Everyone loves Bacon – Kevin Bacon demands more Nudity


Kevin Bacon demands more male nudity in Hollywood

Kevin Bacon has a bone to pick with you, Hollywood. Male actors are rarely given the opportunity to be gratuitously naked, and it’s not fair. 

But that’s all going to change now with the #FreeTheBacon movement. 

Happy National Scotch Day!!! – Ron Burgundy’s favorite drink!


National Scotch Day is celebrated annually on July 27th.

Scotch whisky, often simply called Scotch, is malt whisky or grain whisky made in Scotland. Scotch whisky must be made in a manner specified by law.

All Scotch whisky was originally made from malted barley. Commercial distilleries began introducing whisky made from wheat and rye in the late 18th century. Scotch whisky is divided into five distinct categories: single malt Scotch whisky, single grain Scotch whisky, blended malt Scotch whisky (formerly called “vatted malt” or “pure malt”), blended grain Scotch whisky, and blended Scotch whisky.

All Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. Any age statement on a bottle of Scotch whisky, expressed in numerical form, must reflect the age of the youngest whisky used to produce that product. A whisky with an age statement is known as guaranteed-age whisky.

Credit: National Calendar

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True Detective (Episode 6) Church in Ruins – Don’t bring knives to an Orgy




True Detective – Episode 6 Church in Ruins

Spoiler Alert – Don’t bring knives to an Orgy 

What a comeback from last week’s boring episode of True Detective. This episode had everything you wanted in an episode of TD. For example, it had Frank being what he hates being called a gangsta, Ray being his old wild threatening abusive self again, and tons of T & A. Plenty of people were disappointed including me with last week’s episode after that insane standoff that killed a shit load of people but TD followed it up with a so-so episode that made a lot of people wonder if the writers blew their load early in the season but once again I was happy to be proved wrong again. True Detective is back on track being one of best shows on tv because they aren’t afraid to kill a man with a butter knife in a middle of an orgy.

We will get to the awesome sex party orgy in a second but we have to start off where the last episode left us, which was with Frank and Ray being “Friends” having a normal cup of coffee where they were about to kill each other because Frank gave the wrong information to Ray about his wife’s rapists. But the two men came to an understanding that they didn’t want to die in Frank’s breakfast nook in Glendale. Both men showed their sensitive and violent sides this episode as they acted like nurturing fathers as well as calculating killers. As Frank consoles a young kid, who’s father has recently died. It was nice to see this other side of Frank being nice to a kid, who wasn’t his. Maybe it will change his mind about adoption but his main concern this whole season is gaining back his empire as it leads him to a girl, who might know where that video recorder is but in Frank’s desperation he gets mixed up with the wrong kind of crowd as the Cartel kills the girl because she was working with the cops. Speaking of desperation Ray is finally had enough being on the straight and boring path.


As the old Ray that we loved in the beginning of the season comes back in full force this episode. After finding out that he killed the wrong rapists, Ray decides to find the real rapists in jail already, which he tells him that he his lucky that he’s behind bars because he was going to fuck him up in a hot minute. Ray was so pumped up that he was going to kill another rapists that he needed to celebrate to let off a little steam. After he came down, he had a bit of clarity about his son, which he thought it was better for the kid that Ray wasn’t doing to be in his life because it was having a negative effect on the kid. So, he comes to understanding with his ex that he would stay away if she doesn’t tell the kid the truth about his real dad, which is probably the guy from Harry Potter. Speaking of whores and wizards, Ani gets caught up in an undercover operation with Ray and Woodrugh, where she pretends to be a high price hooker in a sex party.


First off, Ani cleans up nicely after a scene with her sister playing with knives looking tougher than Taylor Kitsche. She gets to the party looking like hot dime piece but people always forget that she was a Mean Girl back in the day. Security drugs Ani along with the other girls in order to put them in the mood for the weird sex orgy. Ani tries to stay focus but the drugs start to take effect but not before she finds her missing persons and the boys find clues about land deals with Vinci. The Three Amigos getaway unharmed but unfortunately Ani had to kill a man, which wasn’t the worse part as we could see that she has some underlying issues with her past with a guy that looked like Gallagher the comedian, who murders watermelons. This episode totally killed the last episode, which I hope it continues to rock.

I super glad that True Detective is back on track and with ONLY TWO EPISODES LEFT, I hope it all goes down with a BANG!!!

Fu’s observations:

  • Who do you think would actually win in a staring contest between Ray & Frank?
  • Ray isn’t Whistling Dixie. That rapists has a cheese grader to his balls in his future.
  • I love how Ray’s son watches Friends. Ray is totally Ross and his bitch wife is Rachel.
  • That was a huge mount of blow. People forget you can have a moment of clarity about your life after you drink, sort all the drugs and destroy your apartment.
  • Mexican Standoff with actual Mexicans
  • Does Frank’s Bucket List include avocado trees and Fuck You grilles?
  • Pure MDMA spray? That’s on my Bucket List. I need that my life ASAP Rocky!!!
  • Ani doesn’t get Art but ass play she’s all about it.
  • Ani was totally turned on at the weird sex orgy party right?
  • I wouldn’t be happy in that party because I couldn’t stay focus because there is too much T & A!!! That’s a titty and ass overload for anyone, high or sober!
  • Ani had better knife work when she was high as fuck. That dude did die under 3 mins or less.
  • Great outro song tonight with the band Black Angels “Black Grease”

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BLW Limited Edition T-Shirt Art Piece from Charles Postell Contest Giveaway!!! – Why you LOVE Life Contest?



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This Limited Edition t-shirt design calledNumchucks from Postell is made out of fabric paint and is totally all hand made. It’s a Men’s Large and made out of Cotton. If you’re a fan of old school martial arts movies, you’d totally love this t-shirt, which Postell only made one of these pieces making it valuable and unique.

00005230 00005232 00005233 00005237

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Submit your art pieces by typing your link to your submission in the comment section below. So, put your art piece on your site then send us a link so we can check it out. Also, we will post it on BLW so other fans can check out your great art work.

Good Luck!!!

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Ant Man in 4DX Review – Are $50 movie tickets worth it?


ant-man_01-600x450 copy


Spoiler Alert: Nobody got hurt during the 4DX experience

One of my favorite cartoons back in the day was Ant Man because he was not your typical super hero, even though he did have all the super powers of an Ant, but I liked how the cartoon did not take itself seriously because essentially it was a guy in an ant costume solving and preventing crimes. So, when I heard they were doing an Ant Man movie, I was super excited but then I saw the trailer for the movie, which I felt a bit disappointed that they didn’t go with the animated version of it with the goofy costume. But the nerd in me was going to see the movie regardless if wasn’t as true as the original, which I was pleasantly surprised on how fun the movie was, in which the 4DX experience probably helped with the overall experience. 

4DX allows a motion picture presentation to be augmented with environmental effects such as seat motion, wind, rain, fog, lights, and scents along with the standard video and audio. My mom was raving about it when she traveled a year ago telling me the seats moved. So, I figured Ant Man was a great film to try out in 4DX. The movie itself was fun and exciting. 


The Ant Man costume wasn’t that bad at all, which I actually thought it was pretty cool on how effective and multi-functioning his suit was during the film. Paul Rudd did an amazing job as the wise cracking cat burglar turned super hero, who loves his adorable daughter. He is willing to do anything to be with her, so he was to help out Michael Douglas character by stealing another version of the Ant Man costume because it would do more harm than good. Evangeline Lilly plays Michael Douglas’s daughter, which I have been a big fan of hers ever since Lost and lately for The Hobbit. She is so hot and she’s an amazing actress, which she was the one of the reasons why like the movie, but of course the 4DX experience totally put me over the top. 

The prices for a 4DX movie is more expensive than your regular movie tickets. Two adults tickets for 4DX came out to close to $50 dollars, along with parking and concession snacks, it comes out to a very taxing day at the movies. But it was worth every dime because it felt like was watching a movie on a rollercoaster. The seats moved along with the action of the movie as water sprinkled on you anytime it was involved, plus you get a light and smoke show on top of the movie. 


I thought the 4DX was amazing but is too expensive for any regular movie watching experience. It’s great if you have the money to splurge on expensive movie tickets but I think the 4DX is worth the money for special occasions. I would recommend watching Ant Man because it’s a fun family oriented movie and if you have the dough check it out in 4DX because it’s totally worth the expensive prices. 

Photo Credit: http://collider.com , http://www.cj4dx.com

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Epic Fail of the Week – Harry Potter as a Receptionist



According to Nylon Magazine, a few weeks ago, Daniel Radcliffe stopped by the NYLON offices and sat at the front desk, unbeknownst to staffers and office visitors. The following was written by a NYLON employee, who wishes to remain anonymous. This is her tale.

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Mr. Robot (Episode 3) Bug – Why aren’t you watching this shit? Seriously?


american-psycho-christian-bale1 copy


Mr. Robot Review – Episode 3: Bug

Why aren’t you watching this show? Seriously?

After two great beginning episodes from Mr. Robot, I was waiting for lull or a not too exciting episode because usually a show has one or two episodes like that, where it’s hard to watch the episode because nothing is going on. But with episode 3 of Mr. Robot, the shit got real with Elliot and Mr. Robot. As his perfectly protected world or as he calls it his maze, gets shattered by the news that Evil Corp actually knew that they were responsible for killing his father and they didn’t even care. Mr. Robot wants Elliot to get on board with F Society full-time because they want to take Evil Corp down. The story line between Elliot and Evil Corp wasn’t even the best part of the episode, which the credit goes to the scene stealer Martin Wallstorm, who plays Tyrell Wellick, Evil Corp’s new security manager that wants to be the youngest CEO to ever work for them, but just like Elliot and Mr. Robot, there’s something a bit off about the guy.

If you are a big fan of American Psycho like I am, I loved the portrayal of Christian Bale’s character of Patrick Bateman that psychotic mass murdering stock manager, which I loved the homage that the show did with Tyrell talking to himself in the mirror acting like Patrick Bateman. Tyrell is trying to pump himself up because he wants to get the CEO job at Evil Corp, but gets cut down when his boss tells him that they already found a candidate for the position. Instead of showing any kind of emotions, Tyrell bottles it up and takes it out on a homeless man. Just like in American Psycho, Tyrell beats the shit out of the homeless man after paying him money. Then he goes after the receptionists for his boss to get more information from him by having intercourse with him. The crazy twist was that he has a hot wife that loves BDSM. Tyrell is going to be another interesting character to watch this season.


I am so impressed by the few episodes I’ve already watched of Mr. Robot, which I cannot wait for what happens to these characters. If you haven’t seen any episodes of Mr. Robot, then do yourself a favor and check out the show. The characters are great along with the solid storylines but you might even learn a thing or two on how to protect yourself from being hacked. This show gives out great tips on how to prevent identity theft. In this day of age, we are all connected as put all our information in the internet, where everyone has access to it. Mr. Robot shows us how unprotected our information is on the net and how heavily we rely on technology throughout our daily lives. It really makes you think on how much you want to put yourself out there on internet for anyone to steal your information.

Fu’s Observations:

  • How much did the homeless dude get paid to be a punching bag? If its more than 10 Gs, then sign me up
  • It’s crazy how easily you can change your hospital records. I would add cannabis on my daily medication.
  • Elliot trying to act normal was uncomfortable to watch. – “I’ll watch Marvel movies, like people’s instagram posts and drink vanilla lattes.” – This totally describes me.
  • I loved the Fight Club moment when Elliot does not want to tell his gay boss what he does after work. – “First rule of Fight Club…”
  • Christian Slater is the shit – “This place is a shit hole. I don’t even like redheads…they make my dick soft. I love Apple Tinis.”
  • “The violent get violent because they cannot communicate.”
  • Steal my sunshine was the fucking song back in the day!!! Plus, the video was cool – Check it out below.

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7 Days in Hell Review – Reasons why you need to watch this movie now!!!

rivalry_nr9bt6 copy


7 Days in Hell Review

Spoiler Alert – Andy Samberg does kill someone…kinda.

First off, congrats to Novak Djokovic for winning his third Wimbledon title and Serena Williams for dominating the women’s tennis game earning her 100th Wimbledon title or whatever it is because she’s just kicking everyone’s ass. That just happened last weekend, which a lot people watched these great athletes be the very best at their sport at a historic and timeless tournament called Wimbledon. Everyone knows that tennis is seen to be less aggressive than other sports, where finesse and agility is valued more than strength and power. The game of tennis is seen to be more of a classy and respectable sport to play just like the historic and strict Wimbledon tournament, where the players are expected to follow strict rules down to their all white uniforms and all players must show great manners because Wimbledon is seen to be the royalty of the tennis game, which sometimes actual royalty like the Queen of England checks out the games. So, when I saw the trailers of 7 days of Hell starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harington, I had to see the HBO made for tv movie because it fucking breaks not also all the tennis rules and all the rules in general. Here are the reasons why you need to see this shit immediately.

  • Andy Samberg, who plays Aaron Williams the adopted brother of Serena and Venus Williams. He is an absolute maniac with his button down sleeveless Jordache tennis attire. He’s literally from the streets. He does all the drugs and bangs all the girls & guys he wants too, plus he fucking killed a man during a tennis match. This might be the best performance I’ve ever seen from Samberg, plus that “Fuck Tennis 4 Ever,” tattoo is fucking amazing.
  • Kit Harington, who is primarily known from the acclaimed fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, plays the very serious Jon Snow. It’s simply amazing to watch him playing someone funny or at least a character, who is totally ridiculous that he is laughable in every scene. He plays Charles Poole, a young tennis prodigy that has a child’s brain that’s been damaged. To see Harington go all out putting himself out there trying to funny was so great.
  • The chemistry between Samberg and Harington is comedy gold. It was like watching two drunk infants fight. They were both willing to anything to get a laugh. And I mean anything.
  • The color commentary was hysterical as well with the likes of Serena Williams, David Copperfield, Chris Evert, John McEnroe and Jim Lampley.

If you are still not impressed by the reasons I’ve given on why you should watch 7 Days of Hell? Well, I thought the best part of the movie was the banter between Harington and the Queen of England was too fucking much. It’s just a ridiculous and fun movie to watch. Plus, if you ever played competitive tennis before like I did, I always wanted to do all the things that the characters did in the movie but I would have gotten in trouble for it. Also, if you aren’t a tennis fan at all, I think it’s still a great movie to watch and maybe it will turn you into a fan of tennis or at least a fan of denim button down sleeveless jackets.

Fu’s Observations:

  • Air Guitar – Everyone has done that with their tennis racquet after every point.
  • The Reverse Blindside
  • Aaron Williams lost 1996 Wimbledon & killed a man.
  • I loved Aaron ‘s under wear line A- Willi, Sac Flop
  • The Digital Orgy was amazing
  • Cocaine in his water bottle. How come I never thought of that?
  • Jim Lampley, “I hate watching tennis.”
  • Poole feeling the pressure, ode to the Blair Witch
  • “Sometimes my dick is a fucking dick.”
  • “I’ve seen too many too many dead bodies on the tennis court.”
  • The Queen of England voice messages were hysterical – “Fuck nut. Stupid Fuck Slut, don’t let us down anymore. I’ve been drinking.”




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