you, you must do what you do and continue on your path because that’s how you stay true to yourself. Do right by yourself and you can live with yourself, which James Brown did and he lived to the fullest. I highly recommend this movie and listening to James Brown’s music.

20 All-Time Greatest Hits!

Fu’s Observation:

  • It was a long ass movie – Don’t get me wrong it was a great movie, but fuck it was long.
  • I sorta wanted Nelsan Ellis just to play Lafayette just one time on screen just to tell James Brown off but in Lafayette’s swagger and “take no shit” attitude.
  • Jill Scott was fucking sexy in this movie, but she got beat down!
  • The movie jumped from back and fourth at different periods of James Brown’s life, which worked a couple times for the film but at some parts I just wished it just stayed as a linear story.
  • I totally forgot how Mr. Brown was amazing performing, influencing so people in the music industry.
  • The Rolling Stones was one of the bands that were influenced by James Brown’s music and performance. So much so that Mick Jagger is one of the producers of Get on Up.