Artsy Fartsy [Halloween Style] – Saturn Devouring His Son (Francisco Goya)


In Roman myth, based heavily on the Greek myth, the father of the Gods devours his own children to ensure none greater than himself ever comes into being. It is this act of child murder that Goya has painted. The painting was never meant for public consumption, as it was painted on the wall of his house alongside several other grim paintings known collectively as ‘The Black Paintings.’ Some see the painting as a comment on the aging process that must have been playing out in the aging artist’s mind. Of the Black Paintings which Goya completed the other most famous work is probably his Witches’ Sabbath.

Saturn devouring one of his children is on display in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Black Paintings – Saturn Devouring His Son – Canvas Art Print Reproduction

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Be Like Bacon (Francis Bacon) – Legacy


Artsy Fartsy – There Is Always Hope (2007) – Banksy



Banksy’s Girl With Balloon is one of the more talked about pieces in his career. The original work depicts a young girl losing a heart-shaped balloon to the wind. There is also a small quote etched into the staircase that reads, “There is always hope.” The girl is seen standing in front of a gust of wind in black and white. Her balloon is painted in bright red.

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The heart-shape represents love, hope, innocence, childhood, and even self-confidence. It is not clear if the piece is supposed to represent a loss of hope or that what you desire is within your reach. The quote seems to suggest the latter.

iCanvasART There is Always Hope Balloon Girl by Banksy Canvas Art Print, 40 by 26-Inch

Artsy Fartsy – The Lovers by Rene Magritte



The Lovers is a painting by French surrealist Rene Magritte, created in 1928. 

The painting depicts a veiled couple embracing and kissing. Obviously symbolic, many have speculated about why the couple is veiled. Many have also interpreted the painting in different ways – the common interpretation being “Love is blind”. 

Do you have any opinions about the meaning of the painting? 

The Lovers can be viewed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.    

Magritte: Attempting the Impossible

Wisdom Wednesdays – The Master



The Gift by Christine Rose (Be Like Water Contributor)


Christine Rose is Like Water…she wants to share her “Gift” to everyone, enjoy!

Originally posted on Barenaked in Public:


A few years ago a woman I hardly knew gave me a small handmade journal, bound with string and buttons, and covered with fabric and seashells. Her name was Mary. We met at a gathering of mutual friends. Playing cards and sharing a bottle of red wine, we laughed, and told stories about our lives. She asked about my work, and seemed mildly amused by my being a school principal. I suppose I don’t look or behave like a principal when I’m playing cards on a warm summer evening. She was a cashier at a liquor store, three blocks from my house, small world. We drank and talked some more. I told her about my desire to write, using my standard line . . . I’ve got something to say, I just don’t know what it is. Wide eyed, she smiled, told me to wait one second  and ran outside to her car. She returned with a small journal in hand, this is for…

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Be Like Bacon – Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power)



This is your Chance to Become Like Water (Share your thoughts, stories & Ideas with us)

We at Be Like Water believe that we are all part of the learning experience, so we wanted to reach out to our friends & fans to say we appreciate your support

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So, if you have a story or topic you want to share with us, just leave it in the comment section with a link to your topic and we will post it on BLW,

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Happy National Comic Book Day!!!


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Wisdom Wednesdays – Nothing lasts Forever