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Credit: Power of Positivity 

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Halt and Catch Fire – 1984 (We are the Future)



Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

First off, it wasn’t the greatest season finale I’ve ever seen in my life but it was still good after a season of highs and lows of Halt and Catch Fire. They finally got want they wanted but they paid the price for it as they lost a few team members, most notably Cameron as she leaves Cardiff Electric to open her own company. But at least they created something, which Gordon is totally happy about but I’m not sure Joe is content about their creation as we see his destructive nature in this episode. I’m not sure if the title was just coincidental or the story just happened in the 80’s but you can interpret the episode was about George Orwell‘s 1984, in which the government is trying to control everyone’s future by fear and control. But just like in his classic novel people are bound to rise up because you can’t stop the future as we see in this episode.


I loved the opening scene with Donna and Gordon as they are still dealing with the fallout of Donna’s choices. By far the best acting was from these two as success can solve a married couple’s problem momentarily as they finally see the fruits of their labour from what they created as Gordon gets a piece of the company, a brand new car with a new suit and a shave. But Gordon still doesn’t trust Joe which he shouldn’t as we find out later in episode, so he and Donna hatch a plan out to control Joe but he didn’t even have do it because Joe was going to go with Gordon’s plan because he had no other options because he’s not a creator.

Halt and Catch Fire-1984_0

Donna and Gordon finally see success but is it enough to save their marriage or their souls. Donna happily quits her job at Texas Instruments and just gets high eating Oreos at her house, being bored out of her mind. After a car jack scare, she starts to realize she wants to do more with her life as she joins Cameron’s new company, The Mutiny. Gordon is feeling the emptiness after all his success as we see him in the board table with his lackeys trying to figure out what’s next?

Joe MacMillan is unfortunately in the same position he was in the beginning of the series, which he is still lost and looking for answers. Everyone around him has progress so much but he has not as Cameron bluntly tells him,


“You’re not the future. You’re a footnote. An echo. You’re still that little boy that was thrown off the roof by your mom. Just wasted potential.”

This was the first time Joe didn’t have a snappy comeback because he realized she was totally right about everything. This leads him to question his own existence and question what he actually did in the projection. Which lead him to do what he does best, which is destroying the things he creates as he lights the Cardiff Electric trunk on fire filled with the Giant. In the last scene, we see Joe go on a spiritual adventure trying to figure out who he is or maybe he is still trying to find his estranged mother but either way I can’t wait for season two when he makes his comeback because this can’t be the end of the story for this strong-willed character.

Speaking of a strong-willed character, Cameron Howe shows that she could be a great leader as she starts her own company, The Mutiny with former coders from Cardiff Electric. Her character has a great arch from a person, who had know idea what she wanted to do with her life into a person, who has the vision of the future and now is in charge of people as well as her own future. I just believe the speech from her former boss, Bosworth, just stuck with her as he put people with the money are going to take credit for the future but the credit goes to the people who actually created it. They can’t stop the future. You can see Cameron is done with people telling her what to do in her great speech to her new crew,


“A lot of people want us to fail because we are the future.”

Just like the Cameron, Halt and Catch Fire proved to it’s early doubters that this show can live up to it’s potential. I personally loved watching the series but then again I’m a nerd, so I would basically watching anything, where the characters talked about code all day. Regardless of that I can’t wait for the next season of HCF and I hope this series inspired a few people to create their own “Giant” or start their own “Mutiny,” because potential is finite and the future is coming fast, in which you can’t stop. You either be a part of it or get the fuck out of the way!!!


Fu’s Observations:

  • What happened to the Slingshot? Scrapped for parts. Also, is Bosworth still in jail?
  • VHS – Hahahaha, remember those?
  • I still like Gordon’s Pinto but the Porsche is cool as well. Did he just buy Joe’s Porsche because Joe is riding in a raggy truck now? Also, I loved the decorder ring scene but I wanted Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds to walk in and scream, “Nnneeerrrdddsss!”
  • I just noticed how Cardiff Electric’s secretary is pretty cute…
  • I don’t like Gordon without his facial hair. His beard was his power aka his Giant. I guess I just miss my beard.
  • Best line in the episode: What is Joe’s Kryptonite? Donna: “Casual wear?”
  • I totally agree that Joe deserved that ass kicking speech from Cameron but she took it too far with the mom comment. Hell has no fury from a girl that looks like Mary Stuart Masterson from Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Apple still wins in the end.


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Fifty Shades of Sexting – How to properly turn someone ON by Words or Emoticons



Do you know how to turn an ordinary text message fifty shades of hot? Are you a sextpert sexting expert? Probably not. But we have your back! Here are 10 tips for becoming the best sexter you can be.

1. Use as many emojis as possible, since small Japanese ideograms of poodles and fax machines are scientifically proven to arouse desire.

2. If someone asks for a photo of your breasts and you’re not interested in sending them one, use keyboard symbols to paint them a picture instead. (o)(o)

3. Cosmopolitan suggests that you not give too much away in your sext and that you keep your wording subtle. Their example: “I just bought something, and I think you’ll drool when you see me in it tonight.” This is great advice. You never want your partner to know if you’re bringing home slinky lingerie to turn her on, or a VHS of The Sound of Music that you plan to reenact until she falls asleep.

4. Keep it short and sweet! This isn’t a novel! Try sending just the word “ovary” or a quick message reading only “pituitary gland.” Your partner will get the idea.

5. Guys might have a hard time understanding female anatomy, so put your sext in words he can understand. Try “I have a gargantuan boner right now” or “you’re making my balls sweat.”

Modern Dating: A Field Guide

6. Victorian men were really into women’s ankles. Keep it spicy and send a sinful snapshot of the whispy hair on your big toe.

7. Another sample line from our friends at Cosmo: “I can’t stop thinking about last night. I’m definitely ready for round two.” This one works because it leaves something up to the imagination. Are you talking about round two of sex? Maybe. Are you talking about round two of watching Mad Men and eating chips? Probably.

8. A recent study revealed that 24 percent of US consumers between the ages of 50 and 75 have sent “intimate” messages through text, email, or photo messaging. Ask your grandparents for help drafting a tantalizing message about genitalia.

9. Keep it realistic! suggests that you “not say anything via sext that you don’t plan to do in real life.” A super steamy message might say something like “Let’s kiss for a while until I remember I left clothes in the washer and I have to get out of bed before they go moldy,” or “I can’t wait to get busy tonight unless you ate Chinese food and you’re feeling gassy.”

10. Ever fantasized about going to town on each other in public? Send your sexts over twitter or instagram! Send thousands of them!

Apply these tips to keep your love life spicy and your phone records incriminating. Get to sexting, you sexy sexter!

Credit: The Gloss

Halt and Catch Fire – Up Helly Aa (Survival of the Fittest)



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Another great episode of Halt and Catch Fire with its amazing acting and story lines leading to fantastic season ending finale next week. “Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that originated in evolutionary theory as an alternative way of describing the mechanism of natural selection. It is more commonly used today in other contexts, to refer to a supposed greater probability that “fit” as opposed to “unfit” individuals will survive some test. Charles Darwin thought survival of the fittest expressed in mechanical terms, is that which Mr. Darwin has called ‘natural selection’, or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.” This is the case of tonight’s episode, as the characters have to make a decision if they want to compete with its competitors, in which they have to adapt or die.


The Cardiff finally makes it to Las Vegas to Comdex after a long car ride, where Joe tells a weird story about how a bunch of Vikings would build a bunch of boats then have a festival to light them on fire, which will make perfect sense in the end of the episode. At Comdex they find out they don’t have a room to stay at or a booth to show their projection, but they’ve come to far to fail. They find a room and find a booth, which Cameron makes a cool marketing art projection to generate buzz for The Giant. Everything seems like its going Cardiff’s way but nothing is easy in this world, especially for the things you want the most.


As Donna’s former boss, Hunt with their neighbor, Brain, unveils a faster and cheaper version of The Giant, calling it the Slingshot. A reference to the Greek mythology if David and Goliath. In his speech to the crowd as well as the Cardiff team that it doesn’t matter how big or fast it is, it only matters who strikes first. Donna goes Jerry Springer on Hunt, leading Gordon to believe that she had an affair with him.

One of the best scene of the episode with great acting on both sides with Gordon trying to figure out if Donna cheated on him but more importantly if she told him how to build The Giant. Donna fires right back with Gordon’s accusations telling him she should have have cheated on with Hunt because at least she would’ve felt alive because she has been feeling neglected because Gordon has spent so much time creating The Giant. A great scene about two people, who invested so much of their lives for a project that potentially can change their lives for the better. But the team has to decide if they want still want to compete or try to stand out with its competitors.

Adapt or Die.

Gordon re-configures The Giant taking out Cameron’s Operation System making if faster and cheaper than The Slingshot. Cameron desperately wants Joe to put back the OS because she feels like it’s just other machine without any uniqueness or soul but Joe knows that they are dead in the water if they don’t compete with The Slingshot. Gordon and Joe show up at their both with the “soulless Giant,” telling the crowd that its faster and cheaper than The Slingshot but more importantly it will do what you asks it to do because it’s just a machine, it’s not your friend, but your employee.

The speech wins the crowd over which leads them to potential buyers for The Giant but the Cardiff team minus Cameron, felt empty after their small victory at Comdex. You get the sense that they reached their goal by showing their invention to the world but did they really show everything they got? What I mean was their goal just to sell a portable computer or change the world?


In Joe’s speech at Comdex he tells the crowd that the computer is just a machine, it’s just something you use and it’s not your friend. But at the end of the episode Joe goes into a crowded hotel room with a bunch of people watching the unveiling of the new Apple computer, which it looked like a scene from Frankenstein as we see the computer power up and amazingly talks to the crowd. Everyone is astonished including Joe, uttering to member of the crowd, “It talks?”

I feel like Joe made a mistake in taking out Cameron’s OS because it was they’re big chance to show people that computer’s could be so much more than machines but I also understand it was for the good of the team. Joe and Gordon had to adapt because their lives are on the line. Pablo Picasso once said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” Maybe this is why the Vikings have a festival where they built their beautiful boats only to burn them down. Because they knew like every other artists knows that if you are going to build or create anything you must destroy the old version in order for your creation to blossom.

Fu’s Observations:

  • Old School Las Vegas is so much cooler looking
  • Cameron could have been a Performance Artists with her “Chained up Suit case.”
  • I called it; Comdex is a sex/porn convention for nerds!
  • Cardiff’s party reminded of Tom Hank’s Bachelor Party but they didn’t have a donkey.
  • Windows’ bugginess! Touch screens are a fad! High density floppy discs! They also forgot to mention Pogs.
  • Hunt is poor man version of Joe without the fashion sense.
  • Did I hear right that Cameron stole a piece of the Hoover Dam?!!


Giant (Pressure makes Diamons and weeds out the Timid)

214s (Here’s to the Crazy Ones)