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Be Like Water Production is a group of talented and creative people who want to produce wonderful new ideas. We are a brand new a multimedia production and distribution company launched in 2013. We write and produce innovate short films and independent movies. We are currently trying to produce films to submit to American and Foreign Film Festivals. BLW is always looking for creative people whether it be producers, writers, film operators, assistants, etc. Anyone in the industry, who ever wanted to be part of the entertainment business and is talented and hardworking please contact us, so we can collaborate to make something new and interesting.

As a multimedia production we also have our hands in music and production. We produce independent music in many different forms such as rock, hip hop, dance and many others. BLW is also looking creative and talented people who want to part of the music industry please contact us because we want to produce something different, something new. 

Be Water.Bruce Lee

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  11. I read your “about” and it was enough to like you! I work with sets and props on photo shoots, and need writing to say what I don’t get to all day. I’m also a found object drummer currently editing a one shot sample project of drums, mics, perc, salvaged from the dumpster. Keep flowin’! Jimmyo

  12. Elouise says:

    Thanks for the follow. Quite an enterprise you’ve got going here!

  13. What a great way to connect with and engage creative folks. Looking forward to seeing how your success continues to unfold :)

  14. Thanks for following my blog! Your project sounds really interesting :-)

  15. Marina says:

    love the name of your blog!

  16. Great idea for a blog! The name and quote is wonderful too.

  17. beenough says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog today – seriously! I love the diversity of your posts and depth of content plus the humour ain’t bad either.
    If you want a film about a healthy woman (my mom) who was cycling in a Tour de France training camp in Mallorca last Spain and died from cancer on Boxing Day contact me or peruse my blog. The ramifications and experience have been beautifully devastating.

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    Sie ma!

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    Hey, I appreciate your following katesclippings. Good luck with your creating!

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    Seems like an interesting group. Thanks for the visit. I’ll be here all eternity

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    Thanks for the “like’ and best wishes for your adventures. ~ Dave

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    Thank you for the follow, BLW! I wish you luck with your productions.

  42. Thanks for liking my recent post! Just started following you… interesting and nice here!

  43. Cathy R says:

    Thanks for the follow on my blog. You might be interested in the two activist choirs I sing with – Ecopella (www.ecopella.org) and Solidarity Choir (www.solidaritychoir.com.au) – both based in Sydney, Australia, and dedicated to using the medium of music to inform and educate people about the importance of looking after our natural environment (Ecopella) and people’s collective struggles for peace, liberation and equality all over the world (Solidarity).

  44. Hey BLW guys, coolest Blog site i’ve come across in a while, unique!
    Not sure how I can help, but if you ever want any specific Health or Fitness info, pls let me know.
    And thanks for the Follow!

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