Phoebe Price Diary- 2014 Coachella Music Festival (Fashion)



Written By: Phoebe Price @Phoebedenise

Coachella music festival features the hottest musicians performing their latest hits but the festival is really known for is its fashion. From the hottest trends to the latest fashions Coachella is all about fringe, free floating dresses, tie dye, floral, feathers, patterns and anything hippy.  Its time to break out your summer clothes and Coachella fashion is a good guide to putting your summer wardrobe together.


Some staple pieces you need in your wardrobe are cut off blue jeans shorts. Now they have cut offs come in all shapes and lengths some are short in the front and longer in the back to hide these’s problem areas.  Cut off shorts can also be made from one of your favorite jeans and that way you can custom the length how you like.  Your next staple piece should be fringe and fringe is on everything now.  Go with shoes the have fringe details to fringe on shirts to vests and bags fringe is the limit. Fringe has been around for decades so invest in a cool piece and it will be worth your money in the end.


Next find a free-floating dress that fits your shape and this piece can go from day to night. Find a dress that is tight up top and loose down bottom. Go with a pattern, tie die or a floral dress during the daywear sandals or a wedge and at night a pair of heels. You can also add a blue jean jacket that is cropped to add a fun funky look.  Next invest in a pair of ankle boots you can wear them all year long and they look good with shorts to dresses they can also be worn day to night and go with comfort. From ankle boots with heels to flats to cowboy boot to a more modern sleek ankle boot there are many to choose from so go with color and style that goes with your wardrobe.


For more cushion find shoe pads you can tape down in your shoes they add more comfort for all day wear and they’re also great in heels. If you buy your shoes from department stores always ask they are usually free. Another summer staple piece is a jumper or and jumpsuit either long or short jumpers always look good, sleek and sexy.  During the day go with flats or wedges and at night add a pair of pumps red heels is always a way to spice an outfit up. Crop top have been in the trends for a while you can wear this look different ways. You can wear smaller tops with high waisted skirts, shorts or high wasted pants.

PHOEBE PRICE at Coachella Festival Celebrities at the 2013 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Week 1 Day 2

If you like this look but want more coverage and still want to keep it sexy add a see through lace short or long vest this look was a big hit at Coachella and I see it staying around.  When your out in the sun you always need protection from the sun and at Coachella hats were a must. Adding hats always pull your outfit together and they protect you from all the harsh rays that make you age.

03 Phoebe Price flashes a peace sign as she wears and small red dress revealing ample cleavage, a black hat and large sunglasses on day one of week two of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio

Hats make you stand out and make an outfit go from drab to fab. If you don’t think you look good in hats there are many shapes and sizes from floppy’s, fedora to trucker hats you need to find the shape that fits your face. Check out my line to see what hat your favorite celebrity is wearing. From hats to accessories feathers are everywhere and this summer feathers are back bigger than ever but don’t over do it choose one piece to have that sleek boho look.


Coachella has come and gone but it’s fashion has created looks for us to talk about all year long and with these fashion tips you will be ready to create your own fashion looks. Until next year COACHELLA see you then.




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