All good things come to an end by My Random Musings (BLW Contributor)


Nothing says welcome to reality than a jarring alarm at 6 o’clock or my barely open eyes trying to remember where I am.  After having spent 2 weeks in different hotels, I had forgotten what it felt like to sleep in my bed.

Vacations are great, well besides the insufficient leg room, bad airline food, crying babies, flight delays and the long lines. Apart from all that, vacations are great. Time to recharge your batteries, explore new places, meet new people, try different things and leave your everyday troubles behind.

But now my vacation is over and its back to the real world. I never thought I would say this, but it feels great to be back in the swing of things. Being greeted by piles of snow on the sidewalk, 30 degree temperature, the Immigration officer saying, welcome home, yes I am home. Now its time to grab my bags and get into my car and make that 3 hour drive to my home.

As mundane and monotonous as work could be sometimes, I am looking forward to going back and catching up with everyone, running my familiar sidewalk again and most importantly back to my favorite coffee shop and the people watching and having a chance to share my adventure and experience  with my friends.

It is not to say that I did not enjoy my time away, but there is something about the comfort of my bed and cooking again in my kitchen that makes me happy. No doubt I will be ready for another vacation in a few months, but for now, my batteries are recharged and I feel ready to take on the world.

I feel so ready to take on the world that I signed up for my first half marathon for this year which will happen in a week. I barely ran while I was away.  2 weeks of traveling and 4 countries to visit and explore, leaves very little time for running.

However, I figured the best way to get back into it and motivate myself was to put on jeans that were snug and realize vacation is now over and I need that running to get back into shape.

My bags still lay unpacked.  But I put on my running shoes and head off for a 10 mile run. The more I pound the sidewalk, I realize that even short breaks from it make it hard to get into my usual pace and rhythm. But that is not going to stop me, the familiar haunts, the smell of food wafting from the restaurants that I run past, makes me smile that I am in my comfort zone.

As much as I enjoyed the new experience of new countries, I missed the familiarity of the known, the alone time running with my thoughts and letting my mind wander fleetingly from one thing to another.

I keep running thinking about the people I met, some will be lifetime friends and others just a chance encounter in a country, but no matter what, they played their part in my adventure, which I will probably not forget.

But now that is behind me, there is a half marathon looming over my head and I need to keep going no matter how hard it is. I want to turn around at mile 7, but I need to run 10 miles to make sure I am ready to run 13.1 miles next week.

One of my favorite songs comes on and I keep going, lost once again my thoughts.

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What’s Eating Ryan Fu? – Your job sucks and you’re not passionate about it


I was just ready to get to bed when I got super depressed that I had to go to work in the morning in which I’m not interested in doing anymore but I have to do it. I’m basically just doing it for a paycheck. I behave like a machine just going through the motions in the day. I know what you are thinking, why don’t you just get another job? But I don’t think another shitty job will replace an already shitty job.

I’m trying my hardest to do what I love to do but I’m not getting paid to live off on it yet.

Is this life?

Fuck this boulder!

Wisdom Wednesdays – Create your own Path



BLW Presents: New Book from Ryan Fu – The Hated Ones: Running with the Hunted



There is always been two sides to every story but usually when it comes to Hollywood, the media only shows one side of the story. The Hated Ones by new writer, Ryan Fu, shows the other side of the Hollywood scene. The entertainment industry is worth billions of dollars, which people want protect their valuable image but they can’t control the public, who want to know what they are doing in their daily lives. In comes the wolves of Hollywood, the paparazzi, who are willing to do anything to get that coveted shot that might be worth thousands of dollars. The Hated Ones is a collection of stories and poems from celebrity photojournalist, Ryan Fu, who was been in the industry for the last ten years. It’s a brand new perspective from the other side of the lens showing a different light to the entertainment industry. The story follows Ryan from his rough upbringing in the streets of Los Angeles to his time in the military fighting terrorists, then finally hitting the streets of Hollywood hunting world famous celebrities.

A wise person once said the purpose of life is to experience everything to in order to gain knowledge because knowledge is power.

So buy that ticket, shut up, and enjoy the ride!


or @ Amazon

Motivation Monday – BLW Fans ask & you will receive (What the guys do, women can do it better!!!)

17 year old-girl performing movements most guys can’t do

The Dragon’s Philosophy – Be You



Motivation Monday – Are you Driven?


What’s Eating Ryan Fu? (Things that annoy the shit out of me)


Hey there BLW fans, just wanted to create a new topic because maybe because I just needed a place to vent my feelings out and share what the hell is pissing me off which hopefully I’m not the only person is going thru the same shit.

So, right now what’s eating at me is fucking Page Numbers!!!

I’m currently finishing up my first book and I’m self publishing which I’m in the process of uploading my finished product and I’m not meeting the current criteria for publishing it yet because of the page numbers and some other minor details.

The reason why I wanted to self publish is because I wanted my first book the way I wanted it to be. The way I envisioned it when I first started. I totally understand that you need page numbers for reference points, but when does it hinder the art? Do you stop reading because of the page numbers?

It’s a piece of art even though it’s with words it is still a piece of art.

I decided fuck it. So, maybe the page numbers don’t really match up, does it really matter or does the material matter more?

Does the art matter more then what’s it on? Do you really care about the frame?

Thanks for listening.

Happy National Water Day!!! – Save Water because California is in a Drought (Check out the Pictures)



World Water Day is marked on 22 March every year. It’s a day to celebrate water. It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. It’s a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day. 22 years later, World Water Day is celebrated around the world every year, shining the spotlight on a different issue.


Before: Here, the Green Bridge passes over Lake Oroville near the Bidwell Marina in 2011. Notice the trees and shrubs that grow right against the man-made lake’s edge
After: Fast forward to 2014 and even the massive pillars holding up the bridge can be completely seen at the lakes edge, where a wide swath of parched dirt spans between what’s left of the water and the tree line
Before: The marina at Oroville Lake, here in 2011, is the picture of serenity. Recent serious storms in Northern and Southern California have helped give the state a very small reprieve during the 3-year drought, but the effects have been described as a ‘drop in the bucket’
After: Much of what was once an engorged reservoir is now gone at Oroville. Shockingly, only a handful of Central Coast dams have fallen below the historically low 1977 levels
Before: Here, the Enterprise Bridge spans the Lake Oroville in Butte County, California in July 2011.
After: Here, the Enterprise Bridge spans the same reservoir, which has dwindled to a mere trickle in 2014 as California is forced to draw alarming amounts of water from its vanishing reservoirs

Brain Ninjas – Words that find the real you – How many words can you find about who you really are?


Psychologists say that the first 3 words you find reflect your interior. What did you find you?