We’re still Lost in Translation – Scarlett Johansson (Throwback)


Scarlett Johansson (High School Photos)






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Brain Ninjas – Guess which Celebrity this is in Costume? Happy Comic Con Day 3


Photo Credit: Ryan Fu

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How to be an Interesting Person


Great article about believing in yourself…

Originally posted on Juan Pablo Gargiulo:

There once was a student with big ideas and no friends. He desperately craved the respect and admiration of his peers, but nobody paid any attention to him or what he had to say. Whenever he would share his research and art, it was ignored.

ing all hope, he went to his Philosophy Professor—his mentor—and asked him for advice: “How can I get people to follow me, Professor? Everybody ignores me.”

His professor replied, “Have you tried making yourself a more interesting person?”

The student was stunned. With tears welling up in his eyes, he slammed the door to the professor’s office and ran out in a huff.

Now, what the professor said to the student in that story might sound like a terrible thing to say.

Nobody in their right mind would react well to being told, “make yourself more interesting”

…unless you consider a slightly alternative definition to…

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Comic Con- Day 2 Celebrities (Part 2) Game of Thrones, C M Punk, Chris Hardwick plus More)

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Comic Con – Couple Costumes of the Day


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COMIC CON – DAY 2 CELEBRITIES (PART 1) Kevin Smith, Adam West, Robert Rodriguez plus more

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Brain Ninjas – Guess which Celebrity this is in Costume? Happy Comic Con Day 2



Photo Credit: Ryan Fu

Comic Con – Day 1 Celebrities (Part 2) Jack Black, Jason Mewes, Katharine McPhee


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It’s Time.


It’s Time..

It’s time.  Time to stop procrastinating.  Time to stop feeling sorry for myself.  Time to stop the excuses.  Time to finish what I started.

When my family and I relocated over a year and a half ago, I was only two semesters away from obtaining my Bachelors degree in Secondary English Education.  Aside from moving my son away from his educational program and uprooting him from his friends, that was the toughest thing for me to handle.  I was 38 years old and already going into the field late in life; this setback could really take a lot more time with transferring credits and different degree obligations.

As I suspected, it did not go well when I tried to pick up where I left off in my home state.  I did get accepted into a college in my new state, and most of my credits transferred, but financing was the road block that made me wait an additional year.  Because I was not in my new state for an entire year, I had to pay out-of-state tuition costs, which were monstrous.  As a result, I ended up having to wait out the year until I was considered a resident.

In that year, I decided to get a full-time job.  My job is fantastic!  I work in a charter school that teachers children with low-incidence disabilities, albeit in the school office, but still close to the action.  I can participate in some activities and learn a lot from the teachers and my co-workers here.  This job and its paycheck has afforded my family the opportunity to purchase a new home, and for that I am happy.  So, do I go back to school AND work my full-time job simultaneously?  Could I do it?  For a while, I thought no.

Trouble in the Middle East – Sometimes all you need is love…