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Be Like Bacon – Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power)



Leader of the Pack – (Business Philosophy) You have to be a little crazy…



Music gives a soul to the Universe – Seven Ways That Music Benefits Your Health



“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain .” – Bob Marley

Lets see the effect music can have on a physical/ mental and psychological level :

1-   Improves your visual and verbal skills

Early music education stimulates a child’s brain, leading to improved performance in verbal intelligence. This was suggested in a study among 4-to 6-year-olds who received only one month of musical training. It included training in rhythm, pitch, melody, voice and basic musical concepts, and this proved to have a “transfer effect,” enhancing their ability to understand words and explain their meaning.

Another study among 8 to 11-year-olds found that those who had extra-curricular music classes, developed higher verbal IQ, and visual abilities, in comparison to those with no musical training.

2) Affects the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure

As Nietzsche, said, ‘We listen to music with our muscles.’ Studies have proved that music can not only strengthen the heart but also improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease.

No matter the genre of music, listening to one’s favorite music releases endorphins in the brain that improves the vascular health. (Opera, classical and other types of ‘joyful’ music were more likely to stimulate endorphins as opposed to heavy metal)

At Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, men and women who listened to music soon after undergoing cardiac surgery were less anxious andreported having less pain than those who just rested quietly.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, a nurse-led team found that heart patients confined to bed who listened to music for 30 minutes had lower blood pressure, slower heart rates, and less distress than those who didn’t listen to music.

The rhythm, the melody and harmony, all play a role in the emotional and cardiovascular response.

3) Improves sleep quality in students

Young or old, we all face sleep problems, in some cases, regularly, in other cases, when we’ve had an overactive day. Listening to soft music is indeed relaxing, hence improving the quality of your sleep.

Research shows that music can help reduce several factors known to interfere with sleep (including stress and anxiety), promote physical changes that support more restful sleep (such as lowered heart and respiratory rates), and aid in treatment of Insomnia.

4) Makes you Happier

Music affects our emotional state, making you feel happy, ecstatic or even sad. According to a study, your brain releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical, when you listen to tunes that move you. Sometimes you also experience feeling of shivers or chills while listening to a particular track, this shows that brain releases large amount of dopamine, that gives you happiness and pleasure. So listening to music gives us the same hit of happiness that we would get from a piece of chocolate, sex or drugs.

While another study shows that Music with a quick tempo in a major key, brought about all the physical changes associated with happiness in listeners. In contrast, a slow tempo and minor key led to sadness.

Even when we listen to happy music with the intention to feel happy, it always works as opposed to simply listening to music without attempting to alter our mood.

5) Boosts your immune system and reduce Pain

Music has been found to reduce the levels of stress hormone, cortisol, which can weaken the immune system and is responsible for many illnesses. If you like to dance to uplifting music, then you are definitely on a path to better health. Scientists found that after listening to just 50 minutes of uplifting dance music, the levels of antibodies in participants’ bodies increased.

Different types of music might have different effect, but it also depends on your personal preference and what tunes resonate with your soul. What resonates with the spirit, does have a healing effect.

6) Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Listening to music has much more effect on the human mind and psyche. Researchers say that it can helpease anxiety among cancer patients, have positive effects on their mood, pain and improve quality of life. Researchers from Drexel University found that cancer patients who either listened to music or worked with a music therapist experienced a reduction in anxiety, had better blood pressure levels and improved moods.

7) Keeps an aging brain healthy

Having musical training could help keep the brain healthy as people grow older. Any kind of musical activity in life serves as a challenging cognitive exercise, making your brain sharper and more capable of dealing with challenges of aging.

Even someone with brain damage or dementia can recover memories through listening to music. It is ingrained in our deepest core of being, no matter the language, the sound and the rhythm resonates deep within. Like Kahlil Gibran puts it, “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

Credit MyBeatFix

If you’re still not convinced just listen below to Radiohead‘s Codex

Leader of the Pack – (Business Philosophy) Barometer of Success



The Physics of Olympic Bodies (Science is Awesome)


The Olympics is able to capture the imaginations of countries around the world. Though sometimes due to, in no small part, how freaking buff these people are. Every historical trend in world record performances has been positive, meaning that we (a very subjective word) as Olympians have only been getting harder/better/faster/stronger every year! It boggles the mind to think that every year someone one-ups the past by just enough to progress the world record.

What I find even more fascinating though, is how each event in the Olympic event defines the physique of the athlete in question. Training so hard for one event that, for some, you only get one chance to make your mark, it makes sense that the muscles required for your sport will be, shall we say, enhanced… I don’t know if you’ve seen Olympic cyclist thighs (sort of NSFW), but HOLYGEEZUSWOAH that’s intense. Swimmers need to be tall, long-distance runners have a low BMI (body mass index), sprinters have jacked arms to balance out their jacked legs, and power-lifters are just jacked all over. In the end, it’s simply amazing what human beings can achieve with their physical bodies and minds to be living titans on Earth. 


Credit: Daily Infographic




Be Like Bacon – Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power)



The Leftovers – Two boats and a helicopter (Life is a Roulette Table)



Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

This night’s episode of the Leftovers was fucking amazing. I was wondering if there was going to be a dull episode in the series but still continues to amaze me just like life. I always wonder what life is going to bring me, which sometimes I always think it’s all about luck. You make choices in life, which hopefully the outcome of that choice turns out to be a good one for you but you have take a chances and live with the outcome. This is what Reverend Jamison played by Christopher Eccleston does in order to get back what he dearly loves, which is the church.

In this world people believe less and less about religion because why would they believe in something that doesn’t believe in them. People feel hurt that they weren’t chosen like the rest of their love ones in the Rapture, so why would they turn to the church for comfort. Father Matt Jamison seems to be the only left fighting for the church because it is the only thing after the Rapture that is still there and it hasn’t change. Everything around him has been drastically changed ever since the event including his sister and his handicapped wife. He still believes in the power of religion and doesn’t believe that it was the Rapture because most of the people taken weren’t that good. He makes flyers of the Departed that weren’t good, reminding them of their evil deeds. He wants to know that all our suffering has not gone to waste in believing in this event, which he is willing to fight to get his message across.


In the opening scene with the few parishioners he has left in his congregation he gets beat down by an unknown man then takes Jamison’s flyer of the Departed and stuff’s it down the father’s face. To make matters worse the bank wants to sell his church because another company wants to buy it unless he can come up with 135,000 in cash by tomorrow. So, he decides to ask his sister, Nora Durst, for the money which in turn she wants him to stop handing out the flyers of the departed because people don’t like it. Jamison tells Nora that he is just showing people the truth. She responds saying this whole thing is a test, which he might be failing.

This is one of the “oh, shit,” moment for me as the Reverend tells her sister that her husband was cheating on him and he has the receipts. Of course, Jamison didn’t get the money from his sister but he saw the signs. People see signs or they have an intuition for doing something they have to do. I totally believe in that because sometimes you can’t explain why you do things, but you know you have to do it.


So, he goes over to Kevin Garvey’s house to find the money that Kevin’s crazy dad left him after one of flyers showed one of the court judges weren’t that good of a human being. This is other “oh, shit,” moment with Kevin’s wife which is now a part of the Guilty Remnant, sitting on their swing set. Apparently, she does this a lot, which leads me to believe she totally hasn’t crossed over to the unfashionable side. Both them agree to keep it a secret from Kevin as the Reverend finds the money. He follows his gut and goes to casino, betting all his money on Red on a roulette table. Of course, he keeps winning and eventually gets all the money he needs to buy the church back.

Reverend James is overjoyed that he has the money but it is cut short by getting mugged by a casino patron but the Reverend has come to far to fail and beats down the assailant, getting the money back. His test continues as he stops to try help out a GR that was violent attacked by people but no good deeds get unpunished. The Reverend gets knocked out by a rock, which puts him in a mini coma as he visualizes his church being burnt to the ground. He wakes up to trying to rush to the bank, only to find out that someone already bought his church.

Patti Levin confronts Laurie and demands that she break Meg or cut her loose

This is the best “oh, shit,” moment I had in the episode. It was the Guilty Remnant that bought the church. I think the GRs want to not give anyone hope anymore in this world making people believe that there way is the “New Religion” people should follow. The look on the Reverend’s face was priceless. It was the “it’s on,” moment where the hero decides he or she had enough of the bullshit and is ready to take action.

Once again such a phenomenal episode of the Leftovers, which I hope it continues to be great in the upcoming shows. On the personal side about the show, if I were one of the Leftovers on the show, I think I would be more religious. I’ve always been hesitating to place all my money on the idea that God was real or not. If there was an event like the Rapture, I would be more inclined that he or she is actually real and I would make it my mission in life to become a better person. Because in life it’s all about seeing the “signs” and taking chances on them regardless of the outcome.

Fu’s Observations:

-       I know that Guilty Remnant wear only white to show unity and to show people the meaningless in life but can they have one outfit change like black or neon? Just seeing in white all the time makes me want to beat them down myself!

-       The pigeons that were the signs for the Reverend was a bit too “Noah” for me

-       Is it wrong that I think the Reverend’s sister is kinda hot? I think just have a thing for women, who are on the edge i.e., kinda crazy.

-       This is the only episode not showing Justin Theroux. Also, does his wife miss his hot body?

-       Was it a rock or a potato that the Reverend got struck with because those vegetables have hit me and they’re like a rock.

-       Why was the Reverend dreaming about Justin Theroux’s wife? (Put your Freudian comment here)

-       I still don’t get the title of the episode, does the price of the church equate to two boats and a helicopter? If it does, where the hell can you buy two boats and a helicopter for such a low price?

-       Great closing song, Take Me To Church by HOZIER

-       If you were the departed and the Reverend had a flyer about the horrible truth about you, what would it say? I know mine would say, “He liked the film The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger.” What? It was a good film, don’t judge me!


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