Fu’s Politically Incorrect Review of Mr. Robot – Why you should watch it? (Security is a Myth)




Mr. Robot Review – Episode 1: Hello Friend

Security is a Myth

Mr. Robot follows a mysterious anarchist, who recruits a young computer programmer played Rami Malek, who suffers from an anti-social disorder and connects to people by hacking them. I saw the mysterious trailers on the USA network, which I was immediately I interested with the concept of a computer hacker but then again I am a sucker for any computer and tech shows like Halt and Catch Fire or Silicon Valley. (Check our review for Season 2 Halt and Catch Fire But Mr. Robot had a totally different flavor and style.

I totally stumbled upon on the show by accident because I thought it would airing in the middle of summer but there it was on tv and Malek was in the middle of his speech, 

“There’s a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I’m talking about the guys no one knows about. They guys who are invisible. The top 1% of the top 1%. The guys that play God without permission. And now I think they’re following me.”

I was totally intrigued plus I liked that fact that he was a bit of a schizo in a cool Memento kind a way. I also like that he’s a high functioning morphine addict. He gets his rocks off and still manages to hold a 9 to 5 job as a programmer at E Corp aka Evil Corp, the huge corporate conglomerate that has its hooks on everything in the business world. When he’s not getting high or trying to stay awake at his job, he’s a nighttime vigilante taking child pornographers or unfaithful husbands off the streets by blackmailing the sinners with evidence of their own evil doings. 

MR. ROBOT -- "Pilot" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rami Malek as Elliot, Christian Slater as Mr. Robot -- (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)

MR. ROBOT — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Rami Malek as Elliot, Christian Slater as Mr. Robot — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)

Another reason to watch the show is for the great Christian Slater, who actually plays the mysterious Mr. Robot, who is the leader of this new underground hacker group called F Society. He’s great in every scene he’s in, which he brings comedic levity in a show that has a very serious tone. Another character that adds to the appeal to the show is the beautiful Portia Doubleday, who plays Angela Moss, Malek’s co-worker and love interest. Her character is kinda boring but her being hot makes up for it. 

I would totally recommend this show because it’s show about the 99%. It’s David taking on Goliath, it’s Elliot taking on Evil Corp. You want to see the rich guys, who feed on the poor go down with the ship. But the cool thing about the show is that Rami is not your typical hero, he’s more of an anti-hero, which I l empathize with because I like characters who are torn between who they are and who they want to be. This show is more than coding, spreadsheets and business takeovers, its more alive than its title. The show has heart underneath its steel message of not trusting the system. It shows us that we should take more stock in ourselves and use less technology in our daily lives because it’s making us more vulnerable as all our information is out there for anywhere can view and steal. You can have the best security in the world, but if someone really wanted to steal your information, it would be relatively easy. Let’s face it, security is a myth.

Watch this show cause it’s entertaining and you might learn how to protect yourself better from being hacked having your personal information compromised. Next thing you know you’ll be in the market trying to pay for groceries but you can’t because your funds have been drained and someone changed your information into a 14-year old girl from Kansas buying thousands of dollars of cosmetics at Sephora and having an e-mail blast on the current updates of the Kardashians. If you’re not scared, you should be because this isn’t the Matrix and Neo is not coming to save you when your information gets stolen.

Mr.Robot” is on every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on the USA Network

Photo Credit: Renew or Cancel

Here’s a young Christian Slater Gleaming the Cube because life is meant to be lived on the edge, if you’re not close to the edge, then you are taking up too much space.




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True Detective – Episode 2 (Night Finds You) – Now is His Watch is Ended



True Detective – Night Finds You

(Spoiler Alert) Jon Snow is still DEAD

First off, wow!!! Un-fucking believable!

This is probably the first time I’ll ever say this on a review but if you haven’t seen the episode, then don’t read this article because it will ruin your night or at the very least blow your fucking mind.

In the last episode of Three’s Company they find Mr. Roper’s body aka Casper on a bench, which he is dead as a ghost. Back at the office each law enforcement agency wants a piece of this investigation because each side has something riding on it. So, they have Ani (Rachel McAdams) be on point while Ray (Colin Farrell) is second on the case. I was very fascinated on the pairing between Rachel and Colin because both of them are equally good at what they do but both are equally fucked up. The dynamic duo lived up to my expectations as they were in the car having a contest on who was more “fucked up,” which believe it was a tie because Ray wasn’t going to get “Father of Year” as his wife is trying to get sole custody of his kid because of the tiny incident with kid, who bullied his son and Ani wasn’t going to get nominated at all for “Daughter of the Year” because of her hatred of her father and her porn obsession. I seriously thought this was the beginning of yet another beautifully fucked up relationship but as we get to the end, it’s more fucked up then Taylor Kitsch’s character.

In the jurisdiction nonsense for Casper’s investigation, Taylor’s character Paul Woodrugh gets an opportunity to prove himself once again trying to desperately get back to the CHP because without his job, his life is miserable. As we see with his unemployed white trash mom and his unempathetic whiny girlfriend, who wants to be in a normal relationship because she doesn’t get that he’s been in through some tough shit when he was in the service. Paul is not ready to share that part of himself with her because it’s too dark and evil, which he might just hate that part of himself even though it was one of the the reasons why it helped him get through those tough situations. But Paul doesn’t want to think about that and just wants to focus on his job because without it his life begins to unravel as we can see with Vince Vaughn character Frank Semyon.

In the beginning of the episode, Frank is having a midlife crisis in the early morning with his wife, Kissed by Fire played by the beautiful Kelly Reilly. We see how Frank became the man he is now with his papier-mâché story about his alcoholic father locking him down in the basement for a week as the rats try to eat him.

“It’s all papier-mâché.”

Or is it about all about the money? As we find out that with Casper’s death left Frank a very sizeable debt, which puts him in jeopardy with his bigger plan. But Frank is a man of will and he didn’t get to where he is in life by sitting on the sidelines as he puts it so eloquently,

“I’ll get it back. Every time.”

He gathers his troops to find out who took his money, making his thugs beat up suspects and meeting up old associates to find out more of Casper’s particular proclivities. Frank manages to find out that Casper had a “Fuck House,” which he makes Ray to check it out as they meet at up the bar because he’s a detective. But Ray seems to have a change of heart maybe because of the talk with his ex wife about how he used to be a decent man or the fact he might lose the only thing he loves in his life, his son. Or he’s just plain tired of leading a double life as he says he’s tired of it all. So, he doesn’t know why this relationship with Frank should exist anymore. But Frank doesn’t want to hear that shit. He wants fucking results because metaphorically he doesn’t want to be that kid back in the basement anymore with the rats chewing his hands. He can’t fail. He won’t let himself fail as he would go back to square one, to nothing.

This is the part of the article I would strongly suggest to turn back if you haven’t seen the show but if you’re a sucker for punishment, which you probably are if you read any of my shit, stop reading the rest of this.

Ray decides to go on Frank’s lead to Casper’s 2nd house where we can see in the foreground the same car that Casper’s body was transported in to the park bench. So, I immediately thought this can’t be good. As Ray starts to investigate Casper’s house, he sees evidence that something happen at this house with blood on the floor but before he could add anything up in his head, he gets blasted with presumably the same shotgun that Casper died from. Then the killer makes sure he doesn’t come back from the dead like White Walkers on Game of Thrones as he double taps Ray.

There were a lot of comparisons with Ray’s character and Jon Snow’s character in Game of Thrones, which if you didn’t watch the Season Finale a couple weeks ago, you should probably just stop read this article because you’re not going to like it either. Jon’s character died just like his father because they thought they were going the “right thing”, which usually leads to your death if your own a show where everyone is looking out for themselves. Another comparison is that both characters had all the opportunity in the world to walk away from their lives. A chance to live and go on a different path, but both characters had a sense of duty, which they had to fulfill because this is who they are down to the bone. Also, he was fucking killed by a guy with a Crow Mask!!!

Now both of their Watch Has is Ended. Which, I not sure if Colin’s character is really dead or not, but it’s still pretty ballsy writing to kill off your lead character. It’s definitely going to affect the story and how the show proceeds now but that’s the mark of a good show or any kind of good writing. The writers are willing to kill off favorite characters in order for the story to live. I can’t wait for the next episode of TD, which I’m hoping Ray is still alive as the Night King of the City of Vinci.

Fu’s Observations:

  • Did Vince have morning wood during that really depressing story about eating rats? He did eat rats you know, you can’t survive for a week without food.
  • I loved how they talked about the SPRAWL. Last season of TD, they used as a term to talk about the vast network of families and land in Louisiana, which this season I believe they’re going a great job showing us how fucking BIG Los Angeles is because it is a SPRAWL.
  • If you’re torturing a dude, just go for his penis. He’ll tell you anything you want.
  • The car scene with Ray and Ani was fucking hilarious as we get deeper with Ani’s character on why she has to protect herself with all her knives. In the first episode, when we first see Ani’s character, there were a bunch of Eastern Philosophy books about being a warrior and self defense books. One of these books was the Hagakure, the Way of the Warrior.
  • Colin’s best lines:

“E Cig is like sucking a robot’s dick.”

“I’m not tight with anybody.”

“A good beating promotes personal growth.”

“I support feminism,” after learning the Ani can kill any men in a minute or less.

“We get the world we deserve”

  • I almost turned off the tv because of the TMZ shot of Paul’s scandal with the Hollywood actress.
  • I personally think getting a blowjob from patron should not be grounds for employee punishment.
  • But Taylor’s character won that argument with his girlfriend by using that great method of turning the argument into the another person’s problem: “You’re doing this, I’m not doing this.”   Winning the conversation by taking out all the responsibility from your side. Choose your battles guys.
  • Two great characters we got to see this episode is the Asian guy from Dexter played C.S. Lee and Pedro Miguel Arce from the underrated show The Strain, which I highly recommend.
  • I want Pedro’s “Fuck You” grille
  • Does Rachel McAdam’s character into all kinds of porn? Would she be down for Nugget Porn? (Let the Goggling begin)
  • Once again the bar singer, who could have been a cast member of The Girl, Interrupted, Lera Lynn sets the mood every time with her hauntingly beautiful songs at the bar. Check out the interview she did with Vulture on how her songs got on TD: http://www.vulture.com/2015/06/lera-lynn-true-detective-singer.html
  • “I’ll comeback and butt fuck your father with your mom’s headless corpse …”  RIP (Maybe) Ray Velcoro

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Fu’s Politically Incorrect Review – Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 (The ONLY reason why to watch this season)




Halt and Catch Fire Season 2

The ONLY reason why to watch this season of Halt and Catch Fire

Ever since its debut last year, Halt and Catch Fire was one of my favorite shows to come out of AMC, who created shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead. All these shows had the same thing in common with HCF, which was they were all unconventional, had good story telling and the characters were great. Halt and Catch Fire was about this group, mainly four characters that wanted to break from the norm creating something new and exciting. They saw something that was going to be a game changer but like all things that are worth it, they were going to have to face adversities along the way. At the end of season one of HCF, they accomplished their goal but it took a toll on all them causing them to break apart and separate paths. This new season of HCF, I’ve already watched four episodes of the show and this is the first review about it, which might be the last because I just feel it’s not a good enough show that it was last year to even watch anymore of it. For me at least, there’s only one reason why I’ll watch the rest of the season, which might be the saving grace of the show.

Halt and Catch Fire is set in the 1980s, when it was described at the time as the Wild West of computer design. As a nerd and geek like myself, any show about coding, computers and tech talk, I’m totally down with. But the difference between this show with another shows that are loosely based on computer designs, there was something cool and dangerous about it. Building computers back the day was like building rocketships. There was a feeling that you were making history. Plus, being born in the 80s, the show brings back fond memories, even though I was only a child, there’s a familiarity with the show. Like they play dope ass 80s music, which at the time I heard them, I thought they were dumb but now hearing a David Bowie song puts me in a great mood. What also puts me in a great mood, is good story telling which HCF had.

It’s essentially a group of outcasts trying to build a better version of a computer that would compete with the dominant IBM computer at the time. I’ve always liked the story of David and Goliath. The underdog taking on the giants even though they might not a chance to win, but they are still willing to try. This is why I liked the show because the characters know they are going up against a huge corporate monster but they just don’t give a fuck because they believe in themselves and their vision of a better computer. You feel for the characters and you want them to succeed even though they might fail miserably. But a story wouldn’t be great without the actors who play the characters.

HCF has an underrated cast lead by Lee Pace (The Elven King) who plays Joe Macmillan the boss’s son of IBM, which is now the leader of this rag tag team. I loved his character because he is willing to do anything or step on anyone to fullfill his goal and shit on his father. I loved his character like Cameron Howe played by Mackenzie Davis, who was punk before punk had a name. Together they are more of a destructive couple than Sid and Nancy. But we love that shit but to balance that craziness we have the normal husband and wife duo of Gordon and Donna Clark, which could have been neighbors on Leave to Beaver but at end of the season begin to unravel and turn into their bat shit crazy counterparts. Who wouldn’t love this show, but it all changed when they accomplished their goal.

Once they built the computer they always wanted, Joe ran away to get married and in the process became normal. While Cameron built her own shit, a company called Mutiny to create a never been done online gaming community, which is cool but she’s not that crazy anymore. She is trying to be a leader to a group of programmers at Mutiny, which she was to show she has her shit together with Gordon’s wife Donna. The Cameron and Donna duo is fun, but nowhere exciting as it was with Joe. Meanwhile, Gordon is just a stay at home, cokehead dad, which was fun for a second then he stopped. As you can see, I think we should get the band together even though they were dysfunctional as fuck and wanted to kill each other every single second. At least, it was watchable, which I can’t say the show is now. I would call a Mutiny if I were its showrunners. Which brings me back to the ONLY reason why to watch HCF? Joshua Hoover.

I know what you are thinking? Who the fuck? Joshua Hoover is a great up and coming actor, which you’ve probably seen him in those Mountain Dew commercials with the dancing Moose head in the background. I know right, you already love this dude. Granted, I am good friends with Hoover (probably not after this review), which doesn’t sway me from the fact he’s the only reason why to watch this season of Halt of Catch Fire. Joshua plays Bodie, one of the programmers of Mutiny, in which he basically steals every scene he’s in. I don’t know how times this season I was about to fall asleep during the show, then Bodie came out of nowhere with his underwear waking me up from my slumber. 


Here’s further evidence he’s saving the show. There was a scene last episode with Cameron and Tom Rendon, a new programmer played by Mark O’Brien is in the closet together playing first version of Call of Duty, when they have a great idea and are about to make out, which at this point of it was dozing off, when Bodie came out of nowhere to figuratively shoot both of them dead with his toy gun, which I shouted to the tv, “thank god.”

The show is boring and maybe you can get those crazy kids back together to save the show but right now the ONLY reason to watch the show is Bodie aka Joshua Hoover. You may want to disagree with me but watch every episode this season and the one episode he wasn’t in, didn’t you wanted to kill yourself because it was so boring. After you re-watch those episodes, check out his Mountain Dew with the dancing Moose and tell me you don’t love this dude.

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Happy National Chocolate Eclair Day! – It’s so good, would you eat it out of the trash?



It’s National Chocolate Eclair Day! Did you know that “éclair” is the French word for lightning? It may have gotten its name from the “flash” of frosting that glistens across its top, though the direct connection between lightning and this delicious French pastry is unclear.

The eclair has been a favorite treat since its creation in the 1860s, and it will undoubtedly continue to be a bakery shop staple for a long time. The French call the dough of these treats “choux,” which is carefully baked to allow for a hollow interior. Then cream, custard, or purée is piped into its center and it is topped off with fondant icing.  

Credit: Punchbowl

Fu’s Politically Incorrect Review – True Detective Season 2 Ep 01 (Don’t f*ck with a man wearing a Bolo Tie!)




True DetectiveThe Western Book of the Dead Review

(Spoiler Alert) There is at least a long minute of Taylor Kitsch’s naked ass, which might be a good thing for some. 

First off, I was the huge fan of the first season of True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson which I thought so perfect that it could have stood just for one season but like anything good the industry, Hollywood has to continue on making it because the public demands it. So, when I heard that TD was coming back for another season, I was totally psyched for it but then I heard that Matthew and Woody wasn’t going to come back, I wasn’t sure I would be into it even though I love the writer, Nic Pizzolatto, the performances from from Matthew and Woody were too good to follow. But after watching this new episode of True Detective, I was glad that I was so wrong. 

The first episode, The Western Book of the Dead, is all about the disappearance of a city manager and ignites an investigation involving three police officers and a career criminal, who is moving into a legitimate business. This is where we meet the Bolo tie wearing motherfucker, Ray Velcoro played by Colin Farrell, who in the beginning of the episode we find out that his wife got raped but someone tracked down the rapist for him, which was Frank Semyon played by Vince Vaughn. This is where get the connection between the two. Before that there was no other connections between the other main characters. Vince did Colin a favor, which Colin has been in his debt ever since. That’s the only bond or connection they have in common because they are the total opposite from each other because one is supposed to a righteous cop and the other an evil criminal.

Colin plays Ray wonderfully, as a torn soul who tries to be a good cop and a good father at the same time but is failing miserably at it because he is an alcoholic doing the dirty work for criminals, scaring his ginger headed kid by beating up parents of bullies. Meanwhile, Vince is a clean businessman or at least trying to look that way. He has a loving wife and doesn’t really partake in any vices. He seems like a good guy for the moment even though he has a jaded past but I guess he is trying to put it in the past because he is trying to have a family. The other characters are not so lucky to runaway from their past. 

Rachel McAdams who plays Ani Bezzerides, a workaholic detective, who seems like the only thing that is right in her life is her work, which I can also tell from the other character, Paul Woodrugh a CHP officer played by Taylor Kitsch. But Rachel McAdams performance is so fucking amazing enough though she doesn’t really do much in this episode, but with every movement she does is so intense. She delivers each line with such directness and emotion, plus I like her as a dirty blonde. I’m glad she is going for more gritty roles where the characters aren’t that uprighteous but then again she was an evil bitch in Mean Girls. She has the same characteristics as Colin’s character, a dysfunctional family and has a bit of drinking habit. But still I was wondering where was the connection with these four characters?

Then like all good writing, the answers arrive but not all of them as Woodrugh finds the man that everyone was searching for, dead sitting on a bench in the middle of nowhere, his eyes burned with acid. The four finally meet up, getting to size each one up, which this is where our new adventure begins with True Detective. At first, when I heard it was going to be based out in Hell-LA I was a bit skeptic because I loved the scenes in Louisiana because they were so frightening and mysterious, which as an LA native like myself, who’s been in the good and bad parts of Los Angeles, I thought there was no mystery left in this city. But I’m glad that this show has a chance to prove me wrong, because this season of True Detective looks to be good if not better that its predecessor.

Fu’s Observations:

– Don’t fuck with a man with a Bolo Tie. Bruce Springsteen wore one, which if it’s good for The Boss it’s good enough for me.

– Why did Colin put on the ski mask? It’s not like the meth head was going to identify him in a lineup unless he wore the Bolo tie.

– “Aspen Conroy? Is that a boy’s name”, I feel like that could be a dude’s name working a ski resort.

– Is it wrong that I laughed my ass off when Colin beat the shit out of the bully’s parent? “I will fuck your dad in the ass while your mom watches from the lawn.” – Classic

– Did Vince Vaughn’s character look like he constantly wanted to take a shit?

– Casper’s house of naughty art paintings and dildo sculptures was fucking amazing. I want to throw a Tupperware/Stripper party there minus the Tupperware.

– The first scene where Rachel Adams is getting ready for work trying to not have a conversation with her male hook up was about Ass play right? Because if it was, she gets more “brownie points” with me. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

– Why did Taylor need to take a pill to be in the mood to fuck that hot brunette? Unless, it was a pill to make her to shut her mouth cause she was super annoying.

– Did everyone feel like the guy they were looking for was definitely dead right? His name was Casper for fucks sake, the friendly/dead ghost. 

– This new season’s theme song, Nevermind is absolutely perfect from the great Leonard Cohen. The ending song, All The Gold In California, courtesy of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis is wonderfully haunting.

Photo Credit: Pop Break

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Poetry & Art – Legends by Ryan Fu





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Wisdom Wednesdays – Why Not?



Poetry Mondays – I can see now by Ryan Fu (The Hated Ones)


Standing on your bow

looking at the wall of waves

crashing into our loveboat 

causing sounds of thunder

to ripple across the ocean.

I hold the rail

to steady myself

for the rough seas ahead

but I know we’ll get through it

because I have FAITH,

faith in us.

I know 

it’s not going to be perfect.

I am not 

going to be perfect,

we’re not

going to be perfect

but then again

who is?


as life fills up 

our halls



taking us 

to the bottom,

I take a deep breath.

I am committed.

Ready to go down 

with the ship 

taking one last deep breath

thinking about 

the first


last time.

But then.

I remember

nothing ever really dies.

We will be transformed

into lovestruck bees 




tall sunflowers fields

creating our own

sweet honey.

Leaving behind 

our stormy days

looking at the 

sunny days ahead

with my Queen,

my love.




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Fu’s Politically Incorrect Review – Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale (Spoiler Alert All Men must Die) – Mother’s Mercy



Last year, I wrote reviews for Game of Thrones for Season 4, but I felt I didn’t enjoy the episodes I should have because I worried about taking notes during the episode, so it took some of the joy out of it. So, this year I wasn’t going to write any reviews and just enjoy the season but I couldn’t resist saying anything about probably the best tv I’ve ever seen in a while.

Let’s start with the true king to the throne, Stannis Baratheon, who burned his daughter alive, which was probably the most fucking up thing I’ve seen this season and it’s hard to shock me on Game of Thrones. His gamble did not pay off as half his men left him and his sidechick, Red Witch, left him to get his ass kick by the Boltons. But his shitty day didn’t end there for his wife’s guilt was too much for her, taking her own life as Brienne of Tarth finally got some of her honor back as she slays and ends the life of Stannis. He was so close but so far from his destiny.

Brienne wasn’t the only woman to get back her honor as Arya Stark finally checks one off the list by killing lazy left eye. But she had to lie to the Many Face God to do so, which she had to repay the debt with another life. I thought she was about to die then Herbal Essence took his own life. Then it got confusing as fuck as Arya is told no one is anyone then she goes blind. Was it a form of punishment or is it part of her training? 

The Mother of Dragons storyline was kinda of a let down this episode, after the last episode took her a step fowards to her destiny by riding her dragon to escape from the Men with the Iron Masks. She is stuck with her lazy ass dragon and gets surrounded by dudes with ponytails. The best part of this storyline is that Tyrion is in charge again and reunited with Uncle Fester.

Meanwhile, the brother and sister duo of Cersei and Kingslayer is in control of nothing as their real daughter is poisoned by the Sand Vipers, while Cersei has to do the Walk of Shame in front of the whole city. If Lena Headley doesn’t not get an Emmy for that performance I think we should ban the Emmys because she went for the full range of emotions in that performance. It showed her frailty and her strength in one long scene as she tries to get back to her son. The balls to do that scene is another reason why G.O.T is one of the best shows on TV. The producers and writers are willing to do anything for a good story, including killing our favorite characters.

Beware of the Ides of March.

I sorta knew that this was coming eventually because like any person who tries to save everyone is eventually going to be hated by everyone. Jesus, Ghandi, Jon Snow, Batman, etc. After saving the wildings, his bros where not down with it even though Jon saved their asses a bunch of times. As Olly betrays Snow leading him to his death as the Men of the Watch individually stabs him as a traitor to the Watch, which is retarded because he protected the realm of men, all the men and women of the realm. As Olly gives him the last blow, Jon Snow falls back to which where he came from in the snow with his black crow blood surrounding him. As the screen goes black and silence fills up to the uncertainty of the future.

My heart broke and I couldn’t digest what I just saw. But I guess this is just one of the many reasons why Game of Thones is one the very best tv shows right now if not ever. The future of the realm is uncertain with the white walkers close to the WALL, Daenerys is off in the wilderness with a bunch strangers and King’s Landing is in disarray without a true king.  Whatever happens next we will always have that cave… RIP Jon Snow & Ygritte

Fu’s Observations:

– Stannis was a gangsta to the end, telling Jane Lynch to hurry the fuck up to kill him. Although, it would have been dope to see them battle but I guess it was a fitting ending for Crowned Stag.

– The Red Witch is going to to die soon right? 

– What kind of conditioner is Jaqen H’ghar use or does he go all naturally using the water of souls?

– Sansa and Reek escaped Winterfell by bobsledding on the snow right? Biggest question is did they create snow angels together or does it still hurt that Reek betrayed her family? 

– If Tyrion is in charge of Meereen, he’s going to get shitty drunk right because that’s how you get the best out of him. Ironically, that’s how you get the best out of me as well.

– Cersei is not going to be a happy camper finding out that some did an artist’s rendition of her on the Walk of Shame. It’s going to be everywhere in the town halls.

Also, she’ll be pissed that her daughter is dead. 

– I never trusted that little bastard Olly. He was too Sixth Sense for me. But I guess it was fitting that a bastard kills another bastard. At least, Sam is going to get an education and continue on breaking is vow to have sex with that underrated sexy wildling. 

– Where is Littlefinger in all this chaos. This is why I would be his character because just lets everyony kill each other until he is the only one left for the throne.

– Wars to Come, Hardhome, The Dance of Dragons & Mother’s Mercy were the best episodes this season.

What are your thoughts on the episode or the season?




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