Photography: Reflections by Impavid Thought (BLW Contributor)


I wasn’t originally planning a second photography session today. However, tomorrow’s classes got cancelled so procrastination was inevitable. I didn’t think that there was going to be much of a sunset tonight, but I am definitely glad I was wrong.

Here is the work of my procrastination:





Today was warm enough for some of the snow on the road to melt, which left wonderful puddles for beautiful photos.

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Inside Art – Bal du moulin de la Galette by Joe Andaloro


One of my favorite things, Bal du Moulin de la Galette. An 1876 painting by the impressionist master, Pierre-August Renoir. The image beautifully depicts a typical Sunday afternoon enjoyed by the Parisian working class at the famous Moulin Rouge. In a mysterious twist of fate, Renoir painted two versions, one smaller in size that sold privately for a mere $80 million in 1990. It’s whereabouts are relatively unknown and its value has doubled since. It’s also unknown which one is the original. The larger version can be enjoyed at Musèe D’Orsay in Paris. A quarter of a century later, Picasso painted his version of the scene at the famous club. What he saw was not as innocent or serene.

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Artsy Fartsy – Subversion I & II by Miriam Sweeney – How do you feel about the art piece?


Subversion I


Miriam Sweeney is an Irish artist currently living and working in Valentia Island, Co Kerry. Miriam is a graduate of the Dun Laoghaire Institute Art Design & Technology – in 1991 she graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art and in 2007 with a BA (Hons) Visual Art Practice. Following a nomadic childhood, which included living in Iran for a year, Miriam settled in Dun Laoghaire as a young adult and intends to return there after a two-year spell in Kerry. In 2008 she was short- listed for overall winner of DLR Visual Open Submission and in 2011 she won a Saatchi Online Showdown Tournament. Her work Subversion was selected to be the representative image for Musica Festival International Strasbourg 2011. Miriam’s work is in many private collections throughout Europe and America and the work Subversion is now part of the Saatchi Gallery Collection

Subversion II


Take Offense – Please! by Stop & Focus (BLW Contributor)


Read It. Learn It . Live It.

I can’t stand the über politically correct shit I’ve been seeing. All the crap on college campusesDon’t wear a Halloween costume that could offend anyone.Don’t say anything that could be — in anyway — seen as criticism (no matter if it’s true), and don’t, for the love of God (Oh shit, I meant for the love of whatever you believe in. Hope I didn’t offend.) recognize that we are different in anyway, and believe different things.

Don’t do it. Ever.

Now, with the ‘Mizzou’ crap and their supporters complaining about not getting enough coverage because of the terrorist attack in Paris, people will complain that by saying that the attack is more important (Which It Is!), they’re racist. I can’t wait for it. I just can’t wait!  :D

People need to stand up for the rights of others (duh, duh, freakin’ duh) but lets all remember that by coddling people, and validating the stupidest among us, we trivialize it all.

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Poetry & Art – Graceful



Writers Quote by Tessa


cocoon-591556_1920 (2)Like a cocoon to a butterfly I am changing my life from what I am to what I need to be. My life belongs to God and he needs me to follow his plan and not mine.

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Christmas Fashion & My Wish List by Phoebe Price




Christmas only comes once a year but fashion is forever. Around the holidays everyone loves to break out there flashy holiday outfits especially their over the top Christmas sweaters.  Around the holidays people want to look there best while obtaining a subtle yet powerful look through the holiday season so here are some tips to get you through the holidays.  While attending your office party you need to remember all eyes are still on you. If your looking for that bonus at the end of the year you need to dress for success while still keeping in theme.

The black dress is always a safe move but pairing it with red pumps and red lips you will definitely make a statement without going over the top.  Remember accessories like hats, scarfs,  jewelry and shoes can always change up a outfit and adding this accessories pieces during the holidays add colors like red, green and snow white.


But remember the holidays are all about friends, family,food and fun so be playful and always remember less is best.  While remembering this rules it also goes for those’s  over the top and crazy holiday sweaters. Unless you holiday party has a theme of the ugliest holiday sweaters leave those’s  hideous sweaters in the closet.


Phoebe Price talks about Kim Kardashian’s Playboy Nude Pictures

When wearing holiday sweater don’t let them distract from the rest of your outfit. Your sweater should compliment your clothes not distract them.  If you insist on wearing holiday sweaters  stay away from flashing lights, big graphics, and sweater that are way to big or to small.  When choosing holiday sweaters some of the hottest trends are lace, bows, stars, snowflakes, sequins, cable knits and quilted fabrics also the latest hot colors are black,White, navy,red,burgundy and hunter green.

Whatever sweater you choose always remember fashion is fun and as long as you celebrate with your friends and family  your holiday season will be one to remember.  The holiday season can be very stressful but if you follow a few of theses simple tips you will be shining as bright as the Christmas tree.


Christmas is also time to spent with your friends and family to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.  Christmas is more than Christmas trees, lights, ornaments,reefs, gifts, santa claus and holiday cheer. Sometimes we get carried away with everything and forget this is the birth of Jesus Christ and replace it with Santa and gifts. Christmas is one of the most happiest times and this is the time to spend it with your love ones eating pumpkin pie and reminiscing on childhood times.

Also spending time catching up with friends and family you haven’t talk to in awhile and sharing gifts. Each year I  have on my Santa wish list the hottest toys the latest fashions and the trendiest accessories.  But this year has changed my life a couple of weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with brain tumors from that point on I knew my life would change.


My mom all her life has given her life to taking care of others.  My dad died when I was a teenager from leukemia and From that point on my mom was always giving if it wasn’t my dad it was my grandparents  or anyone in need. She has been the best example I have every had. She has never tasted alcohol or smoked she is the purest angel I know. She has never taken and always gives.  She never ask for anything  or ever complains and she has worship the lord all her life.  My mom had me late in life and our bond is unbreakable. She has been the best role model I could ever have and always believed in me even if others turned their back she even believed in me times I didn’t believe in my self. She has made me to be a strong women and believed  in my dreams and has been the best cheerleader anyone could have.


That’s why this Christmas 2013 all I want for Christmas is to spend many more years with the best mom in the world.  My mom starts radiation in January and we have a long road ahead of us but with her faith, family, determination and with the prayers of everyone she is a survivor and she will survive.

So, this Christmas hug your mom and dad because you never know what path is ahead.  So When you are saying your prayers please remember my mom and family  I am wishing you joy and peace throughout the New Year.

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