Train, Eat, Rest & Repeat – UFC Fight Night Workout


Try my UFC Fight Night Workout
20 mins Total:

– 10 mins As Many Reps As Possible
Double Unders (No Rest)
– 10 mins (AMRAP) Burpee, Clean/Jerk 50 lbs dumbbells (No Rest)

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Life and Tennis by A Momma’s View (BLW Contributor)



Do you think it is weird that I very often compare life to a tennis match? Well, you probably don’t really know that just yet. I do! I think they have quite a bit in common.

I love the sport of tennis. I love watching it and I do love playing it. I love players like Roger Federer, who not only are extremely talented but also great personalities and amazing characters.

I guess I started thinking about this again now because my favorite tournament of the year is coming up. The Australian Open.

But it is not just players like him, who clearly were able to make a career out of what they like to do best. There are so many others, who are trying hard each and every day. It is like in every job. You try, you fail, you try again, you loose again. And then maybe one day you win. And then might win again and finally be able to make that step up the ladder. if you are lucky, you will manage to stay up there. Maybe it is not all the way on the top, but still far enough. Or maybe you will find yourself tumbling and falling again.

I very often compare life to a match of tennis. I think we can actually take a lot out of it. One of the players I admire as well is Lleyton Hewitt. For different reasons. He is not as talented as Federer. But that guy sure knows how to fight and how not to give up and how to proof everyone wrong over and over again.

Now put two players on a court. Say we take Federer and Hewitt. They play, they fight, they struggle, they cheer, they win and loose points. And although Federer might be the favorite in this match, the match will never be won before the last point is played.

And that is what I take out of a tennis match, out into real life.

It is all up to you. You can go out there and play and maybe you play your best game ever but against and opponent who is just from another world. Now you have two choices. You either give up and play along for as long as you have to and eventually loose.

Or you fight. And you play. And you try as hard as you can. Most of all, you never give up believing in yourself and in the fact that you can win the next point and maybe the next game. And like this you will get step by step closer to winning the match.

Because a match is not over until this one last point is played, no matter how far you are behind. If you manage to stay in the game and give your best and keep believing you can turn the result around and stun everyone by being the underdog who wins it.

Game, Set and Match ;)

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Train, Eat, Rest & Repeat – Front Squats, Do them!!!


Want to make people jealous of you in the gym? Then do front squats!!!! Not also does it makes you look like a beast but it improves your flexibility, forces good technique, helps your legs & glutes while saving your knees and back!

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Train, Eat, Rest & Repeat – Why you should you do Deadlifts?


The first heavy #Deadlift session of the year was pretty easy peezy for me #455 Why should you do Deadlifts? The deadlift is one of the few exercises that can improve overall power, strength, explosiveness, and speed in any athlete, no matter if you are a pro, a weekend warrior, or just trying to make a healthy lifestyle and physique change. It develops strength in the legs, back, and core, the areas where greater strength is most deeply tied to athletic performance and pain-free living. Whatever you want to get better at, the deadlift can help support your growth.

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Train, Eat, Rest, Repeat – V-Ups (Ab Workouts)

Remember to do ABS – nice and slow for a good #Burn Also, try V-Ups. Abdominal V-Ups are an exercise that work both the upper and lower abdominal muscles at the same time. You can also use the exercise to help strengthen the lower back muscles and to tighten the thighs. Be careful performing abdominal V-Ups, since the exercise can cause a lower back injury if you do not use the proper technique.

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