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Wisdom Wednesdays – Create your Own Masterpiece



Thirsty Wallaby by Australind (BLW Contributor)


Thirsty Wallaby

The Picture says it all…

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Wisdom Wednesdays – Step into the Fire



Artsy Fartsy – Life is Beautiful (Banksy)



The mysterious graffiti artist Banksy, the most famous one in the world, has drawn the attention of people all over the world with his artwork in the streets of countless cities. Sometimes subversive and ironic, sometimes comical, but always fresh and original, Banksys art delivered once again with a visually stunning mural painting on a wall on West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The piece features a close-up profile of the pretty face of a woman of color with light brown skin, sleeked back black hair, shiny earrings, and a bright rose-colored flower in her hair. Her eyes are shut, and she appears to be singing or yelling with big, bold black letters in all caps written next to her face: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

The meaning of the piece is unclear. It is worth noting that there appear to be bars on the wall covering a window between the woman’s face and the lettering, which call jail bars to mind, but perhaps the simple message next to the woman’s face says it all.

iCanvasART Life is Beautiful by Banksy Canvas Art Print, 40 by 26-Inch

Group Gratitude by Bare Naked in Public (BLW Contributor)



Late this afternoon I found myself driving on the California freeways as the sun was setting. I was coming home from a day in LA. Pink and blue cotton candy clouds filled the sky and I knew sunset at the beach would be amazing. According to Siri and her skillful navigation, I would be home just in time to catch it.

As I drove down my street, Catalina sat on the horizon, straight ahead . . .  the sun setting behind her, the sky a beautiful magenta. I quickly parked my car and with my phone in hand ran to the beach. In just a couple blocks, I passed several people headed the same direction to join the gathering crowd, some with fancy cameras, some with phones like me, and of course the surfers, just taking it in. I snapped a few shots. Unable to capture the richness of the colors, I decided to enjoy the view with my very own eyeballs.

IMG_7154IMG_7159 (1)

As the sun set, I looked around at the people standing on the steps and along the beach trail, all there to take in the beauty of mother nature. Warmed my heart to see the glow of the setting sun on their faces. The appreciation and gratitude was palpable, truly. Makes me happy to witness folks enjoying the simple things . . . the world slowed down for a few minutes . . . and it felt good.

Grateful for a beautiful end to my day.


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Artsy Fartsy – Four Seasons: Winter by Francois Boucher


This allegory of the cold months typifies the Rococo style of the 18th Century: instead of depicting nature or even agricultural labour, Boucher gives us a flirty duo sliding along in a golden sledge. (The female figure’s outfit, despite the fur, is definitely not weather-appropriate.) The painting was executed for Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV’s official mistress, and its irregular shape suggests that it probably hung above a door in one of her many residences.

Boucher (The Four Seasons: Winter, 1755) Canvas Art Print Reproduction (17×21.7 in) (43×55 cm)

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